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A Bullseye Of An Ad

A BULLSEYE OF AN AD 3 TRENDS II TARGETED ADS FOR 2014 Reaching more customers in 2014 means keeping up with the latest tools. Here are three ways you can boost your engagement this year. ONLINE RECRUITMENT VIA SOCIAL MEDIA 94% More than 6 in 10 of organizations plan to use – or are already using – social organizations say that when it comes 64% of to talent acquisition, sourcing is the biggest challenge media to recruit candidates job candidates used social media to TOP 3 SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR RECRUITING: search for jobs in 2013 LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: 94% of 65% of 55% of Up from orginizations orginizations orginizations 58% in 2012 f Targeting tactic: Seek Facebook users with particular titles or current employers Release date: March 2014 FACEBOOK'S LATEST UENTURE: TARGETED ADS FOR BUSINESSES SEEKING EMPLOYEES Tip: This is also being used to guess at people's buying habits Example: An investment banker might respond better to luxury brand ads in Linkedin offers ad space on employees' profiles to help recruit like-minded employees MOOD-BASED ADS A 2013 STUDY FOUND THAT 71% OF FACEBOOK USERS | But only 34% of SELF-CENSOR TO SOME DEGREE status updates and 12-15% of comments were self-censored Some have conjectured that Google's purchase of the Nest thermostat means the WHAT ELSE CAN BE TRACHED? company can track our behaviors even when we're offline to create more targeted ads MOOD WOULD BE DETERMINED BASED ON: APPLE HAS FILED A PATENT FOR TECHNOLOGY TO TARGET ADS BASED ON OUR MOODS Social Videos Order Offline health network watched of app info, like posts launch heart rate ( TWITTER'S NEW TAILORED AUDIENCES PROGRAM PREMIERED IN DECEMBER 2013 ENABLES ADVERTISERS TO UTILIZE USER IDS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES TO TARGET TWITTER USERS Scenario #1: Scenario #2: A company can make a promotion available only to its current customers, rather than to all Twitter users A company can exclude users from a promotion if they've already bought the product Advantage: Helps companies gain followers Advantage: Prevents wasted impressions PRIVACY GUARANTEED? Email addresses are Twitter users provided in the form of senseless, scrambled hashes can choose to opt out HOW WILL YOU REACH MORE CUSTOMERS IN 2014? SOURCES Infographics by: PRESTIGE MARKETING | 604-273-0002

A Bullseye Of An Ad

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Reaching more customers in 2014 means keeping up with the latest tools. Here are three ways you can boost your engagement this year.


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