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The 7 Types of Digital Marketer

THE 7 TYPES OF DIGITAL MARKETERS Whether you delight in data or geek out over graphics, you've carved a unique niche in the world of digital marketing. And often enough, that niche can become an obsession. What type of digital marketer are you? And what can you learn from others to boost your bottom line? THE DATA WHIZ: DATA-OBSESSED Loves testing email campaigns 43% 22 separate web activities across 11 devices test call to action 50% Who can resist those analytics? Favorite Social Network test time of day of digital marketers test subject line THE E-ARTISTE: ADORES VISUALLY APPEALING GRAPHICS Favorite Social Network Loves sharing pix online 65% 53% 36,000 visuals can be registered inside the brain in 1 hour of people are visual learners more Facebook likes with image posts THE SOCIAL MEDIA MASTER: CAUGHT THAT SOCIAL MEDIA BUG Favorite Social Network 77% of social networking adults have supported a product, com- pany, or service on a social site 9 in 10 adults access social media 1+ times per month Drives >90% of social sharing-generated revenue THE BETA TESTER EVERYTHING mainstream is so over 1 in 5 young adults access websites from 4+ devices in a given week Favorite Social Network Whatever's in beta Obsessed with the activities of "millennials" Owns every new device 52% of millennials are above average as early adopters of technology THE MARKETING MEGAPHONE: THE LOUDEST VOICE IN THE ROOM s using symbols and thashtags in email subject lines Favorite Social Network TWITTER #3 15% 4.8% Emails thanking customers for joining a mailing list have a 15x higher response rate increase with increase in open rates with symbols! hashtags! THE OLD SCHOOL ADVERTISER: WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE 60'S? Favorite Social Network MYSPACE As "old school" as social networks get Among the 1 in 4 digital marketers who keep the offline and online experience separate NOT among the 1 in 4 social networkers aged 50+ who access their networks from a tablet 96% of adults who watch video do so on a good, old-fashioned TV set - so there! THE SNARKY MARKETER: KNOWWS WHAT YOU'RE DOING WRONG Favorite Social Network HER PERSONAL BLOG ULTIMATE control and access to deep analytics, so inherently better than everything else 70% WHAT ARE YOU DOING WRONG? Ignoring multi-channel marketing of brands don't personalize their emails of organizations in the U.S. interact 36%% with prospects on 5+ channels VET Personalized promotional emails result in >6x higher revenue and transaction rates Which type of digital marketer are you? SOURCES: services/2013 digital marketer report.html http://www.purduecal educiefier/Oct.8.2008 pdf bookstiderfoVouBEzUC8pg-PA378lpg-PA378dq=90+percent+of+information+transmitted+to+the+brain+is+visualsource-blaots- htive_kfzlsig-LBVkunDwJOI-3U_PFMINHPCC70&h-enksa- Xaei-DjujubHTCumcALEgIHICO&ved-OCDUO6AEWAOEV-onepageiq=90%20percen%20o%20infor mation%20transmitted%20to20the20brain%20is%20visualaf-falsez http://blog Ways Social Media Marketers Should-Capitalize on-the Visual- Content Revolution INFOoGRAPHICaspe html optify

The 7 Types of Digital Marketer

shared by sheriffgbailey on Aug 09
Check out these seven types of digital marketers in this funny infographic below. If you're a digital marketer, do you see yourself reflected in any of these characters?




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