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Chroma Key Effect Guide

CHROMA KEY EFFECT GUIDE ? What Is Chroma Key? « Did you know that the Chroma key was first used in the film "The Thief of Baghdad" Chroma keying was invented in the 1940s. It's a technique (1940), a precursor to "Aladdin", where the that allows film-makers to replace the original background WHAT YOU NEED in a video with another image by isolating a specific color scene of the appearance of the genie waS and making it transparent. You can see this effect in any shot on a blue background? » TO SHOOTA modern superhero movie - every time you see the characters fly in front of skyscrapers with some epic music playing in the background, you can be sure this scene has CHROMA KEY been filmed using Chroma key. Actors on ropes move against a green screen and then in post-production the background is replaced with images of a city or a distant VIDEO galaxy - it works just like that. Camera You can shoot your Chroma key video using different devices - a DSLR camera, a smartphone, or a webcam. When you choose a camera for green screen video, make sure it supports HD quality. For the best quality use the RAW format. Special Lighting Setup Green backdrop Creating soft diffused light without hot spots or shadows in the background is the best way to shoot a great Chroma key video. To do this, follow the tips below: • Position the object so that it doesn't cast shadows in the The most commonly used color for the Chroma key backdrop is green, so Chroma key is often called the “green screen effect". It gives the most contrast with natural human skin tones. If the Background Video background. • Use a lot of bright lamps and put diffusion filters on them. • Light up the background as evenly as possible - don't leave bright background color is similar to skin tone, people's faces will disappear from your movie. Find some interesting backgrounds for your video in advance. A good collection of animated clips to replace the green screen background can be found on VideoBlocks. This is an online video or dark areas. There are two ways you can get a backdrop: • Buy a ready-made green screen for Chroma key compositing on • Avoid using different types of lamps - stick to one specific type (fluorescent, tungsten, LED or other types). library with lots of backgrounds. You can also use the search on the internet. GraphicStock. • Make a green screen at home. You can take a large sheet of non-glossy fabric, seamless paper, or another material and paint it green. When your green screen is ready, you can either build support stands for it or just hang the backdrop on a wall in your Conclusion: room. Making a backdrop yourself will certainly cost you less money than buying one, but a DIY green screen may be less reliable than Now you know what a Chroma key is, when it was first used, and We recommend Movavi Video Editor Plus. It's a versatile one from an online store. how to use it. To use this effect successfully, you need a good application with a built-in Chroma key function and lots of other program to edit your footage and produce the final video. useful tools. D..

Chroma Key Effect Guide

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What you need to shoot a Chroma Key video? What is Chroma Key?


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