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5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand in 2012

Digital Tools To Boost Your Brand in 2012 Check out these five digital tools that many successful brands are utilizing to become an active role in their fans' lives. Social Bookmarking Pinterest's bookmarking feature allows users to catalogue online finds and then share them with friends. Brands gain more exposure and traffic, and get to showcase their personality. Top 5 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Sites Pinterest 1:28'18"oo digg Google+ You Tube Linked in On Pinterest Pinterest drives more Unique Monthly Visitors visitors to third-party websites than Google+, 1. Twitter: 250,000,000 the average visitor spends 2. Digg: 25,100,000 3. StumbleUpon: 17,500,000 4. Reddit: 16,000,000 O 5. Pinterest: 15,500,000 88.3 minutes YouTube and Linkedin bookmarking per day. combined. 66 Pinterest demonstrates some of the strongest user engagement, 99 retention, and virality metrics I have ever seen in an online business. Robert Moore, Founder/CEO, RJMetrics WHO'S DOING IT RIGHT? E-commerce community Etsy makes the pinning Etsy process very easy by automating pin descriptions. When Etsy listings populate the pin description field with the item name and price. 46,950+ 700+ 23 followers pins boards F-Commerce Brands using f-commerce create major purchasing opportunities by offering exclusive items and sales to Facebook fans who are already active on the page. Check this out! $30 _Iwill. Thanks! Billion Users are four times as likely to conduct a trans- Almost 25% of total 2015 projected market potential for social commerce brands action inside Facebook if internet time is spent it is referred to them by a on Facebook. trusted friend. The Facebook community is obviously massive, huge and (continuously] 99 66 growing, and to be able to communicate effectively and to engage the community surrounding our brand is a hugely important objective. Alex Bolen, CEO, Oscar de la Renta WHO'S DOING IT RIGHT? Oscar de la Renta Fan-Only items direct from the runway are sold exclusively through Oscar de la Renta's Facebook store. De la Renta's page focuses on creating a small group of highly engaged brand ambassadors and convert them into customers. THAVE THE MEMORY OF A MOSQUITO First high-end fashion company to dhem offer a commerce experience Enamel bangles feature quote Flower-shaped glass ring contains from beginning to end from De la Renta i each bangle a solid concentration of the Esprit without leaving Facebook and are signed "Love, Oscar." d'Oscar fragrance. Digital Coupons Coupon codes available online means no more waiting for the Sunday newspaper inserts. Online coupons offer greater availability and a wider variety of categories and retailers. 47% Digital Coupon User Demographic www. of consumers no longer look at the Sunday paper for 3. of online consumers used coupons. digital coupons in 2011. $105,000 Average Household Income NEWS 36% NEWS NEWS Have College Degrees 66 Digital couponing has opened the door for our business to reach potential customers in a fresh way, allowing us to leverage discounting to both attract new customers and entice current customers to buy 99 even more valuable products from us. Melanie Kovach, Vice President, Private Seller and Classics WHO'S DOING IT RIGHT? AutoTrader com The automotive classifieds website uses discounts with promo codes as an incentive for new and current customers to utilize their services and purchase products at a reduced price. AutoTrader .com Have a Promo Code? Enter your promo code below, Promo Code Apply Payment Method 10% +10% of Private Seller Percentage of growth expected in total revenue from digital couponing in 2012 revenue was impacted by digital couponing in 2011. Mobile Photo Sharing Brands can isntantly share behind-the-scenes photos with fans who can then interact by Liking, sharing, or commenting. 2011 60% 7 52% 44% 2010 50% 40% 30% 17% 20% 10% 27% 200 brands 2010 2011 Smartphones took 27% of photos in 2011, an Conventional cameras took increase of 10% from the 44% of photos in 2011, a previous year currently use Instagram. decrease from 52% in 2010 66 As cellphone and smartphone penetration increases and 99 phones get exponentially better, more and more consumers are carrying high-resolution cameras with them wherever they go. Shane Snow, Mashable contributor and co-founder of WHO'S DOING IT RIGHT? Starbucks shares coffees from all over the world along with plenty of fun updates through Instagram. They also encourage their Instagram followers to take photos of their Starbucks drinks and tag them with #starbucks for others to see. Search Rets Starbucks Coffee 134 261... 129 Freshly brewed instagrams from Starbucks in Seme, WA Tag your coftee photos with 260,000+ 3,451 84 number of followers average number of likes per photo average number of comments per photo Gamification Engaging users with games takes advantage of people's psychological predisposition towards play by turning real-world situations into games in which they can compete in a virtual setting with other people. Corporate Spending On Gamification $100 2010) Million $2.8 65% 65% O 2016 (projected) Billion of all revenue generated from the top 100 games in the App Store are from free games. of smartphone owners who've downloaded at least one app have downloaded a game. S6 The psychology behind gamification is grounded in the belief 99 that anything you spend time on or invest money in becomes worthwhile and valuable. Jesse Shell, an educator of game design and a former Disney Imaginee WHO'S DOING IT RIGHT? Nike's Tag game merges running with social gaming. Users who have downloaded the smartphone app TAG begin a game of tag where they have to tag other users and keep running to avoid being "it." unGRL Dtne Game ChopStyx is IT. Runners compete against each other in a virtual game of tag. Whoever runs the slowest, the shortest distance, or starts running latest in the day is "it." The game offers motivation to stay fit and healthy while trying to outrun their friends. Brought to you by SOURCES: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Merchant Circle MCI Survey March 2011 | | | | | Disclaimer The use of any trademarks in this Infographic do not represent any affiliation between Cheap Sally, LLC and any company and/or associations included within the infograph. H&M,, Nike, Nike+ Tag, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Google, YouTube, Linkedin, Etsy, iPhone, Instagram, Starbucks, Facebook, and Oscar de la Renta are the trademarks of each respective company. II ««««««« I

5 Digital Tools to Boost Your Brand in 2012

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These 5 tools are essential for brands to grow and engage with their fans. The infographic features digital platforms and showcases the top brands who are successfully utilizing the platform. Here...


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