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The Effect of Social Media on Commerce

SOCIAL CURRENCY in You Tube The Effect of Social Media on Commerce Internet & Social Network Usage EVERY 2.27 BİLLION IMINUTE OF THE DAY: 100,000 tweets are sent 571 PEOPLE ONLINE | =100,000,000 websites are created 684,478 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram 152,000,000 152 Million blogs on the Internet pieces of content are shared on Facebook 1 in 3 bloggers are moms 48 hours You 47,000 of video are Tube uploaded to YouTube apps are downloaded from the App Store 3 Billion hours of video watched on YouTube /month 3,000,000,000m $272,000 US Internet users spend 3X longer on social media and blogs than email is spent by consumers online 2 MILLION search queries afe O made on Google 356 PERCENT INCREASE OF SOCIAL MEDIA USE IN THE US SINCE 2006 2006 2013 of online adults use 91% social media regularly of online shoppers spend 79% half of their time researching products online time Internet users 23 spend social networking of active adult social 53% networkers follow a brand of adult social networkers of Pinterest's traffic is from 70% shop online 65% the US Online & Mobile Shopping ONLINE SHOPPING MOBILE SHOPPING 32m Q9999. 66 consumers use mobile devices to browse or consumers prefer to purchase from a retailer's online %% site vs. its app when making online purchases research products or services once a month 15. 92% 67M 42% consumers complete transactions with their mobile devices monthly shoppers have more confidence in info sought online % vs. anything from a salesclerk or other source 00000000 Q999939393 consumers use search engines in their product % research leading up to purchase mobile searches lead to action U QAQA QA QA $$$$$$$$$ 50% consumers prefer finding the answers they need online on their own mobile searches lead to purchase SOLOMO (social/local/mobile): The addition of local information to search engine results in order to capitalize on the increasing use of mobile. It has also evolved to include mobile offers pushed to consumers based on their location. Rationalization of Retail: The inevitable result of SoLoMo technology because it gives shoppers the two things they need to behave rationally - get the most value for the lowest cost - information and options. Social Network General Stats Facebook in: f Facebook New Zealand Australia 10.5 BILLION 2,672,000 unique visitors 11,010,000 unique visitors 79.8% active online users 68.4% active online users Visited Facebook Visited Facebook (March 2012) (March 2012) MINUTES SPENT ON FACEBOOK EACH DAY 6 hr 25 min /month spent on average (desktop only) Faceook Marketing Return on Investment: 3.2BILLION 3X 5X 49% reported: 70% reported: LIKES AND COMMENTS POSTED EVERY DAY 2 2 out of 10 * facebook users have purchased through ads or comments 955 million active users on Facebook 57% of companies that use social media for business use Twitter 140,000,000 active users 27 followers for the average users Twitter 61% use LinkedIn as their primary professional there are ads networking site 82% users are aware in Linkedin 60% users have clicked on an ad link on LinkedIn on Linkedln Gains one new user 50 million users Instagram 58 photos uploaded every minute every second over the past 2 years Consumer & Social Network 34% 55% 81% choose social network over a traditional e-commerce site rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions share purchases on social network listed the ability to see the product in action as their favorite thing about video reviews 7% report 20%+ increase in higher spending due to usage reviews 83% 64% 75% report 5-10% increase in higher spending due to usage reviews 27% said that watching user-generated videos reviews helped them make a purchase decision -either for or against a product or brand have watched a user-generated video review of socially savvy consumers walked away from å purchase -after a negative customer service experience compared with 49% of other consumers In the UK, a visitor coming from a social media site is 10X more likely to make a purchase online than an average visitor (7% vs 71%) WHAT DO PEOPLE WANT WHERE DO PEOPLE SHARE from brands on social media ? online purchases? 5%, Instagram Linkedln 3% in 83% want deals and promotions 14% Pinteresto 22, Twitter 70% want rewards programs Facebook 55% 58% want exclusive content 55% want feedback on new products Business & Social Network Year 2015 27% 62% brands will be marketers say social media became more importánt to their marketing ..... campaigns in the last six months 74% generating 50% of their web sales THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA and small businesses se social for business mobile platforms with a projection of $30 BILLION brand marketers saw 34% 42% after investing just per week on social media 57% acquired customers via blogging Year 2016 medium businesses use social media for business marketers believe or important to their business (+75% since 2009) 44% acquired customers via Twitter MORE THAN HALF of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by the web Australia & Social Commerce • 20% of businesses in Queensland (Qld) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) use social media -highest in the country • 11% of businesses in Southern Australia (SA) using social media -lowest in the country $189 BILLION Business using Social Network: IN REVENUE OF ONLINE SALES IN 201O-11, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 70% Encourage feedback Participate in two-way commúnication with consumers 65% Offer incentives [ex: discounts, giveaways)] | 1 Facebook: #1 social media used in Australia 35% Australian Business's... Year 2011 VIEW ON SOCIAL NETWORK Social Media Can: Increase in: 4.5 MILLION MPOS terminals in operation • Brand recognition - 46.8% • Improved community engagement · 40.3% • Fan tracking - 35.5% • Sales · 29% • customer insights - 11.3% Year 2012 "Engage customers" - 77.6% “Attract talent" - 26.5% "integrate digital marketing" - 26.5% "Spur innovation" - 26.5 % 9.5 MILLION MPOS terminals in operation 17% of POS terminals were MPOOS terminals RETURN ON IN- VESTMENT Year 2017 46% of projected increase of MPOS terminals 38 MILLION MPOS terminals Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS) Point of Sale (POS): the spot where a retail transaction takes place (where money changes hands) and it is increasingly becoming mobile. 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The Effect of Social Media on Commerce

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As everyone knows the use of social media platforms is growing at an exponential rate. To be exact, within the past 7 seven years the use of social media has grown 365 percent. Everyday millions and m...


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Social Media
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