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The Evolution of Publishing: from 1400 to Today

The Evolution Of Publishing From 1400 to today search news media 1400 - 1800 Printing gets easier 1440 German inventor Johannes Gutenberg invents the printing press, mechanising the process. 1500 1500 - 1600 RHOESCO,NEW YORK, G Printing presses produce Printing presses operating throughout Western Europe produce more than twenty million copies. an estimated 150 to 200 million copies. DAILY 1800 - 2000 The Age Of Newspapers As literacy and technology increases, the age of mass produced newspapers begins. Mass printing techniques lead to the rise in newspaper sales and readership. But the ability pub of an elite few. The media- 1785 1814 The Times The Times (London) acquires a printing press capable of making 1,100 impressions per minute newspaper launches in London is still in the hands mogul is all powerful. 1821 1843 The Manehester Guardian, "S The The steam powered rotary printing press is invented by Richard M. Hoe. Millions of copies of a page produced in a single day. Mass production of printed works Guardian is launched in Manchester flourish after the transition to rolled EHOESCONEW paper, as a continuous feed allows presses to run faster. 1855 1911 The Daily Telegraph is launched The Daily Mirror 1,000,000 OUR MONSTER BIRTHDAY NUMBER. becomes the first The Daily Mirror 24 PAGES UK paper to sell one million copies every day. IMPRISONED ON WRECKED HOSPITAL SHIPI KEN JUMP INTO RAGING I903-1916 SEA AND SWIN FOR THEIR LIVES. 1903-ID14 THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 1920 1950s (NEWS OF THE WORLD TALK ABOUT RAIN: SKY FELL IN ON After Swim Was Over- On With The Dance! Sales of the Sunday HOLIDAY ISLE! In 1920 there were 2,042 English-language dailies in 1,295 US cities; their total newspaper The News of the World reach a 8,000,000 circulation was 27.8 million. peak of more than 8 million. 1964 SUN GOOD MORNING! YES, IT'S TIME FOR A NEW NEWSPAPER 1980s/90s 1999 The Sun The term blog The internet is launched, digitalising workplaces and communication. Newspaper publishers are slow to embrace the sweeping industry changes. Election race launches is popularised, is on credited to Peter Merholz from his blog 2000 – 2012 The digital revolution begins Online publishing reduces barriers to entry when it comes to publishing blogs, social media and emerging digital technology mean that any individual, brand, or organisation can now become a publisher. 2003 2004 2005 Mashable Self blogging and publishing software Wordpress is launched. By December Facebook launches. Fledgling social network Facebook is launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Social networks are increasingly part of the instantaneous world of online publishing. Digital technology blog is founded by blogger Pete Cashmore from 2011 version 3.0 has been downloaded over his bedroom in Scotland. 65 million times. 65,000,000 facebook. Today it has 20 million unique visitors. 2006 twitter 2006 You Tube Twitter is launched. The 140 character update social network becomes an important source and distribution channel for journalists and publishers. By 2012 there are over 500 million active users generating over 340 million tweets daily. Google buys video sharing website youTube for US$1.65 billion. Online video content continues to surge in demand and publishers increasingly turn to video content, as well as text, in their publications. 2009 Google 2011 Google introduce Real Time Search into results, looking at social media and Google news updates. Trending content becomes the lifeblood of social media. Google Panda cracks down on websites with thin content. Publishing good quality content now becomes a must-do for SEO success. 2012 onwards Everyone is a publisher "Content 9 out of 10 organizations market with content marketing Content Marketing Institute research marketing is expected to reach 70% of UK adults each month' - Content Content is at the heart of online marketing Marketing Association Coca-Cola makes content the core of its Content 2020 advertising strategy mission: "All advertisers need a lot more content so that they can keep the engagement with consumers fresh and relevant, because of the 24/7 connectivity. If you're going to be successful around the world, you have to have fat and fertile ideas at the core." OSEOMOZ research shows that over two-thirds of online marketers worldwide generate short-form content assets such as blog posts, social media updates, articles and guides-all of which are used in SEO, social media and content marketing "Invest in real, valuable, relevant content that your audience wants" - Forbes July 2012 DELL has 1M followers on one account in Twitter. For help turning your brand into a publisher visit: Sources: [ in April or May 1999.- A Merholz, Peter (1999). "". The Internet Archive. Archived from the original on 1999-10-13. Retrieved 2006-07-21] [WordPress Download Counter". Retrieved 2011-02-10]

The Evolution of Publishing: from 1400 to Today

shared by searchnewsmedia on Oct 04
Publishing is facing as big a transformation today as the introduction of the printing press posed six centuries ago. Search News Media, has created an infographic which captures the evolution of pub...


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