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Are You The Most Annoying Person On Facebook?

Are you the most ANNOYING person on facebook We are all 'friends' with somebody on facebook who continuously irritates us with constant updates about one thing or another, but just what is it exactly about these people that annoys us so much? took a survey of 1063 of their subscribers who use the social media site regularly in order to find out what type of facebook users get to us the most. Here, in reverse order are the top ten... 10: The Loved-Up Couple Are you forever posting soppy pictures of yourself and your other half? Do you publicly declare your undying love on a regular basis? If so you could be inadvertently winding your facebook friends up. 4.1% of the people surveyed think that you should get a room and stop bothering others with your romantic drivle. 44 people dislike this It Like Comment - Share 9: The Exaggerator If you are prone to bending the truth on occasions then facebook might not be the best place to do it. 4.9% of people say that they find people who exaggerate too much the most annoying of all. 52 people dislike this It Like Comment - Share 8: The Shameless Self Promoter "Come to my event' - 'Buy something from my shop" - 'Listen to my new song. If you are someone who is permanently trying to promote your own interests on facebook then you might want to think twice. 6.4% of people find putting up with your self promotion one of the most annoying things about using the social media site. 68 people dislike this It Like . Comment - Share 7: The Professional Arguer If someone that you knew in real life was constantly bickering, contradicting and belittling everything that you said then it is safe to say that your friendship wouldn't last too long. The same is to be said for facebook friends, as 7% of people do not like those who argue to much online. 74 people dislike this It Like Comment - Share 6: The Long Lost 'Friend' Remember that girl from school who you used to play with when you were five? No? Well neither do 7.9% of those asked, and they certainly don't want to be plagued with friend requests from someone they haven't seen for aeons. 84 people dislike this It Like , Comment - Share 5: The Candy Crush Pest 10% of people are offended by the regular requests that they get from friends to play games on facebook such as Candy Crush, Farmville and Mafia Wars. If you want to waste your day moving sweets around or ploughing a virtual field then feel free. Just don't pester the rest of us with this nonsense. 106 people dislike this It Like . Comment - Share 4: The Wannabe Masterchef You don't have to be Gordon Ramsay to take a keen interest in your own culinary creations. However, if you are the type of person that is regularly posting pictures of your beans on toast or fish fingers then 11.8% of people are of the opinion that you are taking it too far. 125 people dislike this It Like , Comment - Share 3: The facebook Baby Bore Most people think that their own baby is the cutest one in the world, and so they should. What irks 13.1% of those surveyed are those people who seem to think that everyone else on facebook is equally interested in seeing 10 new pictures of their little angel every single day. 139 people dislike this It Like , Comment - Share 2: The Boasting Traveller These type of facebook friends only like to check in and update their statuses when they are on holiday, in a vain attempt to make their friends feel jealous. 15.8% of people have no interest in learning that you are sipping sangria on the beach while they are hard at work back at home. 168 people dislike this It Like Comment - Share 1: The Update Addict Topping the list with 19.1% of people classing them as the most annoying facebook users are those who update their status on an almost constant basis. 'Just been to the shops', 'Having my hair cut at three', 'Drinking a lovely glass of wine'. It's all just TOO MUCH INFORMATION. According to those polled, if this sounds like you then you can consider yourself one of the most annoying people on Facebook. 203 people dislike this It Like Comment - Share Study carried out between 28/08/2013 and 30/09/2013 Results based on responses from 1063 participants CREATED BY Copyright © 2013 Love Shopping Love Discounts? VOuchers

Are You The Most Annoying Person On Facebook?

shared by andyf99 on Oct 10
This infographic outlines the results of a recent survey of facebook users which was designed to find out what type of people are considered the most irritating on the social network. Do you fall into...


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