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Breakdown of a Person's Google Results

BREAKDOWN OF A PERSON'S GOOGLE RESULTS BrandYourself How People Look in Google - And How to Look Better in f GOOGLE IS YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION 1 billion. 94%. names are searched in Google every day. That means, like it or not, you've been Googled at some point - by an employer, client or even a first date. of people only look at the first page of Google results. If you want to make a first impression, you need to make sure your first page looks good. BUT MOST PEOPLE DON'T HAVE POSITIVE CONTENT ON THEIR FIRST PAGE The data below is based on the Google results of 130,000 BrandYourself users. Only 2% of people actually own their entire first page of Google. only half Go gle " The Average Person's Google Results of people own their first result, which is the most important 1in 4 have no positive content at all on their first page to help their reputation 15% have at least one negative result on their first page that damages their IF YOU WANT TO LOOK BETTER IN GOOGLE, CHOOSE YOUR PROFILES WISELY Not all profiles are created equal. * The data below is based on the average rankings of 100,000 + profiles submitted by BrandYourself users. FIRST PAGE OF RESULTS Go gle The Average Person's Google Results in Linkedin is king. It ranks higher than all other profiles inčluding other social networks and website builders. 3 Linkedin 4 Facebook Zerply Twitter Building a personal blog? Use Wordpress. It ranks higher than all other blogs including Tumblr and Blogger. 5 BrandYourself Weebly WordPress vimeo Vimeo Tumblr FormSpring Google+ Vimeo > YouTube. While YouTube is more popular, Vimeo profiles rank higher. Quora Classmates Bigger isn't always better. While is the best known personal page builder, lesser known profiles like Zerply and BrandYourself (yay!) rank higher. Flickr Delicious Blogger • Bigsight Slideshare Squidoo Posterous Photo site fail: If you want to host your photos, go with Flickr, the only photo site that ranks anywhere ín the first two pages. 10 YouTube Profiles that don't rank on the first page: 11 Meetup 12 Foursquare 12 Lookuppage 13 DailyMotion not in top 20 Digg not in top 20 not in top 20 DailyBooth not in top 20 Webshots not in top 20 Fotolog not in top 20 StumbleUpon not in top 20 Hunch not in top 20 Digo BRANDYOURSELF CAN HELP YOUR PROFILES RANK HIGHER 130k PEOPLE have used BrandYourself to raise their favorite profiles and content a total of 250k positions in Google. 20 POSITIONS On average, BrandYourself users raise each of their favorite links 2 pages higher in Google results. About BrandYourself Our co-founder Pete was losing opportunities because employers were mistaking him for a drug dealer in Google. Frustrated with reputation companies charging thousands of dollars, we built BrandYourself so that anyone can improve their own search results for free. Check it out at Footnotes: [1) The stat "1 bilion names are searched in Google every day" is the total number of Google searches per day (3 bilion, soe "By The Numbers: Twitter vs. Facebook vs. Google Buzz" http:/l/, multiplied by the percent of Google searches that are for a person's name (30%, see "A Testbed for People Searching Strategies in the Www", http://bit.lyMWEFOT). [2] See the Chitikia insights study called "The Value of Google Result Positioning" (ttp:/ Designed by:

Breakdown of a Person's Google Results

shared by Markus Allen on Sep 06
This infographic demonstrates what Google searchers see when they arrive on the first set of search results...




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