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Conditional Love

CONDITIONAL LOVE 4 WEB GIANTS' TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Facebook Google Twitter Apple In words and numbers 3294 SERVICES CONTENT PRODUCTS MAY USER DATA 41 Average number of words in the Terms of Service (ToS) pages to read INFORMATION ALLOW PRIVACY SECURITY RIGHT(S) Privacy 66 Your privacy is very important to us. Facebook BUT BUT BUT give us your real identity and update your address and telephone number give us your përsonal data... we go through your mobile phone (SMS, contacts, num- bers, calls..) ...and those of your family and friends and use its GPS location BUT BUT we can sell your personal data BUT we track your browsing we reserve the right to remove your account Content 66 What's yours is yours 9 Twitter BUT BUT BUT you give us the řight to use your content and to sell it ... but we can remove your content Changes With dozens of pages to read, it's hard to keep track of all the changes to Apple ToS. Apple doesn't make it easier since it doesn't have any archives page. As a rough guide, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) identified 7 different versions of the "privacy policy" between 2007 and 2010. April 2007 October 2010 April 2010 October 2011 August 2008 March January 2010 2012 October 2005 January March 2009 2009 February 2009 October 2010 March 2008 August December 2010 2010 May March 2011 2012 December 2009 2007 July May 2010 2010 April 2011 August April 2009 2009 August 2011 2006 2005 November 2009 May February 2009 2009 October May 2007 March une 2010 December 2010 2010 February 2010 December010 2009 November May 2010 2010 Septembe January 2009 November 2009 2009, February 2009 Other ToS are possible Product prices may be revised at any time (generally, we do that at night, on the sly). We never know, sometimes the price of Captain America figures can rise suddenly because of a major shortage on the New York Stock Exchange. 4. The posting of personal information or calls to invasion is prohibited. 15. Remember: The use of 4chan is a privilege, not a right. 7. Control: We will work toward enabling users to own and control their data and won't facilitate sharing their data unless they agree first. 6. The Laws of Robotics (..) Isaac Asimov - Robotics Manual 58th edition (2058 AD) OWNI Sources :,,,, (EFF) and press (Mashable, OWNI, Ecrans.) OYOYO 4 CHAN DIASPORA BABELIO

Conditional Love

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We hardly give them a second glance, but terms of service (ToS) agreements can have a huge impact on our legal status and online rights. OWNI's infographic helps you to cut through the legal jargon an...




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