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Advanced Google Search Operators

A Detailed Guide On Advanced Search Operators For SEO Link Building Geegle right? The Best Search Engine On 2 In 1999, it took Google one 16% to 20% of Google's daily search queries are unique and havo nover Every search query has to travel almost 1 A single Google search uses 1,000 computers in month to craw and build an index of approximately 50 million 2012, the same task was accomplishod in under one minuto sto a data contor and back to return the answor to the 0.2 seconds to retrieve an boon searchod beforo. answor user. Cooe 78% of worldwide search volume Google Baidu I Yahoo Yandex IMicrosoft Just Be Precise With Search Queries To Find What You Want Use of Search Operators & Other Punctuations can help you search better on Google. Search operators are words that can be added to soarches to help narrow down the results. Basic Search Operators & Punctuations Site: t reses tom cetain + Search for Google pages or blood types Examples: Chrome or AB shes or domainn Examplos: ( wil retum al the pages indexed by Google for he website Link: Fed pages that ink to a certain page. Example: ( finds webstes ining back to Ele show al the sociel pages ed sain Eample tr he Related: d stes at e ilar to a web adess you aready know Example: ( d show sites smlar in nature to t Find popular hashtags for trending topics Example: (mobleggeddon wil bring up a list of weowgrano OR: Find pages that might use one of several words. Examplo: ( SEO OR PPC) will return results related to SEO or PPC The nge Enge (Gongepnde gerg OR ag nge info:ointomon abouta Examole: wlo ows e de about domain Cn e th cache: Se whata page locks ke the last me Google vited the * Ad anaster apcehoer for any urncen or da Eample (Google updae i ve on Apr 2015 can mean Google Panda update is e on 21t Apr 2015. Example: [ w show you what Google see's when vng .. Separate numbers by teo perods hout spaces to see resuts that oontain numbers a range Emeie tomera S0.51001 shos carer t o ben Advanced Search Operators & Punctuations filetype: Google restricts results to pages containing all query terms you specity in the anchor text on links to the page. ct he resuts to pages whose names end wth po and doc by using he Of allinanchor: I alinanchor:Best SEO Company will return e which the anchor text on links to the panos cotges in words "Best "SEO and "Company example example [meo page evalaton Google restricts results to those containing all the query terms you specity in the text of the page. allintext: ( allintext:SEO Checklist Jwil rotum only pages in which the words "SEO" and "Checklist" appear in the text of the pago. inanchor: Googlewrestrict the res to peges containing the quer ema you speoly in he example Google restricts results to those containing al the query terms you specity in the title. example allintitle: Jcompary nanohor o teanchor et on ( alintitle:dotoct plagiarism Jwil return only documents that contain the words "dotect" and plagiarism in the title example info: Google restricts rosults to those containing at the query terms you specify in the URL allinurl: ( alinurtgoogle faq Jwil rotum only documents that contain the words "google" and "taq" in the URL, such as " htm" example example Google will restrict your Google Groups rosults to include newsgroup articles by the author you specity. author: (author:"rand fishkin" Jor ( SEO author:[email protected]) roturn articles that contain the word "SEO aRand Fiskhin writton by related: or rand shows let web pages that are simdar othe wb page example Google will rostrict your Google Groups rosults to include newsgroup articies by the author you specity. example define: utadw.ooroume (Good ( define:blog Jwil show definitions for "Blog" (woB LO). fecoshone pge example intext: intitle: site: It restricts results to documents containing term in the text. It restricts results to documents containing term Google will restrict your search results to the site or domain you specity [ SEO guide intitle:help ] wi [ Rand Fishkin intext:SEO will return documents that men- tion the word "SEO in the text, [ SEO update ] will show SEO update results from site only. return documents that mention the word help" in their teles, and mention the words "SEO" and quide anywhere in the document (o or not) Note: Putting intele: in front of and mention the names "Rand and "Fishkin" anywhere in the document (text or not) Note: Puting intext: in front of every word in your query is to putting allintext: at the front of your query, eg (intext:handsome intext:poets is the samo as ( alintext: handsome poets Note: You can use many of the search operators in conjunction wth the basic search operators, OR every word in your query is oquivalont to putting alindde: at the front of your query eg For example, to find information on Moble SEO from al sites except enter: (intitie:google intitle:search) is the same as (Mobile [ allintitle: google search J. inurl: link: Google will restrict the results to documents containing that word in the URL. It shows pages that point to that URL [ inurt print ] searches for pages on Google Guide in which the URL contains the word "print to find pages that point to Google Guide's home page, type [ Note: Putting inurt in front of every word in your query is oquivalont to putting alinurt at the front of your query, eg. [ inurthoalthy inurteating is the same as ( allinurt healthy eating ). Note: According to Google's documentation, you cannot combine a link search