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All About Social Media Monitoring Tools

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Our extensive social media infographic collection provides you with hundreds of infographics to browse and share with your friends. ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA CD MONITORING TOOLS The explosion of social media has led to a growing and bustling market for social media monitoring tools (SMM). These tools crawl blogs and social networks for brand mentions and enable companies to build communities and engage with their customers. But with hundreds of options for social media monitoring tools out there, the space is cluttered and confusing for professionals investing in the software. What follows is a collection of data from a survey conducted by oneforty that answers questions like "how much do people usually pay for SMM tools?" to "which SMM tool is best?" Who is buying SMM tools? ARRANGED BY JOB TITLE 10% 10% of respondents said that they were a "Marketing Executive." 10.7% 42.9% 42.9% "Social Media Manager" 10.7% "Small Business Manager" 17.1% 19.3% "Agency Professional" 17.1% "Consultant" 19.3% What factors affect the selection of a SMM tool? Survey participants were asked to rate different factors according to how important that particular factor affected their selection of a SMM tool. On a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being the most important factor. The data for each "factor" is presented as an average rating. 4 2.47 2.33 2.29 2.13 1.82 1.42 1.39 Integrations with different social networks Ability to schedule updates Relationship with the vendor What metrics it offers Interface Price Firehose access How much do people pay for SMM tools? ID 2.2% 4.4% 2.2% of respondents say that they spend $10,000/month or more on SMM tools. 19% 4.4% between $50oo and $10,000/month 54-7% $100/month or less ...... 54.7% 19% between $500 and $5,000/month 19.7% 19.7% between $10o and $500/month What is the satisfaction level for SMM Tools? 34.1% are happy with their SMM tool(s), and "couldn't have made a better decision." 5.8% of respondents say that they are frustrated with their SMM tool(s) and are looking to make a switch. twitter 5.8% How would you feel if you could no longer use Twitter? 34.1% 6.9% 60.1% 48.8% 44.2% 60.1% think that their SMM tool is "okay." They also say that if something better came along they would consider it. I wouldn't be disappointed I'd be very disappointed I'd be somewhat disappointed What frustrates you about your SMM tool? (top 3 responses) The tool has an excessive lag time and fails to provide reliable, accurate data. The tool has an excessive amount of bugs and is confusing to use. Lack of innovation. The tool is too pricey. The features don't justify the expense. Using Twitter as a SMM tool The following data was taken from a survey done by How many Twitter accounts do you regularly use? What do you use Twitter for? 23.4% 25.3% 47% 57.7% 18.7% 27.6% 25.3% use more than 2 Twitter accounts 1 account 23.4% of respondents use Twitter for personal interactions Both business Business interactions 2 accounts and personal interactions What kind of Twitter SMM tool have you used or are currently using? 6.1% of respondents said that they've used Notification tools (Boxcar, Qwitter, Social Oomph, etc) Desktop client (Seesmic Desktop, Tweetdeck, Tweetie, etc) 6.1% 4% 26.1% 15.5% 12.1% 23.6% 12.7% Analytics tool (Klout, Twitalyzer, TwitterCounter, etc) Scheduling tool (CoTweet, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, etc) Auto-follow tool Web-based client (SocialToo, TwitterMass, Twollow, etc.) (Brizzly, Ginx, Seesmic Web, etc.) Mobile app (SocialScope, TweetDeck, Tweetie,etc) The best SMM tool? What's the Best Social Media Monitoring Tool? It depends. Below is a brief list of tools at various price levels that may or may not be the best but are certainly among the most popular and capable social media monitoring tools currently available. Free tools A TOOL THAT MONITORS TOOLS THAT MONITOR TOOLS THAT MONITOR SOCIAL CAMPAIGNS SOCIAL NETWORKS & BLOGS TWITTER & FACEBOOK WildFire's Social Media Monitor SocialMention Seesmic Google Reader BlogPulse • AllTop Google Realtime Search • Hootsuite • Twitter Advanced Search • Facebook Search • Twitterverse Web Apps A TOOL THAT MONITORS UPCOMING EVENTS • Plancast A TOOL THAT MONITORS TWITTERVERSE WEB APPS WEB PAGE CHANGES TOOLS THAT MONITOR Monitter WITH ALERTS WatchThatPage TweetBeep Twazzup PostRank analytics • Google Alerts • BackType Alerts • Yahoo Pipes • Northern Light Search TOOLS THAT MONITOR Pulse of the Tweeters WITH SOCIAL SEARCH Addict-o-matic • Guzzle Social Seek Twitscoop • Twilert • Sideline CoTweet TOOLS THAT MONITOR • Peerlndex MyTweeple MentionMap • Twitterfal| COMMENTS & FORUMS BuzzFeed Buzzoo • MonitorThis • Comment Sniper • coComment • Board Reader Google Trends Alterian SM2 Freemium TweetMeme • TweetDeck Tools less than $500 per month Tools more than $500 per month UberVU Alterian SM2 products/sm2/ Trackur Radian6 Beevolve Cision SproutSocial Vocus SugarCRM BrandChats Viral Heat WHAT IS "FIREHOSE ACCESS"? HootSuite Pro When someone is given "firehose access" to a particular product, they are given access to a complete data stream, not just a sampling. Awareness Networks Argyle Social DESIGNED BY IN PARTNERSHIP WITH OKISSmetrics oneforty.

All About Social Media Monitoring Tools

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This infographic provides information abou the different tools out there today that are used to monitor social media sites for businesses. It provides information about who is buying SMM tools, how mu...



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Social Media
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