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Facebook changes promotion guidelines - Timeline or 3rd party contests?

PROMOTIONS & CONTESTS ON FACEBOOK PAGES Should you run your contest on the wall of your Facebook Page or through a third party app? FACEBOOK THIRD PARTY TIMELINE CONTEST CONTEST APP Wall contests are perfect to engage with your current Facebook fans. Launching has no or minimum cost, and fans can Contest apps can help to gather email addresses, to reach fans out of Facebook with newsletters or email sequences. Such apps can also help to enlarge enter easily by liking or commenting on a Facebook Page update, or simply sending a message to the Page. Facebook fan base. Growing Facebook community and reaching fans later in email. Engaging with current fans on Facebook. GOAL Number of interac- Number of collected tions - likes, shares. email addresses, new likes and sales. METRICS OF SUCCESS Smaller businesses Businesses with that want to get more Facebook, email and buzz on Facebook. segmentation strategy. GOOD FIT FACEBOOK THIRD PARTY PROS WALL CONTEST CONTEST APP SEAMLESS ENGAGEMENT PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE Fans don't need to leave the News Feed to enter contests, Creating a promotion with an app allows for a more personalized expe- rience with flexibility in contents. resulting a seamless Facebook experience. EASY SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY COLLECTING EMAIL ADDRESSES The best (and shortest) way to reach Fans can enter by commenting or liking a post, no email ad- dress is needed. your community is still email, as only a small portion of fans sees your Facebook posts. SIMPLE VOTING PROCESS SHARING INCENTIVES TO GO VIRAL AND MULTIPLATFORM At photo, video and essay contests fans can vote with a You can give entrants bonus entry points for inviting friends, so your promotion can go viral and spread across multiple social platforms. single click. Liking is a valid voting mechanism from now on. LAUNCH IS A PIECE-OF-CAKE SHARING ON FACEBOOK Launching a Facebook wall contest requires a post, a nice image and the terms. After entering the contest, entrants can share your promotion on their wall, so you can reach the friends of your fans. 4 FREE NEW FACEBOOK FANS Any social media manager can write such an update; no third You may require visitors to like your page to enter the contest. It helps to grow your fan base. party app is needed. EASILY AMPLIFIED FRAUD DETECTION With a trusted third party app the chance of cheating is lower (thanks to checking IP, Facebook ID or email). Promoted posts are hands-on tool to broaden the reach of a wall promotion. FACEBOOK THIRD PARTY CONS WALL CONTEST CONTEST APP INCREASED CHEATING HIGHER BARRIER TO ENTRY Wall contests are open to abuse, and let people to buy or create fake Facebook ac- To enter such a contest entrants need to give their email address, or accept a Facebook permission request. counts or do vote-exchange. MANAGEMENT AND FAIRNESS ISSUES TAKES TIME Creating such an app is expected to take longer than launching a wall There is no randomness in winner selection as it's done manually. Contacting the winner is hard on Facebook. contest. CAN'T RECRUIT NEW FANS HAS A PRICE The condition of entry can't be to like a Page, so it is hard to enlarge your fan base in such way. Either you need to hire developers or use a contest builder tool. Neither of them is 3 free. CAN'T REACH FRIENDS SHARING ON FACEBOOK The condition of entry can't be to share on a profile. Sharing a post, or tagging in personal posts or photos is prohibited. After entering the contest, entrants can share your promotion on their wall, so you can reach the friends of 4 your fans. HOW TO DECIDE? Do you want to reach fans out of Facebook too in email to increase sales and grow your fan base? NO YES FACEBOOK THIRD PARTY WALL CONTEST CONTEST APP Brought to you by Antavo, a tool to create contest apps eantavo Sources:

Facebook changes promotion guidelines - Timeline or 3rd party contests?

shared by Bencsik on Aug 31
Facebook has just changed its promotion guidelines. What would you use: Timeline contests or 3rd party apps?


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