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Digitizing Abuse

y didnt u call me back?? Ur makin me freak out Do u still luv me? I miss u stop tweeting that boy saw ur pic on dans phone. niiiice cool ur ugly anyways your a waste of time i cant believe i even talked to you in the first place txt me back or i'll send that pic to every1 u shd send me a nkd pic where r u? i dnt care if u want 2 c me or not, i want 2 see u tonight you better call me back REALLY SOON yru facebook friends with him? i want u to delete him now or its not going to be good. who's with u STOP IGNORING ME if u dnt send me a pic i dnt want u MALL OF TOMORROW DIGITIZINGABUSE Teen Dating Harassment through Technology ONE FOUR DIGITAL ABUSE & HARASSMENT IS... in DEGRADING Belittling victims over and over EMBARRASSING DATIN G TEENS Posting personal or inti- mate information about victims in public places #%$! <3 u @>}---:):) :) COERCIVE is HARASSED or ABUSED THROUGH Pressuring victims to do things (often sexual) they don't want to do TECH NOL OGY UNAVOIDABLE Harassing and ridiculing victims everywhere, day and night CONTROLLING Dominating and regulating behavior FORMS OF DIGITAL ABUSE Created a profile page about me, knowing it would upset me LOLOLOL Arlonelylon up woirdo Wrote nasty things about me on his or her profile page Used my social networking account without permission Posted Used information embarrassing photos of me online from my online profile to harass me Made me feel afraid when I did not respond to calls or texts Threatened, by text, physically harm me Sent threatening text YA messages, IMs, or chats that made me feel scared Sent me so many Spread rumors about me online or messages that I felt 63 unsafe through texts Pressured and threatened me Took video of Sent me unwanted sexual photos and messages to engage in sexual acts me and sent it to friends without my permission to send a sexual photo of myself A RED FLAG 96% of teens experiencing digital abuse and harassment also experience other forms of violence or abuse from their partners 84% 52% 32% More than half are A large majority of victims are psychologically abused, which is physically abused, which is Almost one-third are sexually coerced, which is 2.4x 2.5x more than teens in a relationship who are not experiencing digital abuse. more than teens in a relationship who are not experiencing digital abuse. more than teens in a relationship who are not experiencing digital abuse. WHAT CAN WE DO? The answer isn't shutting off the computer or taking away teens' cell phones. It's using digital communication to educate teens, spread the word about where too go for help, and give them a safe way to report abuse. Schools, parents, and teens can raise awareness about what dating abuse and harassment is and why it's so harmful. ILLEGAL ACTION l so Meeting TODAY Train school faculty Create school peer Learn how to spot warning signs. Parents should know how often Block screen names groups to build awareness about and staff to help victims and identify signs of dating harassment and abuse. and apply filters to discourage online abuse in school dating abuse and harassment. teens communicate with their partners and talk to teens about the nature computer labs. and content of the messages they receive. To learn more about how technology is used as a vehicle for teen dating abuse and harassment, visit HURBAN INSTITUTE You are free to share, copy, distribute, and transmit this work.

Digitizing Abuse

shared by timmeko on Feb 20
One in four dating teens is harassed or abused through technology. This infographic explains role of technology in teen dating abuse and harassment, how many teens are affected, and how they’e been ...


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