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3 Types of Content That People Love to Share (Backed By Data)

3 TYPES OF CONTENT THAT PEOPLE LOVE TO SHARE (BACKED BY DATA) If you want your content to get shared, you need to know what people are sharing. Going viral requires a bit of luck, but there are certain content formats you can consistently create to tap into viral territory. "HOW TO" POSTS 66 "Sell something, get a customer for a day. Help someone, get a customer for life." - Jay Baer, Author of Youtility and President of Convince & Convert [1] [2] ARE "HOW 3/4 ONE OF THE MOST TO" SHARED FORMS PEOPLE POSTS OF CONTENT ARE MOTIVATED TO LEARN ONLINE BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DO THEIR [2] 5,200< JOB FASTER AND BETTER -"How To" posts provide practical advice. AVERAGE SHARES PER "HOW TO" POST [2] Out of 2 million "How To" posts created in the past 12 months, the most shared posts were: in ТОTAL How To Fold A Fitted Sheet In Seconds! How Did I Not Know This? 949.8K 951.4K 4 931 556 31 How To Make Lavender Lemonade to Get Rid Headaches and Anxiety 924.6K 17 981 7.8K 291 933.8K How To Paint Cabinets or Furniture 868.3K 869.0K 616 1 26 8 "How To" posts are most frequently shared on Facebook & Pinterest, but also do well on Linkedln. For example: The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, 517 34.9K 52 1.1K 36.6K and How to Correct Them MOST SHARES TOOK PLACE ON FACEBOOK DIY "HOW TΟ CAREER "HOW TO" MOST SHARED ON HEAVILY SHARED ON PINTEREST LINKEDIN QUIZZES 66 "A great quiz is like a mirror - it's hard to walk by one without taking a look." - Josh Little, Qzzr [2] [3] MOST VIEWED The New York Times ? POST IN 2013 WAS A QUIZ 8/10 WERE QUIZZES OF THE MOST SHARED 8/T0 ARTICLES IN 2014 [2] 1,900€ AVERAGE SHARES PER QUIZ [2] The New York Times continues to create widely shared quizzes. For example: in TOTAL Language Quiz: Are You on Fleek? 949.8K 931 556 31 951.4K HOWEVER, QUIZZES FROM OTHER ONLINE SOURCES CAN GET EVEN MORE SHARES: [4] [5] 3.5 2.4 MILLION MILLION IF YOU WERE A DRUG, YOU BE? WHAT COLOR IS PERSONALITY? WHICH ONE W PICTURE LISTS [6] 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. [2] [2] Posts with images 400 FACEBOOK POSTS WITH IMAGES GET 300 AS MANY 2X SHARES Posts without images 200 100 AS POSTS WITHOUT IMAGES AVERAGE POST INTERACTIONS [2] Posts with multiple curated images have even more potential to go viral PICTURE LIST POSTS FREQUENTLY GET 100,000 S SHARES [2] 2/10 of The Guardian's most shared posts were picture lists. For example: f in 8+ ТОTAL Overpopulation, overconsum ption - in pictures theg 654.2K 1.1K 8.6K 1.6K 2.3K 667.7K PICTURE LISTS WORK BEST WHEN THEY: Tell a Story Explain a Process Make Comparisons [7] Photos from Elizabeth Hoard Photography After Her Fiancé Left Her At The Altar, This Bride Took The World's Best Photo Shoot 230,000 < STRY POST FOR THIS PICTURE [8] ITALY UKPAINE GREECE Photos Sweetgreen Shocking Pictures Comparing US School Lunches to Other Countries Goes Viral 470,000 < FOR THIS PICTURE STORY POST THE POSTS IN THIS INFOGRAPHIC ACHIEVED 1,381,300+ TOTAL SHARES. ADD "HOW TO" POSTS, QUIZZES & PICTURE LISTS TO YOUR CONTENT MIX TO HARNESS THE POWER OF SOCIAL SHARING! SOURCES [1] [2] [3] -em-the-new-york-times-em-most-popular-story-of-2013-was-not-an-article/283167/ [4] [5] [6] -Content-in-Your-Marketing-Data.aspx [7] (8] paring-us-school-lunches-to-other-countries-goes-viral Created by 4öberflip & Buzzsumo & OVER

3 Types of Content That People Love to Share (Backed By Data)

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Social sharing is a huge element of content marketing. Achieving a high number of social shares is great for SEO, increases your credibility, and of course, improves your content's visibility. While...





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