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The 9 Types of Facebook User

TYPES OF * FACEBOOK USER THE Your Facebook profile is supposed to reflect your personality – but your Facebook habits can say a lot more about you than you realize. WHAT TYPE OF FACEBOOK USER ARE YOU? C THE STALKER Johnny NEVER LETS GO OF AN EX. O people like this 14x A DAY The number of times POST, the average Facebook user logs in Prefers stalking exes and prospective dates to posting FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Tactic of Choice: Logging on to other people's Facebook profiles Stalking requires a lot of work, so the Stalker checks her Facebook to stalk their friends way more than that! THE BABY BOOMER. HEARD ABOUT FACEBOOK ATA NEIGHBORHOOD COOKOUT. Beverly Shazinski and Myrtle Haggen like this FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Commenting on his kids' wall posts FALLS INTO ONE OF THESE AGE GROUPS: 55-64 years old 65+ years old TOTAL FRIENDS: 113 CHILDREN • 3 115 SOCIAL NETWORKING 26.5% ADOPTION INCREASE 26.1% IN 2013 SAM EVA BEVA STEVE C THE NEWBIE PHOTO ISA SELFIE FROM HER CELL PHONE. Tanya Smith and Derrick Little like this 14x: The average number of "likes" a Facebook user clicks in 1 month FAVORITE ACTIVITY: "Liking" or commenting on everything The Newbie would like to click much, much more .. if only her mouse weren't broken THE NEWBIE LIKES 565,214 THINGS FACEBOOK USER 14x 2 minutes ago THE NEWBIE Much, much more... Probably contributed to the 1,001,291 comments on a single Facebook post submitted to Guinness World Records in 2012 THE OVER-SHARER POSTS STATUS UPDATES AB OUT EVERYTHING - AND WE MEAN EVERYTHING. "On my way to the post office to pick up my foot ointment!" I O people like this 4.8 MILLION PEOPLE have posted information about where they'll be on a given day FAVORITE ACTIVITY: "Checking in" in every room of the house THE OVER-SHARER JUST CHECKED IN ON 4.7 MILLION PEOPLE have "liked" a page related to health treatments or conditions. TMI? She “likes" that, too! HER DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM TOILET "GETTING BUSINESS DONE." Just Now THE BRAND PROMOTER IV MY COMPANY ONLY SHARES HER COMPANY'S NEWS. * All of her employees like this FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Working – pretty much just working ONLY 16% of fans see any given post on the average Page Or are these tactics just a ruse to circumvent low reach-per-admin? The Brand Promoter dislikes this THE FEARFUL USER THIS PROFILE IS ON LOCKDO WN. L Mom likes this Inventing false last names for maximum camouflage 13 MILLION USERS FAVORITE ACTIVITY: haven't heard about Facebook's privacy tools, or have never used them The Fearful User dislikes this and would never accept their friend requests ERMAHGERD THE CURATOR OSEBUMPS SHE PUTS THE "VIRAL" IN VIDEO. 3K+ likes THE CURATOR DREAMS OF BREAKING THIS RECORD: FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Sharing cute cat photos and memes - or even better, cute cat memes 2,047,058 The Internet likes this World record for most "likes" on a Facebook page, set by Farmers Insurance (USA) THE GAMER INTERACTS ONLY THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF FACEBOOK GAMES. Carol Mathews, Eva Beva, and rest of her Farmville group like this > 250 MILLION FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Taking a break from Farmville to play Candy Crush, and vice versa USERS PAY TO PLAY FACEBOOK GAMES Constitutes 1 in 4 Facebook members THE NON-USER. REGISTERING WAS HARD ENOUGH – NOW YOU WANT HIM TO LOG ON? Dad likes this 10% OF REPORTED MONTHLY FACEBOOK USERS AREN'T EVEN FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Actual face-to-face interaction with HUMAN – INSTEAD, THEY'RE: other humans Yum-o's ONLY 18% PETS BRANDS OBJECTS of Facebook accounts belong to non-active users The Non-User likes this WHAT DOES YOUR PROFILE SAY ABOUT YOU? WANNA LEARN HOW YOU CAN DRIVE LEADS FROM YOUR BRAND'S FACEBOOK PAGE? DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GUIDE TO GET STARTED! BIT.LY/FACEBOOK-LEADS SOURCES: ttp:// n 3292316.html facebook-e -world-record-video_n_1242819.html optify DESIGNED BY KILLERINFOGRAPHICS

The 9 Types of Facebook User

shared by uno on Jul 31
Facebook’s 1.11 billion monthly active users come in all different shapes and sizes. We created this infographic to depict some of the common types of Facebook user you might find on the social netw...




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