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Army of content

12 ISTEPS TO in BUILDING AN ARMY OF CONTENT SOLDIERS f YOUR SALES REPS ARE YOUR CONTENT SOLDIERS Their weapon of choice needs to bę resourceful content that helps their buyers' journey A GENERAL PLACES THEIR SOLDIERS IN A POSITION TO WIN WINNER WINNER INNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER WINNER You're the content General, and the sales team is your platoon. Send them into battle with content that will arm their buyers with enough information to make INFORMED decisions - DECISIONS THAT ULTIMATELY LEAD THE BUYER BACK TO YOU AS THE LOGICAL CHOICE! GENERALS HAVE A PLAN & STRATEGY WHAT IS YOUR STRATEGY ? TO PUT CONTENT AMMUNITION IN THE HANDS OF YOUR SALES REPS. STEAL THE BEST SECRETS FROM SOCIAL SELLING COMPANIES! HERE ARE THE STEPS LAID OUT FOR YOU! STEP #1- MAP YOUR BUYERS' JOURNEY, NOT YOUR SALES PROCESS THEY START DOWNLOADING CASE STUDIES AND ATTEND THEY ASK TRADESHOWS FOR RFP'S THEY HAVE A PROBLEM THEY DON'T WITH X KNOW US THEY MAKE A THEY CHOOSE SHORTLIST A VENDOR STEP #2 - MAP THIS JOURNEY INTO A FEW HURDLES ISOLATE THE MAJOR EVENTS THAT A BUYER MUST OVERCOME TO MOVE TO THE NEXT STAGE. VENDOR REVIEW PRIORITY STATUS SHIFT $ so CONCEPTUAL QUO SOLUTIONS SOLUTION STATUS QUO "I'm good for now, thanks." The buyer THINKS they don't need to change. "Interesting, I never thought of it like that." Something either internal or external to their company has created a problem in their business that needs addressing. PRIORITY SHIFT "How could I solve this problem, and what are the steps?" The buyer begins collecting information that allows them to think through which solution could best fix the problem in the most effective manner. CONCEPTUAL SOLUTIONS "What makes your solution better than XYZ company?" Don't be fooled into thinking you're the only game in town. They have the ability to collect information from all your competitors. VENDOR REVIEW VENDOR $$$. Someone is going to win will it be you? SOLUTION STEP #3 - GROUP BUYERS' HURDLES INTO 3 CORE QUESTIONS GROUP THE MAJOR HURDLES INTO 3 STAGES BASED ON THE QUESTIONS BEING ANSWERED: WHY, HOW, AND WHO. VENDOR REVIE PRIORITY STATUS SHIFT CONCEPTUAL QUO S SOLUTION SOLUTIONS WHY? HOW? WHO? STEP #4 - MAP CONTENT THAT BEST RELATES TO WHY, HOw, WHO message follewmedia blog You Tube Highlight why their problem exists! WHY? post SOCialaak Give tactical tips to guide the buyer down an easy solution path. HOW? Webinar cdook Podcast Case Studies You're the logical WHO? Testimonials References vendor of choice! STEP #5 - BUILD A REPOSITORY TO HOLD CONTENT IN THESE CATEGORIES solesforce chatter Mcosofe SharePoint STEP #6 - CREATE CONTENT FOLDERS ALIGNED WITH YOUR SALES PROCESS NEW PROSPECT YOU'VE PROSPECT SHOWING NEVER SPOKEN TO SIGNS OF ENGAGEMENT DURING THE “DEADZONE" AFTER OUR BETWEEN DEMO AND PRODUCT DEMO PROPOSAL STAGE STEP #7 - BUILD AN INFLUENCER LIST OF CURATED CONTENT Brian Solis aon Steve Farnsworth 320 318 AFortes Top 50 Soc Medauencer and connctons aegtho heps ech conpanes nrease targeted iead peneraton and custoner etentoA O enoveon oon Oovetonepon Paul Castain 310 Michael Brenner 310 wce Pesdent of o Star Orveopnent Castan Tranng tyvens Traner, Sas Coach Speaner per of The wupans Vce resdent of tang andCo Managng tonor geoos Speaer Ao and Bogger ortel an genioder O enove on port Oov toort LITTLE BIRD Mark Schaefer 306 Jeb Blount es y 303 Chetan ofhesoca veot unoue bog prow Consutat colege protessor aor of Retun On nfuence Bom to og and Tao feter Founder of aes Gray and Athor ot Peope buy vou Peope Folow You Peopie Loe You and Poeer Pincpes Dpert on human behavorhe wongce OReoveopon ORe tom sepot S. Anthony lannarino 300 J Rowley 296 Modem Matng Eget Soca Seng Eangetgoe The AO of Soc seng Ays be Colnecn be an omaon Concerge Socaly Sunound Caay igator Aptat Ooopot Oove on pon STEP #8 - ORGANIZE ARTICLES FROM INFLUENCERS TWITTER BLOGS TIP - MAKE IT DEAD SIMPLE FOR SALES REPS TO FIND! DANGER FOR SALES ENABLEMENT - Your Tradtional Seling Vs Social Seling training system is R.I.P Pn , 204 anie a-1 Cemat Googe Ist read Saes Denchnan inders artice Saes Manetng Efectveness tog RP Saes Tranng which hghights the fact hat sales tranng nodes are broken ANOWLEDE DNSTS TALE Eyou run a Sales Enaenent Saes Enfectveness depannent - we need to read ns ASAPI Yes your nenbersho to me ASTO has been Reeping you up to speed on tranng trends but do your 2014 tranng programs retect the nee WORLD-CLASS? m puessing not > 000/144 STEP #9 - CROWDSOURCE CONTENT IDEAS FROM YOUR SOLDIERS! QQQ Have a simple wa You as the General are responsible for organizing the new content. for your soldiers to share a new article into the system. STEP #10 - DISTRIBUTE CONTENT OUT TO YOUR BUYERS, VIA YOUR SOLDIERS! MULTIPLY YOUR CONTENT POWER BY EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER, AND THEIR SOCIAL NETWORKS ! STEP #11- MEASURE AND ANALYZE WEBSITE VISITORS Linked in You Tube Facebook twitter flickr LEADS CUSTOMERS MIXED INSIDE YOUR SOLDIERS' CURATED CONTENT MACHINES IS YOUR CONTENT. YOUR CONTENT WILL BE PART OF YOUR CONVERSION FUNNEL, DRIVING LEADSI STEP #12- WIN NEW TERRITORY WITH MORE QUALIFIED LEADS!

Army of content

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This Infographic represent how to build an army of content solders. It shows how content marketing is helpful in building and promoting our social media profile links Tags - infographic, Data visual...




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