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The Evolution of Facebook Features

The Evolution. AIi facebook. Features YEAR MO DAY 2006 Mini Feed Launches 05 09 News Feed Launches 11 15 News Feed Updates Mobile, Texts Uploads Facebook site (fits on mobile screen) 2007 29 Facebook Firefox Toolbar 10 01 Photo sorting available 14 Navigation & Profile Modification 03 Facebook exporter to iPhoto 11 15 The Inbox Network Pages 04 20 05 Facebook Marketplace launches Status prompt changed to name is... Ability to subscribe to friends' updates via SMS. 06 - 01 Facebook Platform launches for developers Friends' 3 recent SMS statuses on your home page New page to see all friends' statuses at once. RSS feeds for friends' statuses. Ability to update status from phone via SMS. 22 07 10 Video uploadable on Facebook, with » mobile integration. Facebook hits 30 million users. launches. 08 15 Facebook Pages launches for public figures, bands, etc. Even Google. Friends List launches. 19 11 06 Ability to use cropped/tagged photo as profile photo. 12 Relevant ads are deliv- ered to Facebook users. 2008 15 Chat launches, allowing real-time communication with friends. 01 Importer launches, allowing users to share their content from other websites. 06 04 15 iPhone Facebook app. launches in the Apple Store, allowing iPhone users to interact with Facebook via an app rather than a mobile website. 06 10 19 07 The "new" Facebook launches, with key changes being made to the Wall, the Publisher, and the tabbed interface. 21 Inbox Search launches, allowing users to search their inbox by person or keyword. 26 08 Facebook hits 100 million 10 07 users. 720p video support added. Microsoft Live Search added to Facebook as a way to search the I web from within Facebook. Facebook hits 150 million Windows Live 07 12 users. 07 2009 01 The "Like" button is added to Facebook, allowing millions of users to "like" a friends post. 02 09 Netflix integration with Facebook Connect, allowing users to share 03 24 their movie reviews. NETFLIX "Stream" information made available to 3rd party solutions like TweetDeck. Facebook hits 200 million 04 24 users. 27 Updates made to the Friends interface, including the ability to group friends. The live stream now includes a 30 05 message showing how many new posts have been posted since your last Friends list Facebook 04 06 available within the chat interface. usernames enabled, allowing a simple facebook URL. 11 09 Inbox updates made including message organization, spam, reporting, and added filters. Photo Album limit goes from - 19 60 to 200. 18 Ability to display alternate display names which show up on profile pages, and are searchable. SPAM 22 Ability to choose who you share your status updates with available via the publisher. 24 Search functionality improved, allowing users to search status, updates, links, notes, and friends. Facebook hits 250 million 15 07 users. 10 Upload photos and videos via email. 22 08 20 Facebook Pages to publish Facebook updates to Twitter. 65 million Facebook groups updates including look and feel and group activities delivered to news feed. people using Facebook on 03 09 mobile devices. "Live Feed" and "News Feed" separated as a way to organise the homepage view. 10 Integration of the "@" symbol in status 10 19 17 23 updates, allowing you to "target" your status updates to another Facebook user similar to Ability to log in using Facebook Facebook is integrated into the XBox Live experience. XBOX LIVE Counters added to "Share" buttons. 15 username as opposed to email address. Twitter. 11 17 Facebook hits 300 million users. Ability to add comments via email. New photo uploader available for users. 2010 12 Over 100 million people using Facebook on mobile devices. 01 New navigation introduced, including top and left hand navigation changes. 05 Facebook Chat integrated into desktop instant 04 messenger programs. 10 02 720px Photo size increases to 720 pixels, almost 20% bigger. Search results improved with immediate hinting and wider results. 16 02 Community Pages and Connections launched, allowing users to more dynamically represent their interests. 03 19 Ability to add events directly from homepage. 01 04 Facial detection available in photos (not to be confused with facial recognition). 05 launched, a text-based mobile Facebook experience that allows users to interact with Facebook on their mobile device with no data user charges (available in select countries and carriers). Facebook hits 500 million 0. 01 users. 18 06 16 21 07 he Tike 22 to Facebook comments. Dashboard changed and left-sided näv deaned up based on usage and feedback. Privacy controls available on mobile devices with a browser. Photo albums automatically scroll| with no next button for more images. 28 Question post type added. 04 11 08 Rotten Tomatoes integrates with Facebook. 17 18 Rotten Tmatoes 09 13 Facebook Places and Check-Ins launched. 25 Facebook game stories only post to your feed if you're playing them. Notes interface updated with text editing and tagging of pages. Chat updated, no longer supporting Internet Explorer 6. 27 Scribd integrates with Facebook. Scribd 10 Ability to remotely sign out of Facebook. 12 11 1-time passwords for public spaces. 03 06 Facebook data integrated into Bing search results. New version of 200 million people using Facebook on mobile devices. Groups released. 13 Ability to download all Facebook activity. 14 bing Android 1.4 Dashboard redesign. devices indude places and groups. Facebook data integration into Skype. iPhone 3.3 Application includes places and 12 groups. Single sign on. New profile page launches with organised profile data, an top of page image roll, and ways to share interests. Enhanced privacy controls offered on mobile devices via Faceb0ook mobile website. 05 08 Facebook integration. Facebook 15 integration. 21 clicker Facebook app for feature phones released. Facebook experience takes place entirely on the secure protocol (https://) 2011 19 Added authentication of identifying friends in photos as opposed to using captchas. 26 01 Support for print- quality, high-resolution photos introduced. 02 10 Question type post updated with an easier interface for answering and a quick visual answer interface. New photo viewer with navigation. 25 03 New photo uploader/tagger interface. 15 25 New Android devices introduced with deep Facebook integration including a dedicated Facebook button. Devices include the INQ Cloud Touch and the HTC ChaCha and Salsa devices. 04 Additional group integration including posting questions, ability to upload to photo albums, and additional membership controls. 26 Deals on Facebook launched. Facebook "Send" button on websites that allow users to share a website with their groups. New Chat sidebar, to see the friends 07 06 you message most. Create a group chat instantly. 08 Profile data access Ability to approve menu in context (not hidden in settings page). 23 Video chat built into Facebook. or reject photos or posts that you are tagged in. 26 960рх Control over who Location option sees a post in the added to publisher. publisher. Subscribe button introduced allowing users to see feed content without Photos are now 960 pixels and load twice as fast. Previously uploaded photos will display at this size as well. being friends. Facebook for iPad launched. 09 14 New photo viewer. 22 10 New Timeline profile introduced. Messenger app launched that includes support for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. 10 19 ...and the evolution continues. 02011 GroSocial, Inc All Rights Reserved Designed by Reid Johns

The Evolution of Facebook Features

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