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6 Years of Digital News and Innovation

6 Years of Digital News & Innovation Mashable AUG 23, 2005 AUG 24, 2005 SEP 12, 2005 Jul 27, 2005 Mashable is born Facebook acquires "" so it can drop "The" from its name Google launches Google Talk eBay announces intention to acquire Skype for $2.6 billion talk You Tube MAR 21, 2006 FEB 23, 2006 NOV 2005 OCT 7, 2005 Apple's iTunes Music Store sells its 1 billionth song Google launches Google Reader YouTube officially Jack Dorsey sends the first tweet on a launches after a service then called 6-month beta period "Twttr" f 1B AUG 25, 2006 SEP 2006 SEP 5, 2006 SEP 26, 2006 Amazon announces EC2, a game- Facebook opens to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly turns down a $1 billion acquisition offer from Yahoo Facebook launches changing web service that, along with other launched earlier in the year, allows other web companies to build on top of Amazon's massive infrastructure the News Feed, causing users to protest amidst privacy concerns everyone over age 13 with a valid email address DEC 16, 2006 OCT 11, 2006 OCT 9, 2006 OCT 1, 2006 METFLIK Mashable opens nominations for first Mashable Awards Google launches Docs & Spreadsheets Google acquires YouTube for $1.65 billion Netflix offers a $1 million prize to developers that can improve its recommendation (then called the Social Networking Awards) algorithm FEB 19, 2007 MAR 12, 2007 APR 18, 2007 Tumblr officially launches Jul 27, 2006 Mashable turns 1 Viacom files a copyright infringement suit in U.S. District Court against You Tube and Google seeking over $1 billion in damages eBay signs a term sheet to acquire StumbleUpon for $75 million JUN 29, 2007 MAY 24, 2007 MAY 2007 Apple releases the first generation iPhone Facebook First known Rickroll Jul 27, 2007 Mashable turns 2 announces the occurs on 4chan's Facebook Platform, on /v/ imageboard allowing developers to create apps for the social networks NOV 1, 2007 NOV 5, 2007 NOV 6, 2007 NOV 19, 2007 a. Google announces Open Social platform to compete with the Facebook Facebook launches its ad platform, privacy concerns once again cause users to stage protests on the site Amazon releases the first generation Kindle e-book Google announces the Android mobile platform reader Platform JUL 11, 2008 MAY 12, 2008 MAY 9, 2008 APR 23, 2008 MAR 12, 2008 Apple launches the App Store, allowing native applications on the iPhone and iPod touch for the Google previews Friend Connect at its Campfire One event Facebook announces Facebook Chat Facebook Connect, allowing people to sign Hulu officially opens to the public opens to all users in to other sites with their Facebook first time accounts JUL 25, 2008 SEP 23, 2008 Google's index reaches 1 trillion unique URLS ,000, 000,000 000,000- Jul 27, 2008 Mashable turns 3 Google and T-Mobile launch first Android- Google powered phone, the 00 • 00 NOV 12, 2008 NOV 2008 NOV 4, 2008 Twitter crosses the Groupon officially launches, offering daily deals in Chicago Barack Obama is elected the 44th 1 billion tweet mark President of the United States after a 1B campaign that made widespread and groundbreaking use of social media JAN 15, 2009 MAR 2009 APR 2009 APR 13, 2009 APR 16, 2009 US Airways Flight 1549 crash lands in Susan Boyle shoots to StumbleUpon's Foursquare is a break out hit at SXSW 2009, where with a viral YouTube the app officially launches founders buy the company back from eBay Actor Ashton Kutcher beats CNN to 1 million followers on Twitter in a much-publicized race international stardom the Hudson River; a Twitpic of the event brings massive attention to Twitter video of her singing on the television show to be the first account Britain's Got Talent to hit that milestone JUL 15, 2009 JUN 25, 2009 JUN 15, 2009 MAY 28, 2009 Facebook officially hits 250 million users The death of Michael Facebook Chat Microsoft CEO crosses the 1 billion messages per day mark Jackson causes