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Content Creation vs. Content Sharing

CONTENT CREATION VS CONTENT SHARING WHAT SHOULD YOUR BUSINESS POST ONLINE? Home CONTENT CREATION: Posts centered around what your business offers. Either promotions or daily deals. They are "me-centric" designed to draw in leads and make sales. A Contacts Message Your Business RECENT Hey we've got a great 20% deal going on today if you buy two or more items online! Group 1 4 Group 2 John CONTENT SHARING: X) Annie Informative posts focused on starting a conversation. They are links to a third party's site, a trending news story, etc. Your Business *) Sean Check out this article: We cannot believe it's true! What do you think? CONTENT CREATION A business' website and especially its blog needs to be comprised of its own content 71% 94% Business-to- Business buyers get their information online Unique content is essential for a sites natural Google ranking Search Engine users click on organic results compared to 6% PPC GOOGLE'S HUMMINGBIRD UPDATE GOOGLE UPDATED ITS ALGORITHM TO HUMMINGBIRD IN 2013 GOOGLE OWNS MORE THAN 2/3 OF THE MARKET SHARE EVERY PAGE ON YOUR BUSINESS' SITE SHOULD BE ACCESSIBLE ONLINE AND ON MOBILE DEVICES HUMMINGBIRD FOCUSES ON WHAT A USER'S INTENT IS CENTERS ON SEMANTICS AND PREDICTABILITY, LOOHING AT THE WHOLE SENTENCE, NOT EACH INDIVIDUAL WORD THE HEY TO SEO NOW IS TO BE LESS AMBIGUOUS THAN BEFORE CONTENT SHARING A BUSINESS' SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE BENEFITS FROM BEING Smartphone Internet Use: AN "INFORMER" OVER BEING A "SELF-PROMOTER" 92.2% visit Google You Tube 84.6% visit Facebook ONLINE CONSUMERS ARE MORE 83.2% visit Yahoo CONCERNED WITH A COMPANY'S INSIGHTS, NOT WHAT THEY HAVE TO OFFER 68.6% visit Amazon SOCIAL MEDIA 43% likely (Men) SHARE LINKS AND ARTICLES RELATIVE TO YOUR BRAND THESE POSTS SHOULD BE RECENT, FOCUS ON WHAT IS TRENDING ENTICE YOUR FOLLOWERS TO RESPOND, ENGAGE THEM CONSIDER INVITING YOUR FOLLOWERS TO SUBMIT CREATIVE CONTENT FOR CONTESTS 48% likely (Women) FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN CONTENT SHARING AND POSTING YOUR OWN CONTENT THAT WORKS FOR YOU WOMEN CLICK ON BRAND'S SOCIAL PAGES MORE FREQUENTLY THAN MEN FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT: REBUILDNATION.COM Sources: Naaman, Mor, Jeffrey Boase, and Chih-Hui Lai. Is It Really About Me? Message Content in Social Awareness Streams. Diss. Rutgers U, School of Communication and Information, 2010. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Web. 3 Mar. 2015. Ong Yi Lin, Chauntelle, and Rashad Yazdanifard. "How Google's New Algorithm, Hummingbird, Promotes Content and Inbound Marketing." American Journal of Industrial and Business Management 4 (2014): 51-57. Web. 3 Mar. 2015. Rohrs, Jeffrey K. "The Audience Growth Survey." Exact Target 22 (n.d.): 2-31. Web. 3 Mar. 2015.

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing

shared by mrchibolin on Apr 22
If there were a magic wand to conquer the online content strategy, most, if not all, would give it a wave--or two. Unfortunately, there is no one magical solution to mastering your brand’s online pr...



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