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Around the World with the Marauder's Map of Instagram Users

AROUND THE WORLD WITH THE MARAUDER'S INSTAGRAM MAP OF Instagram Users sôlemnlyswear that god!} I am up to no HASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLBAJKSDBL.KAKASDJHJASH4 AHASDIHASDL ASDNAHAS Worth America Europe 16% 25% Asi Facfic 4 ddle and Arica East (16% (34% EFEMALE ASDLAKASDNAH. MALE merica Catin RATIO 33% PLAKASDNAHASDJAJALAKSDNNSDN SDJHASDL 51% 49% Male: 51% Femaler 19- 13% 17% 26% EARLY 2012 2013 2014 GAIN USER JDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASDLAKSDLAKASSDAAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNA The first sponsored posts of Instagram came in 2013 in the US with brands including Michael Kors, General Electric, Levi's, Lexus and Ben & Jerry's. The first Instagram ad from Michael Kors received four times more than the usual number of likes compared to non-promoted posts. Instagram started sponsored posts to UK users on 23 September 2014 with Starbucks, Cadbury, and Estee Lauder. Nike ranks top with Adidas Originals in second and Starbucks in third for the number of users using brand hashtag. BΕΥΟΝD THE SELFIE WORLD DNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHAS BRANDS INSTA ON ND THEIR HASHTA #esteelauder #starbucks #nikeshoes ESTEE LAUDER followers followers NIKE 365,000 17,691,899 #levis #adidas Levi's followers adidas followers 36,084,006 followers 806,000 806,000 DASDSDASDASDASDASA AHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHAS 1. Selfie hashtags rule the platform 2. 57 million photos bearing #selfie hashtag its many variations on Instagram. geo tagged City on instagram and Times Square is the most geo tagged place. 3. New York is the most 4. Nike is the most followed brand on Instagram 5. According to PEW, instagram users (26%) have exceeded twitter users (23%) in the US. 6. It gets 2.5 billion likes daily MORE MIND BOGGLING FACTS 7. More than 30 billion photos have been shared to date 8. Considering the world's global average, 50% of the world's instagram users are likely to be found in North America. HASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASAHASDJHASDLDLAKA, th nk design SPIN N ING DESIGN IDE AS @LOGODESIGNGURU (8*)/+LOGODESIGNGURUCORP f) /LOGODESIGNGURU (in) /COMPANY/LOGODESIGNGURU SDJHASDLAKASDNAHAST HASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKAŞDNAHASDJDLAKS. . DLAKASDNAHASDJDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASAHASDJHASDLAKASDNAHASDJHASDLAKASDNA KSDLAKASSDLA KSDNNAKSDJAHASDAS AKASADADASD SPNAHASDJDL KASDNAHAS DLAKASDNAHASDJDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHAS SDNAHASDJDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASDLAKSDNNAKSDNNAJAHASDASDLAKSDLAKASSDAASDAS

Around the World with the Marauder's Map of Instagram Users

shared by logodesignguru on Aug 22
The insta journey begins from October 6, 2010 when it was introduced as a humble photo sharing app. Little did Mike Krieger knew that it will catch nations with a craze for selfies. It became an insta...


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