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Business Guide to Twitter

BUSINESS GUIDE TO the wonderful world of tuwitter The twiter homepage.. Connect Discover Timeline See your interactions, who has started following you, and Tweets that mention you. See which topics are 'trending' and get a sense of what stories people are talking about. These are Tweets from users that you follow, in the order that they are posted. Who to Follow Compose Tweet Twitter accounts suggested for you are displayed here. These accounts are based Start typing your 140 character message directly in this box. on who you follow. Your Profile Your profile says a lot about your business. Your name, summary and profile picture should all work together to tell your story. your Grand Use a relevant and eye catching background. Make sure Choose a profile image that shows the best Write a clear and informative customers know where to find summary that describes your face of your business. you by adding your location & your website URL. business, products or services. Understand what your audience wants.. 94% 88% 87% 79% 79% 69% 57% 56% ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE RELATED DISCOUNTS & PROMOS FUN & TOPICS ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT CUSTOMER FREE STUFF UPDATES ON UPCOMING SALES COMPANY NEWS SERVICE You can go to to search for your business name, keywords and hashtags to see what people are saying about you to better help you understand what your audience needs. Crafting the perfect tweet A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter, consisting of 140 characters or less. Twitter is an informal environment. Try to tweet a couple of times a day to Users respond best to a friendly and #1 find your feet and progress once you conversational tone of voice. know what users respond to best. Tweet something shareable. People The most retweeted content contains she ositive Tweets that solve a links, photos, videos or otes. Add a problem, entertain or inspire. video to a Tweet by including the URL. 6699 Inspire with a quotation from history, literature, popculture or your own A descriptive Tweet with a photo will not only get clicks, it will inspire retweets. industry to encourage retweets. Want retweets? Aim for 100 characters Tweets directed at a person have a ABC plus a shortened link - this allows people to use traditional retweets (RT ) higher CTR since they are much more likely to pay attention if it's sent to them. and make additional comments. Other features... @ DM: A direct Mention: simply include their message (DM) is a private message. username somewhere in the tweet. Links: Including links is a great way Hashtag: A word or phrase, beginning to drive your followers to more with the # symbol. Using hashtags information about your tweet. helps organise conversations. Retweet: See something you like? 66 99 Reply: Your response is public, and will show up in your timeline and the timeline of the person you replied to. Retweet it! This will repost the message to all of your followers. Respond, react& retweet.. Your followers represent some of your most interested customers and Reply to, favourite and retweet positive messages, and thank those who are Promptly address any critical Tweets about your business. fans, treat them accordingly. praising you. Negative comments handled well can convert Build stronger relationships with your followers and turn them into If a difficult customer service conversation needs to continue, ask the follower to send you a direct message with contact information. someone from a disgruntled customer to your biggest fan. loyal customers. Gmplify your impact.. There are many ways to promote your Twitter @username online and offline: Business cards, signage, advertising, delivery vehicles, product packaging, storefronts, email, your website. Anywhere your customers interact with your brand is an opportunity to encourage them to follow you on Twitter. Promote your Grow your audience to extend your Twitter @username reach! and finally. Innovative Businesses across the world are starting to push the boundaries and find inventive ways to engage their followers and connect online and offline experiences. Here are a few examples to inspire you: use of Twitter COMING SOON username Enable followers to order products and services directly via Twitter Manage restaurant reservations and real-time monitoring Build buzz ahead of store and restaurant openings by broadcasting your @username on signs and windows during construction of customer comments and complaints from the front-of-house iPad Add usernames to receipts to encourage customers to follow you for Feature a customer's Invite users to 'tweet a coffee' so it's Tweet in-store and reward their creativity with a drink more information or to send comments about their purchases waiting upon their arrival GO FORTH&MAKE YOUR BUSINESSGreat! brought to you by Render Positive Sources: Twitter for Your Business Guide Smallbiz Guide UK. pdf Four Things You Might Not Know About Twitter 10 Words That Will Increase (or Decrease) Your Twitter CTR* %23

Business Guide to Twitter

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Twitter is an ideal platform for SMBs to promote themselves and compete on an equal playing field as huge international companies. Learn how to get the most from a business profile on Twitter with our guide.


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