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CONTENT PIE Content creation is one of the most natural things humans do. After all, we've been storytelling for as long as we've been around. And that's all content is - a story. But what are the ingredients for an effective story that will engage your audience and benefit your business? We've cooked up a recipe for the most successful slice of content that will surely satisfy your readership and pile on the pounds for your brand... Technicality Personality You should always inject a good measure of personality into your content, whether that be with a touch of humour or a smattering of A great way to establish authority, heighten value and educate your readership is by using the correct, technical jargon. This shows that you're well informed on your subject and makes you a trustworthy source. However, jam-packing your content with complex terms can be a risky business. Include the smart stuff, but ensure accessibility for users who might not be as up-to-scratch with the strong opinions. personality-filled pieces is by simply writing as you would speak, but make sure the tone and One tactic for producing language is consistent with your brand and suitable for your audience technicalities Simplicity Einstein once said that if you can't explain something simply, you just don't understand it Originality well enough. When it comes to There's a whole lot of content, this is often the case. content out there already, meaning it's often tricky to create a piece that's 100% original. But by discussing subjects from different angles, taking a new standpoint or adding a creative twist, your content will immediately become more authentic and innovative. But that doesn't mean you should However, you should never compromise technicalities for concision; Google likes info, so don't cut down the detail for the sake of short-and-sweet content Applicability Most important of all is your content's relevance; you've got to make sure you speak to your audience, in their language, about stuff that they actually care about. Keep an eye on trending topics on social media, and then make relevant contributions to current conversations. No matter how fantastic your content may be, if it's stop sharing the love - content curation is effective too! not relevant, who's going to search it, click it, read it and share it? For more tips on content creation and to keep up to date boutique with all things digital, visit digital communications

Content Pie

shared by Boutique on Apr 03
Here at Boutique, we know that a good measure of both technicality and simplicity is important in the creation of a compelling piece of content. However, there are several more ingredients that must a...


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