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The Art of Getting Retweets

GETTING RETWEETS E Retweet = RT@username+original tweet The Retweet Etiquette Leave room for @ RT Retain as much original Give Credit Tweet length Vs Retweets 59 Retweets/ Tweet 51 Retweets/Tweet 32 Retweets / Tweet 16 ReTweets/Tweet 0-40 41-70 Characters 71-100 Characters 100+ Characters Characters Key Take Away Use only 71-100 Characters as it leaves room for RT, @username, and a comment. URL Vs Retweets 28.4° Tweets with URL 21.4°% Retweets with URL Key Take Away O Tweet links. #tags Vs Retweets 10.1% 20.8% of of Tweets have at least Retweets have at least ONE hashtag ONE hashtag Key Take Away Tweet about trends. Top 10 popular hashtags include (in descending order): #nowplaying, #ff, #jobs, #fb, #tinychat, #vouconfessarque, #fail, #tcot, #1, and #followfriday. Top 20 most Retweetable phrases pleasesocial medi followou social media new blog post social media blog post follow pos secial please post check out topetweet post social you post free social media how to great media top retweet great 10 media t social media cia TU blog new blog post soci10 Social medi twitter check out follow w please relwee social 10 please retweet twitterlog post heck out help fřee media how to g che retweet post blog post hgle great sociat media please retweět post blogTree new how to post social folow 10 new blog post you you free follow10 social media aocial media retweet belp social media blog post blog post check out twitter please retweet new blog postei blog post blog post social posi check out 10 free bow t blog post twitter post twitter blog post post socia media Key Take Away Ask for retweets. Please Retweet has a 51% retweet rate followed by PleaseRT which has a 39% retweet rate. Using neither of the two yields only a 12% retweet rate. Timing and Retweets TIME OF DAY 12 AM 02 PM 08AM 05 PM Tweets Retweets Key Take Away Tweet between noon to 2 pm to get maximum retweets. DAY OF WEEK Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun O Key Take Away Tweet between noon to 2 pm on a Friday. TRICKS to get more RETWEETS 5" Tweet Links Retweets contain more links. Ask for RT (2 - Please Retweet has a 51% retweet rate - PleaseRT has a 39% retweet rate - Using neither of the above yields only a 12% retweet rate 3 Stop talking about you - Only about 1.5% of retweets contain self-reference - About 3% of normal tweets contain self-reference Say new things 4 When asked "What kind of content do you ReTweet?" Almost 80% responded News followed by 55-60% saying Instructional and Entertainment. Tweet about Twitter 5 Artides that mention Twitter were retweeted over 200% more than articles mentioning Facebook. Soures QUICKSPROUT http/ About Me_fles2010-04-15-etweetality-n-fnalpdl http/heeespkrelearg'sph/abalpplamember- http/ pd http/ proves-ways-to-get-mreetweets.htnl THE ART of

The Art of Getting Retweets

shared by Ariela on Jun 18
The etiquette of working your Twitter account and tweets to get the most retweet potential possible.




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