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The Changing Paradigm of Search Results with Semantic Markup

The Changing Paradigm of Search Results with Semantic SEO akes adapt ends inevitable semantic keywords truth nev Semantic earcht provide search curve conversational Knowledge One world although Bing changing results What is Semantics? cegateRating" itemscope itemtype="ç Semantics is the study of meaning. Seman- :ing-stars starsi13x20 f1-left">

and what they actually want to convey in the ewCount" itemprop="revievCount" content="349"> context they are used. Revieu" class="fl-left reviews-number" href-"reviews.e Where does the idea came From? Trust Well Semantics is not a new boy in rules Proof the town. It has been in existence for quite a long time, however talking about the data Logic Digital Signature Search Engines yes I do agree that it has data Ontology vocabulary seldescriptive captured the lime light since last few RDF + rdfschema document years. XML + NS + xmlschema Unicode URI Semantic Markup and Search Engine Google Well to be very honest there is a very intricate relationship between the search engines and semantic markup. Their relationship started on a very positive note with Yahoo topping the list in using the semantic markup with the help YAHOO! of search engine monkey followed by Google who did the same with the help of and structured data. But with the advent of bing hummingbird algorithm the use of semantic markup has become more crucial and compli- cated. Semantic Markup and SEO As the tradition goes, the SEO practitioners Item 9 have always tried to get their websites on Item 1 top. And since using semantic markup helps Item 2 the search engine to better understand the site therefore its has been the eye candy of Item 3 Main Item SEO ninjas. Item 7 Item 8 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Graphical Representation of How Semantic Markup connects and finds relation between different entities Semantic Markups For Ecommerce Semantic markup for ecommerce plays a very vital role. Some of the most important contributions of semantic markup to ecommerce sites are mentioned below Increased click through rate Proper implementation of semantic markup like review markup, product markup or authorship markup creates a rich snippet on the Google SERP along with your site as a result of which it increases the click through rate exponentially CTR Before CTR After Test Site Description goes here.. Vs. SERP result before implement- SERP result after implementing ing product markup - product markup Test Site - ***** Rating: 4.5 - 8 reviews Description goes here... Helps in building authority on Internet Example of a page without authorship markup 25% more clicks Example of a page with As a result of implement- authorship markup ing mark up as we pointed out earlier it results in in- creased CTRS Better visibility For the products White Gold Diamond Earrings AGER-1015-VS [WGold_Diamond_Earrings ... £316.00 The excerpt from the page will show up here. The reason we can't show text from you webpage is because the text depends on the query the user types. Product Ecommerce Website Design and Development Ecc ***** Rating: 5 -6 reviews The excerpt from the page will show up here. The reason we can't show text from your webpage is because the text depends on the query the user types. More by Vebology erweusite Solutions Markup With the help of mark up we are not only providing additional information about our products and website to search engines but at the same time rich snippet generated improves the visibility of our website and product in the SERP Semantic Markup and Content Marketing Figure 24: Content Areas (Respondents indicating content area is either "extremely important" or "important.") Product-related 77% Best practices 71% Thought leadership 71% Industry news 57% Corporate news 56% Audience lifestyle 46% Promotional/fun 44% "Out-of-brand" or entertainment-driven 28% *according to Unisphere Research 20 40 60 80 100 Use of tags like H1, H2, embed, strong ensures that the content on your website is well understood by Google. In return if you have correctly implemented the markup on your page and you also have an existing Wikipedia page than you can easily get your knowledge graph which is another sign of authority on Google SERP. Future of Search and Semantic SEO Embrace structured data Conduct Meaningful Keyword Research Semantic SEO is all about data interpretation and deriving relationship through it Resources statistics-about-semantic-seo-infographic/ Created By: KOL Limited is an Ecommerce solutions & a digital marketing Company. The Online Marketing team at KOL limited specialize in the various marketing, posi- KOL tioning & branding activities. This is one of the valuable info-graphics shared by the Limited company. better peaye structured yearsa mevel ability

The Changing Paradigm of Search Results with Semantic Markup

shared by kollimited on May 05
With so many changes on Google SERP this year since the launch of humming bird algorithm, it is very important for us to understand where all these changes are leading. Google is already trying its be...


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