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Content Marketing in Australia: Are We Doing it Right?

Content MARKETING IN AUSTRALIA ARE WE DOING IT RIGHT? A recent (Nov 2013) report on content marketing practices in Australia found that 93% of Australian marketers surveyed in the report use some form of content marketing. Only 33% say they're effective at it.* The commitment to content marketing is clear, but have Australian Marketers got it right? Are Australian Marketers MAKING THE RIGHT blend of WRITTEN & VISUAL AU 41% of Australian marketers are US UK challenged producing a variety of content – yet the top 5 content marketing tactics are all the same - written formats. CONTENT? ONLY 2 in the top ten (video and online presentations) are visual formats. Articles on Website: 100% 84% 80% Social Media (excluding blogs): 60% 84% 40% 20% eNewsletters: 00% 82% 84% Blogs: 80% ... 84% TOP 10 CONTENT Articles on Other Websites: 72% Video: 71% Case Studies: 70% In-Person Events: 64% Online Presentations: 49% Microsites: 48% SED BY AUSTRALIAN %04 64% Interestingly, these key content formats were MISSING FROM THE TOP 10: O°O°O°O° 11th 12th 13th 14th White Papers: 45% Research Papers: 43% Mobile Content: Infographics: 43% 42% Are Australian Marketers FOCUSING ON THE WRONG CONTENT MARKETING GOAL? eg: BRAND AWARENESS OVER QUALITY LEAD CONVERSION? 79% of Australian marketers cite BRAND AWARENESS AS THE TOP GOAL FOR CONTENT MARKETING but web traffic is considered the top metric to measure this. Surprisingly, these content marketing goals rated in order of importance: 79% 72% 68% 65% 62% 58% 54% 40% 37% Brand Awareness Engagement Lead Customer Customer Web Thought Leadership Sales Lead Generation Acquisition Retention/ Loyalty Traffic Management / Nurturing Australian Marketers ARE CHOOSING TO rate efforts on web traffic OVER LEAD GENERATION & SALES CONVERSION Should they be focusing on sales conversion instead? TOP CONTENT MARKETING METRICS Website Traffic: 58% Social Media Sharing: 51% SEO Ranking: 45% Sales Lead Quality: 44% Sales Lead Quantity: 43% Direct Sales: 40% Qualitative Customer Feedback: 39% Subscriber Growth: 38% Benchmark Lift: Company Awareness: 33% Inbound Links: 32% Increased Customer Loyalty: 32% Benchmark Lift: Product/Service Awareness: 26% Cross-Selling: 19% Cost Savings: 6% Australians Are Producing MORE CONTENT THAN UK AND US MARKETERS On less Budget IS THAT AFFECTING QUALITY? AU CONTENT MARKETING: % OF BUDGET US UK AU: 27% US: 29% UK: 31% Increase in content production compared to a year ago: 81% 72% 76% AU US UK CC ANOTHER INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY CURATED CONTENT I (03) 9415 9283 | [email protected] e O00 You are free: to Share - to copy. distributo and transmit the work SOURCES: Report: Content Marketing in Australia 2014: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends (November 2013) created by The Content Marketing Institute & ADMA (the association for data-driven marketing and advertising). "Sample size:Aus marketers: 159; US marketers: 1622; UK marketers: 198 Total respondents: 4397 71% TACTICS USED BY 82% MARKETING MARKETERS

Content Marketing in Australia: Are We Doing it Right?

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Maybe the problem with Australian Marketers lies in the metrics we use to measure content marketing success -brand awareness and web traffic are rated as more important than actual sales.




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