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Advertisers, You Need YouTube

ADVERTISERS, WHY Youlube WILL REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR MARKETING EFFORTS Every month, 1 bilion unique users vist YOU NEED YouTube YouTube, searching for entetaning interesting and compeling video content Bands can provde his content yot mary are toolishly overiooking this power platom and s enomous capive audence stme for brandsoon the YouTube word and reach consumers in his popular online anviooment by: @MDGadvertising y THE INCREASING IMPORTANCE OF VIDEO MARKETING Consumers are exhausted by traditional marketing media and methods. Content marketing-providing readers with engaging. inspiring, educational, and informative content-is now the best way to build relationships with consumers. YouTube is the ideal platorm to showcase this type of content, making it an increasingly vital tool. DIGITAL VIDEO AD SPEND: $6.99 BILLION $2.00 $2.93 ILLION $4.14 BILLION $5.75 BILLION $8.04 BILLION 10 BILLION 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 "Projected THE ALLURE OF ADVERTISING ON YouTube Each company on AdAge's 100 Leading National Advertisers list runs campaigns on YouTube in an etfort to further its social media exposure. Google TOP BRANDS ON YouTube TOP CHANNELS ON YouTube The leading brands on YouTube have developed their audiences by The average top-1,000 channel sees O $23,000 balancing engaging content with a clear message, and they've gotten results. The top 500 brands on in monthly ad revenue. YouTube have, on average 350 884,000 BRANDS CHANNELS social interactions are monthly views generated for each minute 98,000 of video uploaded by the top 1,000 channels. views per video Each month, subscribers to the top 1,000 channels are 35,000 responsible for: subscribers 7.5 million tavorite videos But there's room to grow, as the top brands on YouTube also average: 25 million 203,000 2.6 million comments O 55 million Twitter followers Facebook likes ratings INCREASING EXPOSURE AND REVENUE With its "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign, Old Spice became the most-viewed sponsored channel on YouTube. It also stirred up brand results beyond YouTe ouTube. Exposure is valued highly, in addition to ad revenue. In 2012, "Gangnam Style." the most popular YouTube video ever, saw 80,000 new Twitter followers for the brand in 2 days 1 billion+ 800% YouTube views Facebook interaction increase Old Spice $870,000 107% in ad revenue from YouTube sales figure increase THE DYNAMIC GROWTH OF YouTube 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and, these days. YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18 to 34 than any cable network. And it's still growing. FREQUENCY THAT U.S. INTERNET USERS CHECK YouTube: I FEW TIMES PER WEEK 13.7% EVERY DAY 27.5% FEW TIMES PER MONTH I RARELY I ONCE PER WEEK 21.7% 14.5% 8.5% 4% I NEVER I ONCE PER MONTH AS POPULAR AS EVER Unique Visitors (Thousands) Videos (Thousands) YouTube, owned by Google since 2006, is the giant among online video sites. FAVORITE VIDEO SITES OF U.S. INTERNET USERS, MARCH 2013: 12,777,222 705,602 585,213 371,667 456,070 153,924 63,821 51,986 50,303 43,834 GOOGLE SITES FACEBOOK VEVO YAHOOI VIACOM SITES DIGITAL Its users spend significantly more time on YouTube than on other video sites. AVERAGE TIME PER VIEWER, MARCH 2013: GOOGLE SITES D 397.1 MINUTES NEWS DISTRIBUTION NETWORK D 85.4 MINUTES AMERICA ONLINE D 59.4 MINUTES AND THEY'RE HUNGRY FOR MORE. TOTAL HOURS OF VIDEO WATCHED ON You Tube: MAY 2012 AUGUST 2012 MAY 2013 3h BILLION BILLION BILLION HOURS HOURS HOURS Online video is an ever-growing medium, and YouTube is at the epicenter. Smart brands should leverage this platform and its captive audience, creating content not only for the consumers they have, but also for the consumers they want. SOURCES: AYTM.COM I COMSCORE.COM I YOUTUBE-GLOBAL BLOGSPOT.COMI MASHABLE COM I EMARKETER.COM I VENTUREBEAT.COM I GOOGLE COMIADSVIDEOI twitter MDGadvertising mdg OPENSLATESTUDIOS COM I JEFFBULLAS.COM I THEATLANTIC COM

Advertisers, You Need YouTube

shared by MDGadvertising on Jun 17
Video content has experienced enormous momentum in recent years, with YouTube emerging as the digital darling of video seekers and sharers worldwide. The video platform draws 1 billion unique users ea...


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