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An Essential Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2015

THE ULTIMATE SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGN BLUEPRINT 2015 f y in 8 P You Tube All THE SPECS. ALL THE PLATFORMS. ALL IN ONE PLACE. This infographic is a handy reference tool for you to keep track of all of the image size of popular social meida platforms. When you're designing your profile pic, cover photo, custom tabs or any thing else, refer to this infographic so that you can be sure you're using the perfect size so that your brand look professional and attract more audience. FACEBOOK PAGE TIMELINE FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO 851 X 315 pixels R Sp PROFILE PHOTO 667 po - 160 X 160 ledel es 180 x 181 Liks ore 10,c00, 000 ia Comp UPLOADED IMAGE 504px MAX WIDTH HEIGHT VARIES APP MAGE 111 X 74px APPZ MAXIMUM. UPLOAD SIZE 1 200px X 1200px Li domm a Sraw Heron SHARED LINK PHOTO THUMBHAIL 105 X 105px 484 X 252px (THUNBHAIL FROM SHARED WEBPAGE) LARGE VIDEO THUMBNAIL Srar 319 X 176px 19IM TIMNS THIMENAL 157 X 37 px UPLOADED VIDEO 504px X 283px NEWS FEED POSTS UPLOADED PHOTO POST 470 X 394px Images will never be cropped, instood they will be sealed down, but they wil never be shown teller thon 394px or wider then 470px. This is maximum size. UPLOADED PHOTO POST 394px MAX HEIGHT Portrait imoges tollor than 394px will couse images to appear norrower and leave blank spoce on the right. UPLOADED PHOTO POST Horizontd or panaramic pidures wil be resized to 470px "bax" UPLOADED PHOTO POST 394px X 394px UPLOADED PHOTO POST Even imoges using the recommendod mped ralio of 1:1 (square) will leave wsled spoce on the right. 470рх X 394рх The perfect ratio for your imoge to maximise the available space in the post is 235:197 UPLOADED PHOTO POST 470рх X 352рх You cn ahwuys use 43 inagr n fhey are dasa anough ta the perfed ratio and still kok grent. SHARED LINK POST 154 X 154px Imooes smaller than 470X 246px will look tiny like this. SHARED LINK POST 470рx X 24брх Iroges an link pasts wil be crepped utendkaly to an osped rutio of 1.91:1. They mast be atkoast 470pe X 24gn to be shown in tis box. Images smoller than 154 by 154 pixek will be either reduces as 90 by 90 pixols thumbnail or not shown ot al. NEWS FEED ADS SIDEBAR AD L Pe SIDEBAR SPONSORED AD 254рх X 133рх SPONSORED POST/STORIES 470рх X 24брх (Mote: This is an sponsored post for webpoge) FACEBOOK IMAGE SIZES TABLE f faebo Re emien Men. Dei age e Man Fe S Facebook Faroge Teeine Cover Ph 27: ded ege (ee Stand Link Lare Thanteal 1.30: Shand L Set thedet Aap Thaa 15: Upceded e Sidetar Phese Thuntreik Lae Ves hemteah 131: SeeliViee Tert Nenn Fese or Main Page 34 Mir. eight Shadge Saed Li Terte Spomored Posere 1.91: 25a Paceboak User Pratle Tmeine Corer Phot 27:1 ed ae (Te sa Wia Shamd Link Sral Thembeal 1Kat1s Shaed Vdes S04 wicth 504 width Sler ep Gae etet COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #2E4588 #5B72AD #E9EAED #FFFFF TWITTER PROFILE TWITTER HEADER IMAGE 1500 X 500 pixels PROFILE PHOTO 200 X 200 loaded 0x 40 COMPANY NAMI deld la dot ledes SHARED VIDEO DEPANS 1310 480 X 360рх TS RECOANEDED SZE. DEFENI ON TATITER CARD SHARED LINK/PHOTO 499px MAX WIDTH HÈIGHT VARIES IMAE WLL BE SHOVN IF ME SITE IS USING IMITER CARD TWITTER IMAGE SIZES TABLE 20 нннан COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL # 3888C3 #5872AD #FSFBFA #FFFFF in LINKEDIN COMPANY PAGE in 10 X 60 COMPANY NAME Vee Garete COVER PHOTO 220pe dége - 646 X 220px- eatguaran SHARED LINK ITHJM3) 180 X 110 UNKEDIN COMPANY CAREERS PAGE. 10 X lpe COMPANY CAREERS COVER PHOTO 974 X 240px NOTE: WIDTH 974px IS MAXIMUM & HEIGHT 240px IS RECOMMENDED YOUR COMPANY CAREER STAGLINE HERE WRITE SOMETHING YOU WANT и сара SHARED LINK (THUMB) 180 X 110poc LINKEDIN COMPANY SHOWCASE PAGE in COVER PHOTO 974 X 330px COMPANY SHOWCASE PAGE 130 Faon