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The Anatomy of an Avatar

| The Standardistas Open Book Exam The The Standardistas Present The Open Book Exam' 21 Social Bar, 1 Hill Street, Belfast, BT1 2LA gth November 2010 ANATOMY af an AVATAR real 67% use a name as a handle. 16 Teams, 64 People, 100 Questions. Know the Competition. 1. Sex Farce TOTAL TWEETS 263,205 4,13 2. The Fr00t Merchants AVG. 3. #define ABSOLUTE_LEGENDS 4. Team Mega Shark 5. Boats and Hoes TOTAL FOLLOWING 6. Team Tepid Tamale AVG. 19,241 7. Hello World! 301 8. x force 9. All Your Base Are Belong To Us 10. The Underground TOTAL FOLLOWERS 80,030 1,250 AVG. 11. Can't Command-Q You Boys Girls Unknown 12. The Fro, The Bro, and the Belgian Ho's 13. Team Jockstrap 14. Command-C+Command-V TOTAL LISTED 23% 7,511 17 AVG. 15. Forestcamp Support Group have a head that's to big for their avatar. 16. Gin'll Fix It N. Ireland England Scotland Belgium United States Ireland Isle of Man Portugal South Africa Canada 33% V 19% I 9% have an animal in their avatar. have facial hair wearing glasses lustrated 28% face to the right 28% are black& white Photography 1.6% 1.6% "If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss." - Sun Tzu •Build• feature a penguin feature alcohol | Jonny Campbell/aonnycampbell

The Anatomy of an Avatar

shared by jonnycampbell on Mar 15
Build is a week-long design festival made up of a conference, workshops, practicals, and more. It is based in Belfast, N. Ireland and runs every November. This is a little infographic showing stat...


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