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7 reasons to embrace online culture (social media)

7) reasons to embrace online culture f. 2 billion You Tube people are online 85 80 customers expect businesses to be active in social media businesses are Word of mouse = word of mouth. NOT passionate Online culture is THE CULTURE. You can hate social media BUT Show you're you can't ignore it. Have you embraced social media? human Business is built on relationships. The more people feel they know & like you, the more you will succeed. Your word! web presence must show you are passionate. It's the brands that are the most What's the ROI of social media? HUMAN, add VALUE & CARE about their customers that succeed. What the ROI is of meetings, chatting with customers instore & answering the phone. Social media is just another way to communicate. Can you afford not to communicate with with your customers? Does your online activity show how much you love your business, industry & customers? 55% more web visitors & 67% more leads for businesses that blog Are you blogging? Email subscribers 68% & Twitter followers are likely to buy 51% Facebook fans are likely to buy. Are you using social media to encourage purchase? 20-30% Emarketing response rate Compared to an average direct mail (post) campaign 1-2% response rate. Email marketing can also be easily tracked for ROI. Are you using email marketing effectively? Did anyone hear me? 30% customer questions & compliments get no reply Behind every comment, is a real person. Would you NOT answer the phone 30% of the time? 77% customers read brand posts but don't comment. 17% comment & share experiences. 13% post about your brand. Do you inspire interaction or just push sales? 71%. complaints on Twitter are NOT responded to Negative reviews don't kill brands. Not replying or inappropriate responses can. You can kill negative comments with kindness. Do you use social media to convert angry complaints into happy customers? % a response & were Of the 29% that were contacted, liked that they got 83 satisfied with it. Don't count likes & followers plan You need a The only number you should count in social media is the Don't tweet & post just because everyone else is. You need to invest in social media in a sustainable way. What is your action plan? number of interactions you have with customers. How often do you interact online? O Copyright 2011 j6 design Created by j6 design Sources http:/ http://www.s http://wwww. a 0221/get-schmart-conference-scott-stratten

7 reasons to embrace online culture (social media)

shared by j6design on Mar 09
2 billion people are online. 85% of customers expect businesses to be active in social media. Word of mouse = word of mouth. Online culture is THE CULTURE. You can hate social media BUT you can’t ig...


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