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The Black Friday Deal Maker? Customer Intelligence

THE Black Friday Deal Maker? Consumer Intelligence Much like Christmas itself, Black Friday is now a full season. Sure, Black Friday proper is the main attraction, but stores have increasingly started to release deals in waves. Bargains can be found early in the week of Thanksgiving and run all the way through the weekend. The bottom line is, if you're a deal-hunter doing all your deal-hunting exclusively on Black Friday, then you're missing out. And more importantly, if you're a retailer not tapping into consumer intelligence, then you're missing sales opportunities. The Black Shopper Stats Wish Lists Friday Shoppers WHO IS SHOPPING FOR WHOM? IDEAL DEALS THE FASHIONISTA PRODUCTS: FEMALE: 55% MALE: 45% Сapris Earrings Perfumes & Colognes Apps & Games Śweater Dress BRANDS: THE ELECTRONICS (hh WITH WHOM? Gamestop ENTHUSIAST POMER 10 TI PLATER 18-24 YEAR OLDS AND FEMALE FANCIES 35-49 PRODUCTS: iPad Air2 YEAR OLDS Photography Showerheads WHERE? NEW Earrings Leggings YORK THE BUSINESS BRANDS: EXECUTIVE RALPH AUREN KOHLS WINNERS LOS ANGELES Sonoma wines MALE MAGNETS Beats SEATTLE Crewneck PRODUCTS: dyson THE ENTREPRENEUR ATLANTA Dyson Rapaport (Diamonds!) BRANDS: CHICAGO iPhone dyson Udemy Courses Wearable tech Sams What does this mean for brands? A deep understanding of habits, preferences and lifestyle further defines your personas - use it to attract the right audience for your deal (and your brand) Knowing who your audience is and what they want is a Black Friday deal maker but can create brand loyalty all year round These insights can drive strategies for all marketing initiatives - from holiday specific to always on campaigns These insights were derived from the LeadSift social intelligence platform. LeadSift sifts through millions of conversations through publicly available data to infer and predict consumer's intent and interests with high accuracy. Connect with us: LeadSift 1 (888) 808 8348 Halifax, Nova Scotia © 2015 LeadSift LEADSIFT.COM

The Black Friday Deal Maker? Customer Intelligence

shared by pmcbride on Nov 28
Deals abound on Black Friday. It’s the holiday before the holidays, and the main shopping day of the year for a sizable chunk of consumers. Because Black Friday has now become a holiday unto itself,...


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