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Do I need an infographic?

yes .including competition? "this infographic will selfdestruct in 10, 9...' "Anyone know any good tools to create your own infographics? Please RT" Video To you want to make it accessible for the target audience? hmm... yes Do you want people to see them? yes yes Or are they classified? What medium will the data be shared on? Want to put a lot of time and effort in the design? yes no yes Web from the client to Ha! Nonsense. Good data needs to be shared, man! A lot? brag about? Want to be able to brag about it? no no yes Print Just give us the data, and concentrate on a new project. yes no Is there interesting data from the company to share? ok ..a survey that generated a lot of data? no yes C'mooon Do you have a campaing with no interesting facts and figures? ENTREPENEUR What medium will be used to spread the news? Through what (social) media? MARKETEER JOURNALIST Want it to grab and keep the attention of the readers and viewers? yes DO I NEED AN INFO- GRAPHIC? Web Print Video Got a story with a lot of datapoints? yes So you've got your own graphic designer /illustrator/ data-analist/copywriter? no You probably can't wait to share no Do you want to do all the work yourself? yes Well, what if you did? no yes no yeeaah riiight Pics or it didn't happen! Eehhh, journalist? What channels do you want to use to push your story? Want no RESEARCHER Do you have awesome research results to share? anyone PR PROFESSIONAL to read it? Maybe not-so-awesome results then? yes Have any interesting data to share? no Web yes no Good luck! Through what media? Internal communication yes yes no (in ..for us (in ...for colleagues? External communication What about an informative eyecatcher? Too bad... no yes Print yes no Want to make it under- standable for a broad yes audience? Do have a press Web you release that you want to yes You'd rather keep it to yourself? Ok.. Video Sounds good... garner attention? no Print Do you have enough time, an eye for data and design? no Ever heard of Spijkermat Infographics? Do you want attention for the project? Video "No, please enlighten me.." Because we do There is no there? "You mean Dennis and Melroy?" Yeah, you definitely need an infographic A proper infographic. A Spijkermat Infographic! Spijkermat Infographics? Spijkermat Infographics is Amsterdam based infographic agency (since 2011). Spijkermat turns raw data in a beautiful image, without losing sight of the big picture. Spijkermat made infographics for Price Waterhouse Coopers,, ING Bank, Bright Magazine. Check our website for more information and infographics, More information or just some small talk, mail to [email protected] or surf to SPKRMTnfographics

Do I need an infographic?

shared by Spijkermat on Jun 30
If you're wondering if you or your company needs and infographic, then here's the answer.


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