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9 Steps to a successful 2014 social media strategy

9 Steps to a Successful 2014 SOCIAL MELDA STRATEGY Yoube According to Statistic Brain, today 58% of all adults worldwide are using some form of social media via laptops, mobiles, tablets, e-readers, and Internet-enabled TVs, and Canada is among the top 10 most engaged countries for social networking. There are over 1.2 billion people on Facebook. 5700 tweets are sent out every second. Google+ is the second most actively used social site, with over 300 million users in more than 30 different markets. 55 million photos on average are uploaded each day on Instagram. 47% of U.S. online consumers are making purchase decisions based on Pinterest recommendations. Over 4 billion hours of video are being watched each month on YouTube. Last year, Twitter was the most popular platform among the Fortune Global 100 companies, with 82% of them tweeting to their customers, followed by 79% with accounts on YouTube and 74% on Facebook. Define your Social Media Strategy: 1 Identify Your Social Media Goals What do you want to achieve? Depending on the goal will determine which platforms you focus on. Set your goals to be specific, quantitative and realistic. Get To Know Your Audience 2 O Define your target audience. Know their demographics, locate where they network and where they spend their time online. 3 Check Out The Competition Deep-dive the web to get a sense of how your competitors are using their social media. Look not only for their strengths, but for their weaknesses also. Select The Best Platforms For The Information You Want To Share - Your brand must be where your customers are. Share visual content on Pinterest and Instagram. B2B use Linkedln and for promotions/offers use Facebook and Foursquare. Identify Your "Hot Buttons" And Create Value create content that supports your brand image while at the same time targets your main topics and keywords. Offer a variety of formats. 60 Define Your Tone And Frequency Analyze your data to identify the best time to share your posts. Then adapt this approach through trial-and-error and measuring your results. 7 Engage On Social Media Social media is not just a publishing platform. Simplify the process and get alerted when your content has been liked, commented, or re-tweeted. Measure And Compare The Results Every major platform has its own built-in analytics tool that you can use to track the performance of your posts. Also closely follow your website analytics. 9. Wash, Rinse, Repeat Once you realize your goals you must get back to the beginning and start again. Redefine your aspirations, build on what you've learned and evaluate your success. SUPERNOVA MEDIA O f t in g*

9 Steps to a successful 2014 social media strategy

shared by supernovamedia on Jan 12
Do you have a social media strategy plan for 2014? Not that long ago the majority of businesses were using direct marketing, mail, print advertisements, telemarketing, trade shows and emails to engage...


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