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Analyzing Gen Z's Social Media Ecosystem

Let's Get Social >>> Analyzing Gen Z's social media ecosystem Taking stock of students' social media usage FACEBOOK SNAPCHAT INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE TWITTER PINTEREST 25% 33% 25% 17% 14% 12% 52% 80% High Riser: Nearly one third are upping their intake of Snapchat SNAPCHAT YOUTUBE 55% 40% 44% 53% 34% 27% f Going Steady: Facebook and YouTube use has remained consistent for over half Watch This: In a photo finish, YouTube edged out Facebook as their top channel to view videos Just for U: More than half said they use Snapchat primarily for communicating with college friends 17% 13% 17% 19% 27% 24% 34% SNAPCHAT 79% FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM Facebook Wins: They're the most used platform amongst respondents, with Snapchat and Instagram nipping on their heels No Love For The Blue Bird: Nearly 30% are using Twitter less; Maybe Next Year: Newer platforms like Meerkat and Periscope reported far smaller user numbers and failed to make the cut INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK 74% 30% 21% 44% 32% 4. 34% USE FACEBOOK MESSENGER HOURS PER DAY Spent On Social Media HOURS PER DAY They Watch Videos For Fun: Nearly a third watch at least an hour a day Friend Frequent Users: Nearly three quarters spend more than two hours per day on social media; Almost half are on four plus hours High School Friend Family If You Film It, They Will Watch: When it comes to platforms they've increased their video use for in the last six months, Facebook is head of the class; Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram (32%) are also major factors as well 26% College Friend FACEBOOK Family Family 53% 43% 38% Keeping It Real: Almost two-thirds still prefer in- person conversations to all other communication options; Livestreaming video platforms such as Facetime and Skype, finished fifth 51% 23% Facebook Snapchat YouTube Use Facebook to host their more general digital profiles and manage dispersed relationships with high school friends and family SNAPCHAT Continuous Communication: Facebook edged out Snapchat by a nose when it comes to platform they used constantly Star Chasing: YouTube is their platform of choice for following their favorite celebrities 48% 35% 34% 53% 32% 21% 61% 20% 10% 1% SNAPCHAT Real Texting Talking by phone FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM YOUTUBE TWITTER INSTAGRAM Email Use Facebook to stay connected with college friends conversations 39% Around The Clock: Almost half log in to Facebook multiple times a day in person SOURCE: Fluent 2016 research. This survey was conducted by college marketing and insights agency Fluent ( between March 1-4, 2016, and drew 1,310 college student respondents between the ages of 17-24 from across the country. Infographic Design by Scott Jacobs 51% h 67% 50% RISING FALLING

Analyzing Gen Z's Social Media Ecosystem

shared by cirish1 on Apr 15
Fluent survey of 1,310 college students nationwide, reveals method to GenZ’s social media madness. Results show how Gen Zs mix & match platforms to manage information, relationships and brands.






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