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Facebook and Google acquisitions - infographic

TECH COLD WAR VS. FOCEGOOK GOOGLE GOOGLE AND FACEBOOK ARE AT WAR. SPENDING BILLIONS ON APPS AND SPECIALISTS, THESE TECH GIANTS ARE VYING FOR CONTROL OF THE DIGITAL WORLD. THE NEW COLD WAR ISN'T ABOUT TANKS, MISSILES OR DOOMSDAY MACHINES – IT'S ABOUT COMMANDING YOUR ATTENTION. THE ZUCKERBERG DOCTRINE THE PAGE-BRIN DOCTRINE "Give people the power "Do no harm, and make information to share and connect" both accessible and useful" (... and sell lots of ads) (...and sell lots of ads) $147bn $367bn market cap market cap Companies acquired by Facebook 46 Companies acquired by Google 146 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TECH ARMS RACE 2009 (THE AHMS RACE BEGIŃS) 9 August 2009 9 November 2009 ff admob Name Name FRIENDFEED ADMOB Price Price CLASSIFI3D . $750.000,000 $50 M Capability Capability News Feed Mobile ads AdMob's interactive ad units and expandable rich New classified tech strengthened Facebook's News Feed for battle against Google's domination of the media added Google extra clout in the mobile ad 'real-time web'. arms race. 2010 I July 2010 slide 13 May 2010 Ofriendster. Name Name FRIENDSTER SLIDE (patents) what's in yours? Price Price $40,000,000 $182.000,000 Capability Capability Facebook's legal arsenal Social gaming apps Google marshalled new talent to the front of social gaming. Facebook expanded its IP- hinterland in Southeast Asia. 2011 snaptü 20 March 2011 15 August 2011 A MOTOROLA MOBILITY Name Name SNAPTU MOTOROLA MOBILITY Price Price CLASSIFI3D $60-70 M estimated $12.500.000,000 Capability Capability Android, Google TV Facebook mobile service Snaptu helped Facebook tear down that wall between desktop and mobile services. Another manufacturer bolsters Googles arsenal of tablets and mobiles. 5 December 2011 10 November 2011 Name Name KATANGO katango GOWALLA Gowalla Price Price CLASSIFI3D CLASSIFI3D Capability Facebook's location sharing service Capability Google+ Circles automation Gowalla's app served to contain Google's expansion in the location sharing market. As Facebook launched Smart Lists, Google annexed Katango to acquire their automatic friend-sorting app. 2012 10 April 2012 31 July 2012 O WILDFIRE Name Name INSTAGRAM WILDFIRE INTERACTIVE Iustagram Price Price $ $400,000,000 Capability Capability Picture management Google+, DoubleClick, AdX/Admeld 17 filters, 5 million shots a day; a fearsome Social apps, contests, ad feeding to the biggest social networks including Facebook(!) A great chance to infiltrate and cash in on ads run by the enemy. weapon of mass distraction. 18 June 2012 2 October 2012 Name Name FACE.COM VIEWDLE Viewdle Price Price CLASSIFI3D $45.000,000 $55-60 M estimated Capability Capability Facial recognition technology Facial recognition technology for mobile A fresh crop of photo scanning specialists – they never forget a face. Google mobile gadgets could potentially recognize all patriots. 2013 12 October 2013 Onavo 30ctober 2013 FAUTVER Name Name ONAVO FLUTTER Price Price CLASSIFI3D $150-200 M estimated CLASSIFI3D Capability Mobile apps Capability Android, Google X Smart analytics for the mobile front – and Facebook's first Israeli office establishes a Middle Eastern stronghold. Googlers could now command apps with gestures - if the Man opted to build them into its gadgets. 2014 19 February 2014 26 Jan 2014 Name Name WHATSAPP DEEP MIND TECHN. WhatsApp Price Price DEEPMIND $19.000,000,000 $500,000,000 Capability Cheap, efficient online messaging Capability Google X, Ai 450 million messengers (+1 million each month) in emerging markets - Facebook now controls a new hotline. Widened Google's influence upon Al, deep learning, and mind mapping. nest. Oculus NEST LABORATORIES 25 March 2014 13 January 2014 Name Name OCULUS RIFT Price Price $ $ Capability Augmented reality/video games Capability Google Home Facebook enters the (augmented) space race by obtaining the Oculus Rift. Is Google out to close the 'Smoke Alarm Gap', and take control of your home? Other powers compete for dominance, but Facebook and Google are raising the stakes VALUE OF SELECTED TECH COMPANY ACQUISITIONS WhatsApp MOTOROLA (in billion U.S. dollars) skype NOKIA deuble You click nest Oculus Tube Instagram tumblr. 1 19 2 1.6 3.1 12.5 3.2 8.5 7.2 11 Apr. 2012 Feb. 2014 Mar. 2014 Nov. 2006 Mar. 2008 Aug. 2011 Jan. 2014 May. 2011 Sept. 2013 Jun. 2013 FACEGOOK GOOGLE MIСЯОSOFT УДНОО SO WHAT'S NEXT IN THE PROXY WAR BETWEEN THESE TWO TITANS? WILL ONE SIDE EMERGE AS THE DOMINA TE POWER. OR WILL THEY BE LOCKED IN A STALEMATE FOR YEARS TO COME? AND WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE CONSUMER? WHO DO YOU THINK LUILL COME OLIT ON TOP? SOUACES www.FLOYDWORX.cOM To compile our list of acquisitions by Facebook and Google, we conducted our own research. Copyright © 2014. Who is hosting this? All rights reserved. WholsHostingThis? LLLE

Facebook and Google acquisitions - infographic

shared by floydworx on Nov 28
Infographic about the acquisitions of Facebook and Google (and some other companies at the bottom).


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