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5 Questions Build a Solid Social Media Strategy

How social are the UK's fastest growing tech companies? More businesses than ever are turning to social networks. But are they actually being social? We benchmarked the social media activities of the Deloitte Fast 50 - a ranking of the UK's fastest growing tech companies. This is what we found. Social Media Usage Is On The Up The percentage of companies on social networks: 92% 100- 68% 70% 72% 50% 48% 44% 40% 22% f in You Tube 2010 2011 Linkedin is the most used social network in the study. Almost all (92%) of the companies in the study had a Linkedln account Used by only 40% of brands last year, Facebook seemed relatively unpopular. However in 2011, 70% of the companies had a registered account. Interestingly, this increase came wholly from B2B businesses Engagement Levels Across Social Media Are Still Low The percentage of companies engaging with users on social media 2011 2011 2010 2010 30% 68% 31% 43% Twitter Facebook Social Media Being Used For A Range Of Different Purposes HOME ABO ONTACI BLOGI 85% 20% 72% Over half of tech companies hnk to social channels from their website homepage 40% 66% 41% Push marketing Developing sales leads 11% 14% 20% 22% Recruitment Customer service B2B Brands Flocking To Facebook The percentage of B2B brands on Facebook facabook ARE twitter Post Comments Reply THeet Comments Retweet Only 31% of those with a Facebook account used it to engage with users. Only 20% received comments and only 8% of those comments received replies. Of the 41 Fast 50 companies with a Twitter account, 68% used it to build relationships with followers. But, only 14% of tweets were replies and 14% were retweets. 6 blegger Comment Reply Only 20% received comments and only 8% replied to these comments 5 steps to the perfect social strategy Anyone tasked with managing social media might be tempted just to set up an account and start sending out messages. But, we'd suggest a more strategic approach: 1. WHAT'S THE OBJECTIVE? From customer service and engagement to driving sales, social media can be used for a vast objective array of different business tasks. So it's importantto think about which one/s are important to you. 2. HOW WILL YOU BUILD A COMMUNITY? Having an objective is one thing, butif no one is listening to you, you'll never achieve it Building or tapping into a community is therefore crucial. So find where your audience is and begin to reach out to them. COMMUNITY CLONE MACHINE 3. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY? Content is key. You could have the best community in the world, but if you've got nothing to say, you won't be able to engage in conversation. D 4. WHO'S GOING TO MANAGE IT? Deciding who will run and manage your social media activity will again depend on what you are trying to achieve and who your audience is. Invest in training and find the right people- internally and externally for the job. 5. HOW WILL YOU MEASURE SUCCESS? As with all types of marketing and PR, if you can't measure outputs and outcomes, you'll never know whether it's working. Agree metrics in advance and review them on a regular basis to work out whether it's working. CUCCESS You Tub f3 Download this report at emlwildfire EML Wildfire Building awareness, engaging audiences, driving sales EML Wild fire is a technology PR agency delivering high impact campaigns that build market awareness, engage target audiences and drive sales for technology businesses across global markets. Our technology PR approach combines sector knowledge and market insights with traditional and digital PR skills to generate measurable results that position our clients for commercial success.

5 Questions Build a Solid Social Media Strategy

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Here are the questions in infographic form, along with some statistics on exactly how social the UK's fastest growing tech companies are. A closer look indicates that engagement levels across platform...




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