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Content Marketing - Whats Your Plan of Attack

Contenit Marketinga ** Plan Of Attack? Wiats Your Your guide to fighting a new kind of battle. The Panda and Penguin offensives have seen once thriving websites reduced to ruins. Traffic sources have been poisoned and domains de-indexed. In the wake of Panda/Penguin shock and awe, new strategies must be implemented to ensure that your force can survive in the 'war of content'. Content Wave Assault Special Content Operations "No amount of skill ... however great, will enable victories to be won without the sacrifice of men's "Not by strength, but by guile." British Special Boat Service (SBS) lives. The nation mustbe prepared to see heavy casualty lists." General Haig *** * Quality is irrelevant * Quality is all that matters * Quantity is everything * Quantity is less important * Employs high numbers of untrained 'militia' to utilise weapons * Employ small numbers of highly- trained 'operatives' to utilise weapons WEAPONS WEAPONS A) BLOG SPAMMING BLOGGING BLOG NETWORKS QUALITY GUEST POSTS LINKWHEEL INTERACTIVE CONTENT MASS PAID LINKING INFOGRAPHICS O ARTICLE MARKETING A LINKBAITING WEB 2.0 ASSET BUILDING * RESULTS ** Content Wave Assault Special Content Operations PRE-PANDA/PENGUIN * * * PRE-PANDA/PENGUIN * * Results improve as scale increases * Produces results, but hard to scale *** Pre-panda many SEO techniques relied on simply scaling up your grey hat activity, outsourcing these simple tasks Some cautious SEOS wary of algorithmic changes chose a strategy that was in line with Google's business objectives. Providing high quality content that users to teams in the far east and India or relying on automation. help to share across the web. However producing this kind of content is dependent of skilled staff, scaling is limited by the lack of quality staff with the relevant skills and experience O,0 0,0 Results could be lightning fast due to the potential of quick scaling and control over anchor text. POST-PANDA/PENGUIN POST-PANDA/PENGUIN * Mass collateral damage * Organic Growth Sites using 'spammy' techniques were decimated in the post panda update. Sites grow naturally over time, building real links and are thus protected from over optomisation penalties. Panda focused on: Thin content Content farming High ad-to-content ratios 12% of search results were affected by panda. "We want people doing white hat search engine Penguin focused on: optimization (or even search engine optimization at all) to be free to focus on creating amazing, compelling web sites." no Spam factors Keyword stuffing Over-optimization 3.1% of search results were affected by penguin. Offical Google Search Blog * Increase in scale makes no difference to results * The only possible strategy With the algorithmic change mass production of low quality content is quickly accordingly. With the elimination of strategies focused on automation and 'spammy' techniques websites that focused on high quality content have thrived. They are the kind of site which Google wants, the kind future updates will detected and punished ttftt favour. ".Wikipedia or Times is over on this side, and the low-quality sites are over on this side. And you can really see mathematical New York reasons [why]..." We... want the "good guys" making great sites for users..." Google's top Cutts, search spam fighter Matt Offical Google Search Blog *** IT'S A NEW KIND OF WARFARE *** Post-Penguin New Tactics are Needed TURN MILITIA INTO TROOPS PROMOTE SPECIAL OPERATIONS 11 * Militia need to be trained as Support Troops for Special Operations * Content Creators are your new Lieutenants Outsourced labour and automation Content creators should be used to still have a role to play, but they must be used to support the goals of the content creators. It's now about utilising resources to improve content for the user. develop strategies that, build assets, manage outreach and build relationships. Through outsourcing and automation they can fully leverage their skills. * All previous methodology must be abandoned, as implementation will lead to annihilation. * Continuing to use the old methods put your site, and the resources invested in it, at risk. Many six figure sites have been lost over night. Don't let yours be one. KEY TRAINING AREAS: ) IDENTIFYING INFLUENCES 2) RESEARCH BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS ) OUTREACH SUPPORT DESIGN SEEDING *** THE 'NEW MODEL GENERAL' ★★★ TARGET FOCUSSED LONG-TERM SUCCESS ADAPTABLE USES SOCIAL-MEDIA DELIVERY METHOD TO LEVERAGE HIS REACH OFFENSIVELY BUILDS BRAND COLLABORATES WITH GOOGLE RESPONDS RAPIDLY TO CHANGES AND SUPPORTS PUBLISHERS The 'New Model General' realises that the days of sending waves of untrained 'militia', carrying low-quality content, into battle are gone. To win the war highly trained 'operatives', supported by newly trained 'troops' must utilise high-quality content for which there is no defence. Sourced By: Danny Ashton, Kevin Gibbons, Founder: Founder: Neo Mammalian Studios Quaturo Produced By: (NMS NEO MAMMALIAN STUDIOS

Content Marketing - Whats Your Plan of Attack

shared by BlueGlass UK on Jun 29
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Following from the recent Google Penguin & Panda updates, having content is not enough - so what's your plan of attack?


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