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The Event Marketing Timeline

EVENT TACENE Gotta Catch Em AlI! Cast a Wide Net For Maximum Attendance 1. Save the Date Email We're engaged! (You and your attendees, that is.) It's time to rally the troops and let them know that a date's been set. As for you... enjoy the quiet before the storm. Margaritas, anyone? TIP Everyone loves nostalgia. Showcase all the great times from last year! Embed a fun highlight reel or slideshow of the best parts of the previous year's event. 2. Early Bird Prices Nothing is sweeter than of savings. Drive early registration with a deep discount! sound TIP Give your most loyal attendees a way to invite their friends. Include a referral offer on your thank-you page with an incentive like swag, VIP perks or... A NEW ČAR!!! NEW REGISTRANT! Go-Get-Em Gary Go-Get-Em Gary loves you! You can count on him to be the first to register and the first in line wearing your t- shirt. The best thing about Gary? He will evangelize your event and convert referrals-he's two registrations in one! 3. Direct Mail Wish you were here! Śnail-mail can really work. Everyone needs a little love in their mailbox. NEW REGISTRANT! Takin-It Serious Sam Takin-It-Serious Sam is here to learn. He checked out the sessions and presenters in event guide. They were Your online 4. Mobile Event Guide right up his alley; registered! Sam is so he Replace that stack of schedules and maps you normally hand out at the check-in table. Build your mobile event guide and give people early access to the web version. People can discover presenters and sessions while beginning to build a personalized schedule. his schedule and Googling the presenters. He made his own map of the venue's power outlets so he can charge his iPad without tripping over obstacles. 5. Main Sale It's time to register the masses. You've chosen the presenters, you've assigned the times, and tons of great people are discovering your event! 6. Phone Calls Give your gang a personalized phone call. Maybe they need that extra push! TIP TIP Ask a high-profile presenter or blogger to write about your event. Any content they create can be amplified across your social networks and serve as powerful motivators for first-time registrants. Call smart with marketing data. Someone opened your email but didn't click? Attended last year but hasn't signed up? These are great prospects for a quick call. You can even offer to fill out the form! NEW REGISTRANT! Unbearably-Busy Bev Unbearably-Busy Bev wants to come to your event, she really does! She's seen your emails. She accidentally tossed your direct mail. But Bev hasn't had the time to fill out the form (she was distracted by her end-of-the- month expense reports). Bev also prefers a personal touch when it comes to things like this - so give her friendly call and offer to help her out. She appreciates it, and she registers right there on the phone. 7. Last-Minute Messages This is where the rubber meets the road. Create urgency with a countdown until registration closes or tweet exactly how many tickets are left. NEW REGISTRANT! Make-You-Work For-It Walt Make-You-Work-For-It Walt has been taking his sweet time. He's seen your emails and ads. He answered the phone. The truth is, Walt responds to threats. When he sees there are only 17 tickets remaining, Walt registers just under the wire! CONGRATULATIONS! You sold all the tickets with your multi-channel event marketing program. You're an Event Marketing Master! guidebook Build and publish real, working mobile event guides FREE at

The Event Marketing Timeline

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The Event Marketing Timeline features hand-drawn custom Pokémon-style characters to depict the types of event attendees you're likely to see, along with the complex marketing mix that urged them to r...




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