SHARED WEB LINK 442 X 238px IFIO 442px WIDIH L IEGII 2a S ECOMENDED LINKEDIN USER PROFILE (PREMIUM) in BACKGROUND IMAGE - 1400 X 425 (RECOMMENDED) NOTE: MAXIMUM UPLOAD SIZE is 4000 X 4000 pixels PROFILE Premium Profie Name PHOTO 240 X 240px L Epence LINKEDIN USER PROFILE (NON-PREMIUM) in PROFILE Profile Name PHOTO 200 X 200рх Pee S ee a LINKEDIN IMAGE SIZES TABLE in unea Nece. Densens Dispay as Ma. Pe see PePamut OOMPANY PAGE Dareer inage/Caver Phoso Saare Loen Sed Lek Thanteal 1 st0 Feekd gn th COPANY BHHOWCA PAD Stardand Laa PNG, JPG Sever P июд Shared Link Large Thumbna Lipo 42 Waa ch varie USR PROPAE P Pafie Pte Рня, Ря ends vebrewen uER PROFILE NON-PRS Profile heto ик. л COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #7B539D #0976B4 #E9E9E9 #FFFFF 8* GOOGLE PLUS PROFILE PAGE Google COVER PHOTO 250 X 250 RECOMADB 1080 X 608px. LINK THUMBNAIL (FULL WIDTH) 346 X 207px NOIE MIDH 34k IS RICOMMINDEDE HBEHT MAES SHARED IMAGE 426 MAXIMUM WIDTH & HEIGHT VARIES GOOGLE+ IMAGE SIZES TABLE ke ded 121 Sheredece elen 과 048 425 Wet Shared Li jltentaa 1:1 Sad Li udi wia ta COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #CE352C #DD4B39 #ESESES #FFFFF PINTEREST MAIN PAGE (FEED) Pinteredt 236px FIXED WIDTH HEIGHT VARIES PINTEREST PROFILE PAGE Pinteret 200 X 200 Profile Name (RECONAMENDED) DISPLAY AS 153 X 153 216 X 146px 51 X 51 px PINTEREST BOARD PINS Pinteredt BOARD PAGE ROARD PINS 10 236px FIXED WIDTH HEIGHT VARIES PINTEREST PIN PAGE EXPANDED PIN 736px AS MAX WIDTH & HEIGHT VARIES 70 X 70 PINTEREST IMAGE SIZES TABLE Recoreded Dake Diaplay a Iage apeci uie Hada ile S 15et50 20te D WOTH Pialard d a Pin Doandamale temre COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #AB171E #E3262E #ECECEC #FFFFF INSTAGRAM PROFILE PAGE SMALL THUMBHAIL SMALL THUMBNAIL 204 X 204px LARGE THUMBNAIL 204 X 204рх 409 X 409px PROALE PIC 110X 110 THUMBHAIL 161 X 161px. INSTAGRAM PHOTO PAGE 1tyan EXPANDED PHOTO 640 X 640рх, DISPLAY AS 612 X 612px INSTAGRAM PHOTO FEED PAGE estagran SHARED PHOTO 510 X 510px INSTAGRAM IMAGE SIZES TABLE wstagram Recoerde D ns M ensans vuge pet ao 111 Poota ThualN 16ta1 1tut6 Expended Phte Soe StS12 COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #295D8B #3F7 29B #D8DBD8 #FFFFF You Tube YOUTUBE CHANNEL PAGE Yeufiue CHANNEL ART PHOTO 2560 X 1440px (RECOMMENDED) 100 X 100 CHANMEL NAME Cheves UPLOADS THLMEHE 196 X 110px HOW CHANNELS LOOKS ON DIFFERENT DEVICES DESKTOP thu balow ska voald be poar dekto kr. 's widieris an 261X423 p. TEXT AND LOGO SAFE AREA 1546 X 423px TABLET MOBILE Ontakiet a ste wider sla which isindoata by the pink ben chove. The mpad refie el tis sionis 1855 pe ky 433 pe. Ounoble te sole areo (rel bexia dapn hevel sed den eviel rae s virh ve by de TEXTL LOGO SAFE MRIA YuTie 1546 X 423px TEXT & LOGO SAFE AREA 1855 X 423px YOUTUBE IMAGE SIZES TABLE S YouTube Reconneeded Dinesice Mairun Dinesice: Madrun Fis Si: Aupact Rarie Ta 2 44 Desksop 2Gio2 1et 1:1 COLORS IN HEXADECIMAL #(7231A #FA362A FIFIFL #FFFFF *All measurements are in pixels. All are recommended image dimensions. All information is based on my research. It may have errors. If you found any error please report me at THIS INFOGRAPHIC IS PRESENTED BY COVERSHUB COVERSHUB was founded in mid of 2013 and becomes the fostest growing Focebook Cover Photos sharing site. Ã place for sharing and discovering the highest-quality cover photos on the web. Visit for more. WANT A CUSTOM COVER PHOTO MADE THAT WE DON'T HAVE? Request it on our Pagel or mail us at [email protected] covershub Find us at:

An Essential Social Media Image Dimensions Cheat Sheet 2015

shared by covershub on Aug 05
This infographic is a handy reference tool for you to keep track of all of the image size of popular social meida platforms. When you're designing your profile pic, cover photo, custom tabs or any thi...




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