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56 Top Social Media Tools for Business [Infographic]

56 Top Social Media Tools for Business Cancel Social Media Management Tools Schedule Social media management tools are essential as they make it easy to schedule posts and communicate with followers and fans. Hootsuite Buffer Rignite Pricing: $0, $8.99/month and Pricing: $0 to $250/month Pricing: $28/month, $49/month and Enterprise Enterprise Major Feature(s): - Save time by scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ into pre-chosen time slots - Easily share bits of text and images from webpages and blog posts Major Feature(s): - Easily manage Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Major Feature(s): - Monitor social media, run campaigns, measure analytics and manage colla Google+, Wordpress and Foursquare accounts in one place - Collaborate together as collaboratively in one place - Can be used for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin a team Major Drawback(s): - Can only be used for scheduling posts and checking basic analytics Detailed analytics only Major Drawback(s): -Restricted to using Owly URL shortener Major Drawback(s): -User interface needs to be improved - Analytics reports cost extra available with Business Plans agora pulse SproutSocial Agora Pulse Post Planner Pricing: $59/month to Enterprise Pricing: $29/month to Enterprise Pricing: $0 to $299/month Major Feature(s): - A very user friendly help manage Major Feature(s): - Manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in one place and analyse performance Major Feature(s): Finds trending and engaging content ready to be shared on interface to Facebook and Twitter - Content types include "Viral Photos', Top Content' Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ with detailed statistics - Facebook page apps to help you conduct quizzes, run contests, sweepstakes, offers and more - Smart inbox to view all the messages you receive from your various social media and 'Status Ideas' Major Drawback(s): - Can only be used for channels Major Drawback(s): - Has more Facebook features Facebook and Twitter Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model and fewer Twitter features tailwind Curalate Tailwind Viraltag Pricing: Available on contact Pricing: $15/month and Enterprise Pricing: $0, $29/month and $99/month Major Feature(s): - Schedule pins on Pinterest Major Feature(s): - Image tracking and analytics to see how your images are performing on Facebook, Instagram, Major Feature(s): - Schedule images on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin -Analytics to track your Pinterest activity Major Drawback(s): - Can only be used for Pinterest Pinterest and Tumblr - Schedule posts on Pinterest and Instagram - Integrates with Canva, Picasa, Flickr, etc. to simplify sharing of visuals Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model Major Drawback(s): - Absence of analytics Meet Edgar SocialOomph ManageFlitter Pricing: $49/month and $99/month Pricing: $0 and $17.97/month Pricing: $0, $12/month and $49/month Major Feature(s): - Schedule updates on Major Feature(s): - Schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter and Major Feature(s): - Helps find spam and Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin inactive Twitter accounts Linkedin - Track keywords you are following so that you can unfollow them. Also finds Twitter accounts that are not following you back - PowerPost feature ensures Automatically republishes older updates to ensure more people see them Major Drawback(s): - User interface needs an upgrade Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model your tweets get maximum engagement Major Drawback(s): - Can only be used for Twitter Social Media Analy Tools Every social media account has a unique set of fans therefore it is necessary to understand how they behave using social media analytics. Understanding your fans will help you give them what they want. [True] Wiselytics TrueSocialMetrics Simply Measured Pricing: $0 Pricing: $30/month to Enterprise Major Feature(s): - Detailed basic and advanced analytics to Pricing: $500/month, $800/month and $2,000+/month measure your Facebook page performance - Monitor competitors' Facebook pages Major Feature(s): - Detailed analytics for Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Wordpress, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumbr, Instagram, SlideShare, Vimeo, Pinterest and Vine - Determines posts your Major Feature(s): - Social analytics for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Linkedin and Tumblr audience engages with Major Drawback(s): - Can only be used for Facebook Major Drawback(s): - User interface needs an upgrade -Social ads analytics and cross channel analytics - Pages need to have a minimum of 400 "Likes' for tool to work Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model SA Social Bakers SumAll Google Analytics Pricing: $120/month to $1,000+/month Pricing: $0, $59/month and $99/month Pricing: $0 and $150,000/year Major Feature(s): - Monitor activity for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube and VK - Track competitors' social performance and compare it with yours Major Feature(s): - Works with 50+ platforms Major Feature(s): - Track performance of social media marketing campaigns such as conversions on your website Track website traffic Connect an unlimited number of accounts and view all their metrics in one place Major Drawback(s): No feature to track referred by social networks Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model competitors' social media accounts Major Drawback(s): - Sophisticated tool which requires plenty of training and practice to understand bitly Bitly Pricing: $0 Major Feature(s): - Shorten links to increase shareability - Track clicks and shares on links Major Drawback(s): - Very basic analytics Social Media Campaign Tools Run attractive contests, offers and several other campaigns with easy to use social media campaign