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Class of 2011: Social Media High School Yearbook

CLASS OF 2011 SOCIAL MEDIA 2011YEARBOOK How does the world of social networking compare to high school? SOCIAL MEDIA MIGH SCHOOL I SENIORS GO Twitter MOST TALKATIVE TEAS Google MOST: THE Foursquare MOST OUTGOING Myspace STH GRADE PROM KING Linkedin MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Classmates CLASS PRESIDENT Last.f MOST ARTISTIC wwww IPAD, FRANKLIN PLANNER, ETC. GPS (A horrible sense of direction) EVERYONE KNOWS HIM Always has a crisp résume in hand. BLABBER MOUTHI Cannot stop talking. Tells everyone about everything (AKA nothing). And he knows everyone. probably a little too well. THINKS SHE'S ALWAYS LISTENING Removes headphones for no one. THE MAYOR (of the high school, that is) UNDYING SCHOOL SPIRIT SUPER SENIOR Yes, he's still (will still be freaking out about high school at retirement) as in TAKING REQUESTS SUPER PEP! Can play, like. any song you Already has the venue SHARES MUSIC He'll make booked f the 10-year reunion want on the guitar. d for YIP YIP! Dog barks constantly. COMPUTER IN TOW One of those old Compaq computers. Tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard. Oh yeah. GYM BAG you a mix tape. Filled with all kinds of personal READY FOR ANYTHING information. BRIEFCASE Instead of a Spare cutlery and chop sticks, camera, to-go menus, fat wad of coupons, bus pass, smart phone. backpack. Keeps his business cards here. THE HOT NEW GIRL Just moved in! For some reason everyone is going bananas. Who is Google+ Google+ vs. Google She may be new It's a social networking site that allows users to share in town, but she's got friends in high places! personal or third-party content with various "circles" of friends or contacts. Users can also publicly share content with any user who Google+ Users: 20 MILLION Gmail Users: Number of total Google Users: 1 BILLION wants to view their posts. 200 MILLION Essential Google+ Jargon 750,000,000 Circles: The groups into which your contacts are organized. Google+ vs. everyone else Hangouts: The places where you hold group video chat. In less than a month, Google plus had 20 million users. Double that of Foursquare. Huddle: Instant messaging within circles. 200,000,000 Sparks: A feed of the content in 100,000,000 30,000,000 8+ 10,000,000 that interests you. Stream: Updates from those in your circles. 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY classfinders. .com Everyday is a class reunion. SOURCES http//biog.ikedncomy ohives/2005mmyspace.growinghtml http// C s.uschews heto http// http//online htmi

Class of 2011: Social Media High School Yearbook

shared by kcatoto on Jan 24
Everyone is going crazy of Google's new social network called Google+. We thought it would be fun to add a little humor to the news about all of the recent changes to social media with this yearbook.


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