with a regular key- word soarch" Also noto that when you combine ink with another advanced operato Google may not rotum all the pages that match. The following queries should return lots of results, as you can see ir you remove the site: form in gach of these queries. Find links to the Google home page not on Google's own site. Most effectivo bry to find the [ ) Now The Best Thing Starts Here Multiple Search Queries To Find Link Building Opportunity For SEO Experts Backlink Search Queries -site: Find Websites Where You Can Find Industry Resources Find Websites Which Provide Find Sites Where You Can List Guest Post Opportunities Your Website Kayword ae ts gge epo whecommend s KaywoyouConpettoane pet tog Keyword e 10 ocenop neources Kayword o 10 shee s Keyormuune pe Kayword op 10 webe p wbetes Keywond dd ngb linggge ingpot ingecommendiing Keywoed o0 0 aticles0 aclee Keywr ee n ta Keyword e 10 N p oe KeyondyouConpone gt post Key yoCompette pet r Keyword op 10b eourcesop wso reouces Kayword a econmend vide Kaywrye t Keyword op 10 met eop temet resources Kewont a gotipontecomment podat Kay y ompetomev ne Keyword op 10 orine sourceshop orne resouro Keywond ad.tev.cpepo omend whiepapen Key yCompet e w Keyword ecommended resourcesugpested resources KevworouCeonpet e 1econeotor Keyond ad teteone onmend evert Keyword veeoeeresting resources Key yoCompet e o e " Keywond adub tpct Kaywond orte resoures KaywyoCompet Kewond ad ec onet.come Keyword ecommended stesuggested stes Koryooncuane pe r raeror OR Kevord s teresting ses Keywond aor se Keyond eed.te.gepo eoonnend ace Keyword eoommended webetesggested webetes Keywond eu wt veretng wte Keyword ieads gpeotoomend pod Kaywond orte webstes Keyond eoommended alessuggested artices Keywond inte tipo commend Keyword v aiesertng es Kaywn e .tp conendt Kaywond te a Kawor Coneunewre ranercor Keyeord ecommended ooluggeted tools Kaywon te gtpot oor Keyword et o erting tool Kayoy orpett e ecomeco Kaywond inteasubmapott coupons Keywond vor KayworyoCome yot Kayword your busine t yor busines Keyword ecomnended inksogested Keyword drecony Kaywond eu invreting a Kaywn drectery a b nggetipoet Kaywond aort Keyword eoce Kaywond inWackry Find Non-Profit Organizations Which Accepts Donations Keooed Yourde Keyword ireseround up yed ign inhagi oreate an cour Keyword ound ue ineweelylynony Keyword iesst ayd ons ieb hus ( Keyword ste.og Keyword ude Keywond shos dls aywond etea Kayword meesnduty news hUK ( Keyword Keyword uk pone Xaywond intebnad Keyword aginendty magaine" Keyword youmarwduty jouma eywod gve ret Keyword wpeper h ndia ( Keyword Keyword se.ogin Keyword Videce Keyword yodasts In Canada ( Keyword Find Blogs Which Accept Sponsored/Paid Reviews Keyword research Keywond sd h Australa ( Kayword steo Keet ong Note: Use folowing keywords to find non prote organirations inanchorkyword Keyword intextis is a sponsored posr allrenchorkeyword Keyword intetis was a sponsored post Keywond tahsouces "donate for Keyword intetis is a paid postr Keyword intet'his was a paid posr onine Keyword intenthis is a Sponsored review Find Websites To Promote Your Tools, Badges, Widgets & Infographics x2is was a Sponsored review Keyword intethis is a paid review "make charity Keyword intexthis was a paid review charity online ndaryane resetools "money for donation "poods for donation n ame intewidpes "services for donation Find Link Reclamation ndustryame ineogaphics Opportunities InduName nut "support ndutName nutbeda Industyame rutits "contribute Brand Name "sponsor industyName toohsoonmendadusettevortmeing ome tools your-company-namewithout gace "1ponsorship" nduName oeconmendedueteotamingsome badoes your-companyeame-with-space" yourNst produuct-name-with-pace IndustyName topiheconmendediuseuteortamingesome company LR IndustyName opoendednetevotming ome Infgrachics Find The Best Possible Broken Link Pages "ayemployeename "yourNith-webstenamelu www yoursite.oom Kaywong Find goverment institutions Keyword ineeresources Sedu keyword resources Stegov keyword "resources" h US ( Keyword site gov Stegov keyword Trks Find websites which review products h UK ( Keyword site govuk In ndia ( Keyword sitegovin Keyword ste nicin keyword recommended sites Steedu keyword "recommended sites" In Canada ( Keyword ProductName inetereview Keyword related Inks hAustralia ( Keyword ste govau Keyword "lavorite resources ProductName intte.comparioon Keyword ine'suggested links ProductName ine price comparison Keyword inurt'recommended resources" ProductName Keyword at of resources Producame intnerecommended Keyword inut'useul resources Keyword inut'uselu inks Google always ask you to get natural links and with above queries you will find sites which will naturally link you if you show your work that beneifts their users, Quality Is All That Really Matters!!! Google Note: All search queries gives you maximum number of results but once you move to next page you will see the result estimates changes for every query which is because Google takes a deeper look into the database and get the better estimates Do Experiments With Multiple Operators + Keywords To Find The Best Match References: Brought to you by: SEO html operators_reference.html PTIMIZERS

Advanced Google Search Operators

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If you use Google then you need to know about advanced search operators. These will help you search better in Google and get the answers your looking for on the first try. There are other advantag...


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