tools. heyo SHORTSTACK Facebook pages made easy ShortStack Неyo Tabsite Pricing: $0 to $499/month Pricing: $25/month a I Agency Plan Pricing: $29.95/month to $299.95/month Major Feature(s): - 50+ templates and 30+ themes to help Major Feature(s): - Easy to use drag and drop builder - Widgets help you quickly install contact Major Feature(s): Apps can be embedded on websites, set up campaigns - Integrates with many popular email marketing platforms to simplify lead generation blogs and on Facebook forms, share buttons and payment options Major Drawback(s): - Too many options can confuse some users Major Drawback(s): Requires time and training to figure out how to navigate the tool Major Drawback(s): Need to subscribe to Agency Plan to publish to more than one Facebook page WOOBOX Rafflecopter Rafflecopter Woobox Pricing: $0 to $245/month Pricing: $0 to $299+/month Major Feature(s): - Helps you easily create and run giveaways - Ability Major Feature(s): Apps for running sweepstakes, o embed contest form anywhere from your Facebook your website photo contests, Pin-to-Win contests, polls, group deals, quizzes and more - Includes Facebook ad tools to page tab to to easily promote campaigns - Incentivised refer-a-friend entry option to attract Major Drawback(s): - User interface needs to more participants be improved Major Drawback(s): - Need to subscribe to the Premium, $84/month package to get access to more themes and 'Pro Entry Options' Content Creation Tools Creating and sharing your own quality content plays a vital in a social media strategy. Content creation tools ensure you write shareable content your audience wants to read. Scribe Buzzsumo Buzzsumo Scribe Pricing: $99/month, $299/month and $499+/month Pricing: $97/month, $247/month and Enterprise Major Feature(s): - Find the highest shared Major Feature(s): Perform Research to find content on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest topics your audience wants to read - Social research function to and Google+ Analyse and compare competitors' content performance ensure your content is optimized for social media sharing Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model Major Drawback(s): - High pricing model - User interface needs to be improved Visual Content Creation Tools Visual content drives the highest engagement on many social networks. Visual content creation tools make it easy to create high quality visual content your followers will enjoy. Canva Ps PicMonkey Canva Photoshop Pricing: $0 and $4.99/month Pricing: $0, professional stock images and illustrations cost $1 each Pricing: $9.99/month and $699/life Major Feature(s): Create or edit attractive visual content for your social media channels in minutes - Directly share your visual content onto Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr and We Heart It Major Feature(s): Advanced features and fonts to help you create professional looking images for your social media channels Major Feature(s): - Templates with pre set dimensions to help quickly create various visuals (posts, cover images, ads, etc.) for different social media you - Several images and photos available for free and professional images cost only $1 each Major Drawback(s): Requires a lot of training and practice to understand Major Drawback(s): -Absence of grid lines all the features makes it hard to Major Drawback(s): - Training and practice required to understand how tool works determine if elements are lined up correctly Ai Illustrator Snagit Awesone Screenshot Pricing: $29.99/month and $599/life Pricing: $49.95/life and Pricing: $0 $24.95/upgrade Major Feature(s): - Several options to simplify taking attractive screenshots of your screen - Line, Arrow, Call out, Pen and several other tools to modify screenshots Major Feature(s): Create and modify unique vector graphics for your Major Feature(s): -Extensions available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari to take screenshots social media channels - Several features and fonts to help you create professional looking images of any webpage - Several tools to add annotations to your screenshots Major Drawback(s): - Requires a lot of training and practice to understand all the features Major Drawback(s): - Very basic screen video Major Drawback(s): - Can only take screenshots of webpages and blog recording ability posts in browser Creative МARKEТ Skitch Camtasia Creative Pricing: Market Pricing: $299/life for Windows (Upgrades cost $149.50) and $99/life for Mac (Upgrades cost $49.50) $0 Pricing: Starts at $2 Major Feature(s): - Take screenshots of any Major Feature(s): - Marketplace for part of your screen and modify them with various tools - Easily share to Facebook, Major Feature(s): - Records high quality videos of purchasing ready to use graphics, fonts, photos, templates and your screen - Advanced editing features to trim videos and get rid of unwanted sounds Twitter and Linkedin more Major Drawback(s): - No delayed screen capture option - Purchase design assets that can help you quickly create quality social media visuals Major Drawback(s): - Very highly priced Major Drawback(s): - Many design assets only work with software like Photoshop and Illustrator Content Finding & Saving Tools Along with your own content you must share content created by others. Content finding tools help you locate and save content which can be shared later. Listly Alltop Feedly Listly Alltop Pricing: $0 and $5/month Pricing: $0, $9.99/month and $9.99/month/user Pricing: $0 Major Feature(s): - Subscribe to RSS feeds of blogs and see all their posts in one place Major Feature(s): Major Feature(s): - Find lists consisting ready to share content created - Aggregates news and stories from top websites and blogs - Search topics to find - Integrates with apps like Buffer, Hootsuite and Linkedin to simplify sharing by others - Create unlimited lists of content your audience will like content to share later Major Drawback(s): - Private lists can only be created with paid version Major Drawback(s): Major