an Steve Ballmer unveils all-time traffic record the company's new search engine called Bing; it goes live a few days later at Yahoo News; 30% 250M of all Twitter volume is related to his passing JUL 22, 2009 AUG 28, 2009 OCT 19, 2009 Amazon agrees to purchase online shoe retailer Zappos Jul 27, 2009 Mashable turns 4 Mashable hosts Social Good Twitter crosses the 5 billion Conference at 92nd Street Y in tweet for over $1 billion mark 5B New York, NY APR 3, 2010 FEB 10, 2010 JAN 22, 2010 JAN 5, 2010 Apple releases the first generation iPad in the U.S. (WIFI only), creating a new device category in the comments he made Musician John The first tweet from Mayer uses Twitter to apologize for racially charged space is sent by astronaut TJ Creamer Google announces their first officil. Android-powered phone, the Nexus One (@Astro_TJ) process in Playboy magazine MAY 3, 2010 MAY 26, 2010 JUN 24, 2010 JUN 30, 2010 Mashable opens its first physical Apple (AAPL) passes Microsoft (MSFT) to become the world's most valuable tech company by market cap The World Cup and an epic pro tennis match lead to a record Mashable convenes the first- ever worldwide Social Media Day office at Tech- Space in New York, NY spike in web traffic S. JUL 21, 2010 JUL 30, 2010 JUN 30, 2010 Jul 27, 2010 Mashable turns 5 Facebook officially hits 500 million users Mashable opens office in San Francisco, CA Amazon agrees to purchase popular daily deal site Woot 500M AUG 14, 2010 SEP 14, 2010 SEP 20, 2010 Teen pop-star Justin Bieber exacts revenge on a fan and causes controversy by posting the fan's phone number on Twitter Twitter begins to roll out #NewTwitter, a web interface aimed at getting users to utilize the Mashable hosts first Social Good Summit in partnership with 92Y and the UN Foundation YOU DON'T GET TO website more often JAN 2, 2011 Pérsonof the Ye DEC 15, 2010 500 MILLION OCT 1, 2010 TIME FRIENDS Mark Zuckerberg is named TIME Magazine's "Person of the Year" Facebook raises $500 million at a The Social Network, a film based on the founding of Facebook, opens in theaters and goes on to gross nearly $225 million at the box office and win 3 Academy Awards WITHOUT MAKING reported valuation of $50 billion A FEW ENEMIES JAN 14, 2011 JAN 22, 2011 FEB 2, 2011 Zynga's game CityVille crosses 100 million users, becoming the first Facebook game to hit the milestone and blowing past previous record holder for most users FarmVille Apple's App Store crosses the 10 billion down amidst a digital revolution in which Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak steps Twitter played a much-debated role (#Jan25) downloads mark Follow FEB 8, 2011 APR 20, 2011 MAR 2, 2011 FEB 10, 2011 Mashable launches Follow in private Mashable Follow Apple announces that it has sold 100 million iPhone The iPhone 4 launches on Verizon, ending AT&T's nearly 4 years of exclusivity with the device opens up to everyone beta verizon devices worldwide Connect MAY 10, 2011 MAY 19, 2011 MAY 22-24, 2011 in Linkedin goes public on the NYSE, signaling the return of the tech IPO and finishing its first trading day with a market cap of $8.9 Billion Microsoft announces intention Mashable hosts the first Connect Conference at Disney World in Orlando, FL to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion, more than 3x greater than eBay paid in 2005 JUL 18, 2011 JUN 28, 2011 JUN 23, 2011 Mashable Follow hits 200,000 members Facebook officially hits 750 million users Google debuts its i+ social network called Google+ 750M Jul 27, 2011 Mashable turns 6 Mashable Infographics Design by @DFosterGraphics, Research by Josh Catone -----------------

6 Years of Digital News and Innovation

shared by Anonymous (not verified) on Jul 28
Mashable has been witness to a lot in our six years of existence. From the the rise of social networks (like Facebook) to the fall of world leaders (like Hosni Mubarak). We’ve seen the spread of soc...




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