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5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get Hired

SOCIAL SCREENING HOW COMPANIES ARE USING SOCIAL MEDIA TO HIRE/FIRE EMPLOYEES AND 5 WAYS TO ENSURE YOU NEVER GET HIRED A new law was recently passed allowing third-party companies to begin compiling social media reports for other companies to use in order to screen potential hires. With this service becoming available in the near future, it's more important than ever to keep your social media presence as clean as possible - you never know if a future employer is going to find something that makes it believe you are not fit for the job, or the type of employee they are looking for. With that in mind, we wanted to see how companies are currently using social media to screen potential hires, and what employees can do to assure that they don't get hired. HOW COMPANIES ARE SCREENING A survey conducted in 2009 by CareerBuilder gives us the dirt on how companies use social media to screen employees. SOCIAL SITES EMPLOYERS LOOK AT 45% . flin use social sites to screen Twitter 7% Blogs 11% potential hires Facebook 29% Linkedln 26% WHAT EMPLOYERS ARE FINDING OUT FROM SOCIAL PROFILES POSITIVE NEGATIVE 18% 35% of employers found content on social sites of employers found content on social sites that influenced them to hire a candidate. that caused them to NOT hire a candidate. 50% A good feel for the candidate' s personality 53% Provocative/inapprapriate photographs or information 39% Truth about candidate's professional qualifications 44% Content about them drinking alcohol or using drugs 38% Creativity 35% Bad-mouthing about previous employers, co-workers or clients 35% Solid communication skills 29% Poor communication skills 33% Wel-rounded 26% Discriminatory comments 24% Lies about qualifications 19% Good references from others about the candidate 15% Awards and accolades received by candidate 20% Confidential information about candidate's previous employer 5 WAYS TO ENSURE YOU NEVER GET HIRED 1 DIGITAL DIRT You may have "digital dirt" lying all over the Internet - things like self-incriminating photos, discussion of your drug-induced night out at the club, etc. Make the dirt as dirty as possible, soiling all the major networks - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. 2 TERRIBLE TROLL $#@%! Be sure to troll your social networks as much as possible - leaving as many annoying and pointless comments as possible on blogs, Twitter, etc. Don't forget to curse as much as possible. 3 BIG MOUTH IÇ WORK Talk about your past employers in a negative light. Talk about how you hated your last job and how your boss was a "powermonger" and a poor excuse for a manager. If you really want to go all out, bring to light confidential information about your previous employers. COPIOUS CONTACTS AND COMMENTS Add as many sketchy "people" to your networks as possible and solicit strange comments from them, It's especially good if all your "friends" +1 ADD STRANGER post filthy content on your Facebook wall. +1 ADD SKETCHY FRIEND 5 POSITIVELY NEGATIVE Keep everything negative. Don't post anything postive – including your achievements, awards, education, or skills. SOURCE Sites/

5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get Hired

shared by Ariela on Aug 17
How employers are using social media to screen or hire candidates ... and fire employees.


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