Drawback(s): - Browser extension - Some searches lead to doesn't always work irrelevant topics and results Flipboard Pocket Pearltrees Pricing: $0 Pricing: $0 and $4.99/month Pricing: $0 to $9.99/month Major Feature(s): - View images, videos, blog posts, social media updates and other forms of content in one place - Save and organize interesting content using the flip feature Major Feature(s): - Save content like blog posts, videos, images and any other webpages so that you can view and share them later - Easily save with browser extensions. It is integrated into 500+ apps like Twitter, Pulse and Flipboard Major Feature(s): Save content like webpages, files, blog posts, photos and videos to view later -Collections feature makes it easy to find saved content Major Drawback(s): - Hard to find old content once feed Major Drawback(s): Content saved is visible Major Drawback(s): - Saved content can be hard to everyone. Can only be made private with a paid account gets refreshed to find later, especially if you save a lot Dropbox Google Drive iCloud Pricing: $0, $9.99/month and $15/user/month Pricing: $0 to $299.99/month Pricing: $0 to $19.99/month Major Feature(s): Upload documents, photos, videos, and other types of files or directly save them Major Feature(s): Major Feature(s): Upload content in the form of images, videos - Store images, PDFS, spreadsheets and other kinds of documents and from Gmail Get 15GB free space on joining easily access them from various devices and files and access them from anywhere Get 2GB of free space on joining and earn Major Drawback(s): You only get 5GB free space with the free plan 16GB more for free Major Drawback(s): - Memory issues as files disappear sometimes Major Drawback(s): - No online editor to edit files directly If Like Pin It Content Sharing Tools Tweet in Share Content sharing tools make it easy for both your audience and you to share the content you create to ensure it gets maximum engagement and traffic. SumoMe Shareaholic AddThis SumoMe Pricing: $0 Pricing: $0 to Enterprise Pricing: $0 to $100/month Major Feature(s): -Add Facebook, Twitter, Major Feature(s): Desktop and mobile optimized share buttons to encourage sharing of content Major Feature(s): - Smart share buttons Google+, Pinterest, and many more share buttons to your blog posts and webpages - Social analytics helps find your most popular content, top referring social networks and most feature displays only the most popular share options on a per page basis - Image sharer buttons make it easy for visitors to share images on your website and blog to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Yummly - Analytics dashboard displays content that received the most engagement, traffic, shares, etc. influential sharers Major Drawback(s): - Pro version should be Major Drawback(s): - Shareable images option upgraded to show more detailed analytics Major Drawback(s): - Costs $5/month to only lets you add 'Pin It' button to images get rid of the SumoMe badge that is installed on your website along with the free version - Pro share features cost $20/month CO ShareThis CoSchedule Pricing: Pricing: so $10/month to $299/month Major Feature(s): - Easily install social media share buttons Major Feature(s): - Automatically shares blog posts on your social media channels to platforms like Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal and as soon as you publish Easy to use editorial calendar to schedule more - Social analytics to determine how your blog posts and social media updates content performs on different social networks Major Drawback(s): - Only works with Wordpress Major Drawback(s): Absence of image share buttons Taday's Tasks Social Media Productivity Tools Social media can distract you and upset your productivity. Social media productivity tools ensure you do what you're supposed to. TD Evernote Wunderlist Todoist Pricing: $0, $5/month and $10/user/month Pricing: $0, $4.99/month and $4.99/user/month Pricing: $0 and $29/year and $3/user/month Major Feature(s): Major Feature(s): Extensions and apps Major Feature(s): - Save articles, notes, photos and screenshots for later viewing - Work Chat feature helps you collaborate on projects Create to-do lists and break down each task into smaller subtasks Set due dates and for 13 platforms make it easy to access it on browsers, mobile devices, reminders to ensure mailboxes and more you complete tasks Todoist Karma monitors activity and gives points to encourage productivity Major Drawback(s): - Browser version not as user friendly as the app Major Drawback(s): - No option to archive lists Major Drawback(s): - Data entry needs to be simplified RescueTime LastPass Zapier Pricing: $0 and $9/month Pricing: $0, $12/year Pricing: $0 to $125/month and Enterprise Major Feature(s): - Monitors time spent Major Feature(s): Connects apps to Major Feature(s): websites apps susernames and automate movement on PCs and mobile devices and graphically displays productivity levels - Blocks distracting sites passwords of social networks, of data Works with over 300+ apps .email and other websites and autofills login details when you return Password generator helps create long, for a chosen amount of time Major Drawback(s): - You only get 5 and Major Drawback(s): - Privacy concerns strong and unique passwords 20 connections with the $5 and $20 plans respectively Major Drawback(s): - Can be risky as passwords are stored in the cloud IFTTT Pricing: $0 Major Feature(s): - Integrates apps to automate transfer of data Major Drawback(s): - Works with fewer professional apps Pricing as on 21-4-2015 By Social Marketing Writing SM W/ WRITING SOCIAL MARKETING

56 Top Social Media Tools for Business [Infographic]

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Which social media marketing tools do you use? Do you want to know what the top social media tools are? In this infographic you will find the 56 top social media management, social media analytics, so...


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