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A CEO’s Guide To Pinterest

BROUGHT TO YOU BY CEO A CEO's GUIDE TO .com PINTEREST Looking to discover the next place your audience is likely to gather online? Try Pinterest. The latest in social networking popularity, this network is full of users hungry for the unique content your company has to offer. What are the major benefits of using Pinterest, and how can you harness its power? Here's what CEOS need to know. THE EXPLOSIVE GROWTH OF PINTEREST Barely 2 years old, Pinterest is becoming one of the most popular hangouts on the Internet. NUMBER OF UNIQUE VISITS (IN MILLIONS) 25M 21.20M 19.75M 19.46M NUMBER OF USERS ON PINTEREST 17.61M 20M 19.38M 23 MILLION 16.15M CEOS ON PINTEREST FORTUNE 500 15M INC 500 11.04M 6. 7.09M 10M 4.45M STILL GROWING: The number of users on Pinterest has grown 2.98M 75% 1.68 since the beginning of the year. 5M 866k 1.24M 702k 1.22M May-11 Jun-11 Jul-11 Aug-11 Sep-11 Oct-11 Nov-11 Dec-11 Jan-12 Feb-12 Mar-12 Apr-12 May-12 Jun-12 Jul-12 While the lack of CEO interest in the network remains low, its potential marketing value is clear. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Analysis from Convertro shows that Pinterest drives four times the revenue per click as Twitter and 27 percent more than Facebook. More than 80 percent of the pins on Pinterest are re-pins of existing content. This is a network of active sharers eager to help spread the word about your content. THE RESULT BIG TIME TRAFFIC GAINS, AS DISCUSSED BELOW. BROUGHT TO YOU BY PINTEREST AS A TRAFFIC DRIVER Pinterest is more than just a new online fad; it's a proven traffic generator. In fact, research from Shareaholic indicates that Pinterest drives more traffic DOMO to a website than Twitter: GENERAL TRAFFIC SHARE OF VISITS 50% 41.28% 40% 30% THE AVERAGE TRAFFIC GENERATED FROM PINTEREST GREW 20.03% 116% 20% FROM JAN 2012 TO AUG 2012 10% 5.9% 1.84% 1.37% 1.18% 1.03% 0% .97% .8% Google (Organic) Direct Facebook Pinterest Yahoo (Organic) Google (Referral) Bing StumbleUpon Twitter (Organic) (Referral) (Referral) (Referral) (Referral) REFERRAL TRAFFIC SHARE OF VISITS 50% 40% When compared to strictly referral traffic, Pinterest already outpaces several other popular social networks. 30% 26.4% 20% 10% 5.07% 3.62% 3.61% 3.6% 0% 1.05% .83% .22% .2% .01% Twitter (Linkedin) Google Twitter Facebook Pinterest YouTube StumbleUpon Myspace BROUGHT TO YOU BY TIPS FOR DOING PINTEREST WELL How can your team of social media professionals harness the power of this network? Consider passing along these five best practices tips to get started. DOMO #3 PIN IT Add the Pin-Ilt Add links in the Create a vide o Use hashtags button to your Feature offline descriptions of your pins gallery website events Much like Twitter and Pinterest supports video content as well as image files. Consider creating a special pinboard of Google+, Pintere st supports the use of hash tags to make content searchable. Tag your pins with relevant hashtags to make sure they are seen by interested users. Just as the Facebook "like" and Twitter "tweet" Linking is allowed in the descriptive text of your pins. This allows you to easily track referrals from the site and learn Create a pinboard to share photos and videos of your buttons enable users to add your content to those networks, the corporate events. This will show the world the value of viral or informative "Pin-It" button makes it videos relating to your company or products. what types of content easy to share your content on Pinterest. resonate most with these conferences your audience. and help you build buzz for next one. PINTEREST SUCCESS STORIES WHOLE FOODS The grocer has procured 62,922 followers through nearly 1,030 pins across its 45 boards. WARBY PARKER The eyeglass retailer reports that 11% of its internet traffic comes straight from Pinterest. Pinterest is not to be ignored by the social CEO. With the steady growth of the network, its potential to increase traffic is strong. Used correctly, Pinterest can become a solid staple of your company's content marketing strategy. BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOURCES: BLOG.SHAREAHOLIC.COM | SITEANALYTICS.COMPETE.COM APPDATA.COM | BLOG.HUBSPOT.COM, "HOW TO USE PINTEREST FOR BUSINESS" | www.MARKETINGMAG.COM.AU DOMO CEO .com Reddit Google Plus

A CEO’s Guide To Pinterest

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What are the major benefits of using Pinterest and how can your business harness its power?



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