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5 Types of Web Content to Boost Your Business Presentations

5 TYPES OF WEB CONTENT TO BOOST YOUR PRESENTATIONS in You Tube www Embedded content is the fastest way to show your company's achievements. They encourage clients to contact you... .giving you business opportunities! Here are five websites used for boosting your PowerPoint: You Tube YOUTUBE Broadens the range of media you can offer: O Product Demos O Company Profile AVPS O Customer Testimonials O Viral Video Ads These support and visualize your points, informing and impressing clients more quickly. TWITTER O Lets you access consumer opinions in real-time. Gives clients the latest updates about your company. Show positive impressions from your past clients to make your case more convincing! FACEBOOK O Proves your market popularity. The most widely-used social network, best for generating customer leads. Offers an analytics service to track your page's likes, shares, and mentions. Actively engage consumers to establish your market dominance! in LINKEDIN O Your ticket to connecting with partners. O LinkedIn can show your popularity with other business partners. Show clients you can work with a large corporate network... .. to convince them that you're a reliable partner! COMPANY WEBSITE www Best representation of your brand online. O Lets prospects get an idea of your business. O Update your company site's content and keep clients coming back for more One Last Thing: Facts Establish Reputation Credibility is crucial to presentations. Prove your popularity through positive testimonials and videos. Work your online presence into your deck for more convincing business presentations! REFERENCES B0% of CEOs trom the Workd's Top Companles Take to Social Media. WoDmWorlde ton companies-take-to-socia-media. 18, 2015. Accessed August 27, 2015. of-ceos- Cawlay, Christian. "How to Embed a YouTube Video & Ofther Media in Your PowerPolnt Presentation." MakeuseO. December 12, 2014. Accessed August 28, 2015. "Gon-Y Won't Buy Without User-Genoratod Input." Marketing Profs. January 31, 2012. Accessed August 28, 2015. Gross, Le. "How to Add a Live Twitter Feed to Your PowerPolnt Presentation." Soclai Media Today. June 6, 2013. Accessed August 28, 2015. Knar, Cat. "a Secrets to Bullding a Stunning Linkedin Profle." The Huffington Post. February 3, 2014. Accessed September 18, 2015. Kushner, Danlel. "Best Practices for Successful Lead Generation Through Sockal Media." Business 2 Community. June 29, 2015. Accessed August 28, 2015. nttp:// Parsons, James. "How Do I Get Tracking on My Facebook Page?" Boostikas. May 8, 2015. Acessed September 18, 2015. "Report: 2014 Is Biggest Year Ever for Online Video for Commerce - Invodo." Invodo. March 12, 2015. Accessed August 27, 2015. Sullvan, Luke. Hey, Whlpple, Squeze This a Gulde to Creating Great Ads. 3rd ed. Hoboken. N.J.: John Wiley & Sons, 2008. visit for more SLIDEgenius

5 Types of Web Content to Boost Your Business Presentations

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Contrary to popular misconceptions, corporate pitches aren’t just cold, blank, and straightforward. When it comes to presentations, content and design should work together to supplement your pitch.



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