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Content Marketing : Boost your website with interlinking

Interlinking: Boost your website Average visit duration No interlinking - The duration is less than 2 minutes. The visitors looks at only 1 or 2 posts on the average. 2 minutes With interlinking - The visit duration is more than 5 minutes. The visitors look at 4 or 5 posts on average. 5 minutes Interlinking helps user experience and SEO Increase Increase time on site Increase content pages views discovery Google uses all of these in its ranking What do you link ? Quality articles Relevant figures Relevant visual contents How to create links ? To relevant content Anchor text Information bubbles Try to add links to related posts in the first 2 paragraph of your post and 1 link to the last paragraph of your post. Use strategic anchor text in your links. Links are dynamically generated and can be redirected to the best target pages. Information bubbles: the link of tomorrow Imagine this is a page on your website. Infocc automagically enhances your page with graphical popup links to řelated pages. Dramatically increase engagement and page views. Hover on any blue link below to see it in action. In 1976, nobody knew what a lightsaber was, Wookies didn't exist, and the sci-fi movie genre was on life support. A ueor loter. George Lucas' space opera" Star Wars A New Looking for: "Star Wars" słagnani genre, put Wookies on the map, coolest weapon in the galaxy. The aracy spawned Iwo sequels, Three prequels, and trilogy, doesnt stop there. The entire movie irrevocably by the film, with many of those today. Demo Page: There is More Of Star Wars - infocc - Website Engag. Demo Page: There Is More Of Star Wars - Demo Page: There is More Of Rumors and speculations about were all read more |Demo Page: SWTOR- Star Wars The Old Republic - infoce - Websit. SWTOR (Star Wars The Old Republic) is an enormously multi-player internet role playing video game located in the Star read moe Visually enhanced linking Demo Page: Star Wars Figures Guide - infocc - Website Engageme. ..toy industry had great demands for the Star Wars figures. The movie mania was apparent in any form of media. It read more powered by infocc Increase engagement Dont Forget : Generate automatic links Google ranks pages based on linking and engagement Interlinking drives traffic on old post Improve revenue Choose good keywords to maximize revenue Do you like this post ? You can SUBSCRIBE to infocc's newsletter, to received our lastest articles ! SUBSURIBE NOW infocc Author: Ewan Lefranc Piktochart -I make information beautiful

Content Marketing : Boost your website with interlinking

shared by ewan.lefranc on Apr 09
Beyond quality content, and the massive investment in creating such content and promoting it outside the website, an area that is often overlooked is to how to increase engagement on the website itsel...






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