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Big Marketer on Campus?

Are you the Big Marketer on Campus? Are you sure? Masses of college students are practically begging you for online $16,000,000,000 discounts. 20.4 million of them in the US to be exact. Did we mention they spent $16 billion last year? Yep. Billion. With a B. AGC 72% of college students would use 94% of students would pay for student discounts more often if they were easier to use. 84% of students would eat out more often if local restaurants provided online deals for students. fitness and recreational activities if they were offered an online student discount. They've told you exactly where to reach them. Did you KNOW > 55% recommend posting your student discount on your web site. • You can reach over 80% of college students with just a 20% discount. > 64% advise including the news in your company e-newsletter. • 41% of former students get to keep their .edu addresses. > 82% • Anyone can create a .edu address online. suggest Facebook or Twitter. 1) You've come up with the perfect verification system. And it still 2) You hide your student discount on a secret landing page. manages to get 3) You require students to call your customer service department. screwed up! 4) Your customer service sends the student an email to their .edu email address to verify that they are actually a student. It's foolproof, right? What could possibly go wrong? Let's look at where the wheels start to fall off. Not Lying: Joe calls the number, but gets lost in the phone tree. After his second try he gives up and calls his BFF. 72% of students say they would use a discount more if they were easier to use. Smoke This: 42% of students have Joe's girlfriend, Becca calls to place her order with one of the sales reps. The sales rep says he will email a code to her .edu address. All Becca needs to do is go check her email and call back with the code to get her discount and complete her order. Becca gets busy with classes, gets in a fight with Joe, attends a sit-in, makes up with Joe, and when she sees the follow up email from the store, she deletes it as junk. abandoned an online cart because the student discount process was too hard. One week later, Joe dumps Becca. Again. Becca calls her mom to vent. During her rant about everything that is wrong in her world, Becca mentions to her mom that she saw a great deal online and called customer service to get her student discount but they never confirmed her .edu email address. She doesn't remember deleting the email as junk. Becca is having a bad day. For Real: 41% of students keep a .edu indefinitely after they graduate. Becca's mom, Joyce, still has her old .edu email address from years ago. Joyce decides it's time for a little shopping and a quick call to customer service. Becca's sorority sister, Kim, picks out what she wants online and then calls, but gets the number wrong. She calls back only to be put on hold and forced to listen to bad muzak. She takes the phone with her to switch out the washer and dryer and drops the phone into the still full having a very bad day. Tis True: 69% of college students are not aware of the discounts available to them. o of sudsy water. Kim is Kim's friend Kevin goes to a community college. They don't offer university email addresses. In fact, Kevin didn't even know he qualified for a student discount. He's never used one. Ever. True Story: 34% of currently enrolled college students do not have a .edu. Eh. Calls increased, but so did hold times, hang-ups, fraud and complaints. Not the great customer service experience you were hoping for. The Results: It is what it is. what do you end up with? A whole lot of angry college students. The only good news is that students haven't yet gathered like restless villagers, stormed your building and demanded a flogging. Sounds like it's time to have your student discount campaign catch up with, oh, we don't know, the Internet? Grab a snack, then Google it. There are third party solutions that can make the process snappy. SheerID, for example, has built a little virtual bridge between college enrollment data and your website. All you have to do is plug it in, just sayin'. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION: Sheerd [email protected] 855-SheerlD

Big Marketer on Campus?

shared by mhextreme on Aug 06
Statistics on mistakes online retailers make when reaching college students with student discounts.


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