The Benefits of Big Data Marketing!

The Benefits of ll Big Data Marketing! "With too little data, you won't be able to make any conclusions that you trust. With loads of data you will find relationships that aren't real. Big data isn't about bits, ít's about talent." -Douglas Merrill THE ADVENT OF PROGRESSIVE, HUMAN ACTIVITY HAS LED TO A STAGGERING ACCELERATION OF GENERATED DATA. "BIG DATA" REFERS TO INFORMATION'S EVER-INCREASING: VOLUME VELOCITY VARIETY VARIABILITY COMPLEXITY "From investing and retail spending, to Web browsing, social media, and mobile phones, it's estimated that 90% of all data in use today have been accumulated within just the last two years!" - Linkedin, "Biq Data: What Does it Really Mean?" BIG DATA IS ASSOCIATED WITH STORING AND ANALYZING HUGE DATA SETS TO SUPPORT A SUPERIOR LEVEL OF DECISION-MAKING THAT DRIVES THE FOLLOWING CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION REAL -TIME MARKETING ACCURACY TIME MANAGEMENT WHEN IT COMES TO BIG DATA 3 BILLION PEOPLE 60% CREATE 8 ZETTABYTES OF DATA 60% INCREASE ON MARKETING ANALYTICS OVER NEXT 3 YEARS Marketers are coming to terms with how to use big data and analytics to better target consumers. In doing so, they often face the following "big data' challenges at increasing velocity rates: CAPTURE CURATION STORAGE SEARCH SHARING TRANSFER ANALYSIS VISUALIZATION Recently, new capabilities are taking data analytics to the next level, enabling marketérs to utilize big data sets in RAPID and COST-EFFICIENT WAYS: DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING CLOUD STORAGE DATA-MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES BIG NUMBERS FOR BIG DATA SOURCE: TERRADATA, 2013 DATA DRIVEN MARKETING SURVEY 58% of survey respondents believe making more accurate decisions is a benefit of basing those decisions on data 50% of marketers say that marketing and IT are not strategic partners in their company 58% 50% 71% of marketers plan to 40% of marketers gave their department a grade of C or lower for using data to drive marketing implement a Big Data analytics solution in the next two years 40% 71% less than less than 10% of companies use the data they have in a systematic way 10% VALUE OF THE BIG DATA MARKET: DATA USED TO DRIVE MARKETING: 73% 2013 $18.1 BILLION 38% 2017 $47 BILLION DEMOGRAPHIC DATA TRANSACTIONAL DATA 71% OF MARKETERS WILL IMPLEMENT A BIG DATA ANALYTICS SOLUTION IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS - 71% WILL YOU BE ONE OF THEM? BROUGHT TO YOU BY SIconicmind sources:'

The Benefits of Big Data Marketing!

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Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their ...


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