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Do Employers "Like" Social Media?

DO EMPLOYERS "LIKE", SOCIAL MEDIA ? We may need to make Companies "like" social media for brand promotion but are hesitant about employee use. XYZ CORP some cuts. Uh-oh, big cuts coming. WHY? Because anything can happen instantly - in front of millions of people. omg my boss is planning layoffs. #smh Ugh, Just heard I'm losing my job. use some PayScale asked employers how they plan to manage employee use of social media. XYZ Corp is going bankrupt? Who's up for a coffee break? I just heard that XYZ C is going und #lolwut XYZ コーポ レーション XYZ tiene problemas. iQue lástima! ニュース 」 IT STARTS WITH A Quack? SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY... 53% of employers have a formal policy on the 42% say “no" to any use of social media use of social media. 57 52 47 percent of percent of percent of small companies have a formal social media policy medium companies have a formal social media policy large companies have a formal social media policy turine anufact SUPPO MOST EVOLVED INDUSTRIES retail Percent of employers in the industry with a formal social media policy. 65 percent You're going to do it anyways, so here are the rules. 59% of media companies actively encourage their employees to use social media. OMG! You should totally tweet that! Keep searching for oil, not former classmates! 71% of energy companies prohibit any social media use at work. EMPLOYERS LOVE SOCIAL RECRUITING We need someone good. Have you searched online? 65% V of small businesses use social media for recruiting 51% of medium businesses use social media for recruiting 44% of large businesses use social media for recruiting Over 80% of employers who use social media for recruiting use Linked in MEET THE HANDSHAKE HOLDOUTS Certain industries are least likely to use social media for recruiting. real estate 31 holesate 29 percent percent So, my brother knows this guy... socialnet 1.0 WHAT DO EMPLOYEES WANT? Over 50% of workers 55 and older use social media at work everyday. 2 of 5 Gen Y workers rate social media access above receiving a higher salary. Sources: drive_social_networking_in_the_office :: PayScale design by biz trade

Do Employers "Like" Social Media?

shared by PayScale on Jun 11
Like it, love it or want none of it, social media is here to stay. Many employers are responding to the social media invasion with policies to guide how it's used by employees. Find out which industri...


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