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2G Scam - Social Media Analysis

Thia documane la pragriaary and confdandal. Ragraducdon prahiblad Top topics discussed over the last 12 months on the Social Web Indian context- Top topics discussed 2010-2011 While Cricket fever dominates even on 2G Scam social media, the next hotly discussed topic was Anna Hazare's anti-corruption protest 2.7 Million IPL Cricket 21.7 Million Anna Hazare 7.3 Million 2.7 Mil discussions were for the 2G CWG WC Cricket scam in a span of 1 year 2.3 Million 15.7 Million Top discussions online Other 15% - Microblogs Blogs 1Social Media News Why was justice delayed this long? g 8000 15% 7000 2134 We need an 25% 6000 uprising like Egypt and Tunisia against 15% corruption 5000 1047 1013 1462 4000 1032 1234 862 2122 3000 654 1224 1872 2000 951 1000 2311 TRAI 1271 1675 | 1462 recommendation to cancel 2G/3G lic of telecom Apr'11-May '11 Why didn't Sonia Gandhi and the 24% Oct'10-Nov '10 Dec'10-Jan '11 Feb'11-Mar '11 21% UPAgovt not do- anything? operators jnvolved should be considered 2G Mentions - Number of mentions on Twitter and Facebook are exceeding news sites Thia documane la progriaary and contdandal Ragraducton grahiblad. 100% 90% 27 32 33 80% •Amongst corporate honchos, Ratan Tata's personal brand has taken the biggest negative dip •Although, it was announced that Anil Ambani had no links to Swan Telecom, positive sentiment for him as a brand did not improve after this news 70% 69 60% 65 33 50% 36 40% 53 30% 20% 26 28 31 10% 15 0% Kanimozhi ARaja Ratan Tata Anil Ambani Shahid Balwa I Neutral - Negative Positive Thia dacumare la proagriaary and confdandal. Ragraducton prahbad Online mentions for executives involved in the scam Kanimozhi •27% say that Ratan Tata's patriotism and honesty is in question ARaja Ratan Tata •29% are not surprised to see Anil Ambani and Reliance involved in the Anil Ambani Shahid Balwa scam Vinod Goenka 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 •Executive involvement in Reliance Com, DB Realty, Unitech, TATA com(Docomo and Indicom) have caused an impact to not just their own brand, but their companies too % fall in stock price since Q2 2010 Total number of discussions DB Realty Unitech Reliance •25% of the people say that they would prefer to use a communications provider not involved in the scam Tata Teleservices Videocon 20% 40% GO% 006 200000 100000 Thia documanc le pragriaary and contdandal. Ragraducdon prahiblad Reactions to TATA.Radia and Ambani exoneration- Are they guilty or not guilty in the public eye? ogu Ageny 0Jun 20110701 pm Cmnas Protedon Ageno has ne oe Tata musthae gen enough mone 54% of people feel that the This, however, doesn't mean they are innocent; as and when CBI, JPC, CAG er ED finds evidence, they will be prosecuted! exoneration of Ratan Tata and Iagrerith M Funguan that Ma Tata ambani. Nir Rada. Dayalu ammal should not be spared Pas (Chennao Ambani is not clearly justified and suspect them to have bribed the Govt 16 hrs ago (00 os PM) Bring the judges under LoiPal BI MMEDIATELY Ambani and Tata may be spared, bu there is ne case for Dayaal and Rada who a sheeras99 (develand 18 hrs ago (07 10 PM) Gross miscamiage of justice. Dayalu Ammal should not be let off he hook and CBI sAATRAN y20 aT tA tis very clear that both Govemment and its edended arm CB Media are protecting Ratan Tata Ms Rada M Anil AmbaniMP. Chidambaram and oficials PMO Finagne Mnstry k Ondia) replies to inspite of a clear case made out in the court by Dr Seamy Meda is interested only Mcimsing a Sate poltical paty ke DMK • 23% ask the Government to conduct a further investigation on Dayalu Ammal to get to the bottom of the 16 hrs ago (0031 PM everyone know how the lower, high courts function in the country where openly take bribes to pass judgements and where several judges are invor in huge comuption. it is highly ridiculous that tailed to apply mind while sp any ingary win the Cout his is awell kon quashing the case and further imposing fine its highly it case to be quashe with fine at Higher court Yes well said, Ratan Tata has always made Indians Proud, I pray to God that this should not tum otherwise as it shall be a setback for all Indians who take him as their Idol in entrepreneurship. scam Prem 14 hours age | Report Abuse POWERED BY t seems the court which gave the verdict must have been infuenced by money power. social A hues Mentions are in '00

2G Scam - Social Media Analysis

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Top topics discussed over the last 12 months on the Social Web. Analysis brought to us by Social Hues which tackles the most talked about in the world of social media.


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