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25 Top Instagram Marketing Tips from the Pros

25 Ways to Get Highly Engaged Insto Instagram Followers Post Daily to Build 1 a Residual Base of Engagement L2 found that big brands increased their average posting frequency to 9.3 posts per week in Q4 of 2014, which is up from 7.5 posts per week in Q4 of 2013. Know What Times The Majority Of Your Followers Are Active And Take Advantage Identify the 3-5 peaks during the day to create your posting schedule around. Interact With Your Followers And Other 3 Users To Inspire More Engagement By responding to comments and mentions, you inspire even more people to chime in and interact. 4 Create Branded Hashtags And Monitor Their Use nike Instead of just using popular hashtags in your posts, create your own for your brand. Know What Type Of Posts Your Followers Enjoy And Use Them Research the industry you are targeting and the types of posts that are the most popular. Keep Up With Trending Hashtags In Order To Stay Relevant # Identify trending hashtags and create custom posts to piggyback on these trending tags. Integrate A Webpage Call To Action With Strategic Photos For Better Conversion Rates 7 The image should promote the key benefit and direct them to the link in the caption below. Incorporate Video Posts To Keep It Interesting 8 Your videos can be 3 to 15 seconds long. Make it interesting. Do not just rant about something from your phone. | Have Fun And Your Followers Will Notice 9. Comment and like on other users photos, follow people you like, and post things that you find entertaining. Save Time And Energy By Using Curating Posts From Other Sources 10 Identify the tags related to your target audience & take screenshots of images that are awesome. Post w/ a mention. WIN Instagram Contest Organize A Contest To Boost Followers 11 Instruct your followers to post a certain photo and tag you in it to enter. Connect Instagram To Your Other Social Media 12 Accounts To Intrigue Other Followers Keep them in the loop by linking up your Instagram posts to your other social media accounts. Examine What Posts Are Doing The Best And Why 13 上 主 Identify the posts that are getting the most likes and comments, then implement it into the rest of your postings. Adapt Instagram Exclusives To Provide Incentives We Just Hit 14 5 Million Followers! Instagram exclusive offers drive business & purchases, as well as give people a great Celebrate with a Free Gift with Every Order incentive to follow you. Team Up With Other Users For Shout Outs Want Free Likes Send us a Shout Outs on 15 Most paid shout outs are a waste Instagram of good money. Focus your efforts on organic shout for shouts. Engage Your Followers By Spotlighting Their Participation 16 Share pictures of people with your product every chance you can get. Only Promote Your Most Valuable Content in Your Posts 17 Best practice is 15-30 non-promotional posts to every promotion post. | Use Emojis To Catch People's Attention 18 Try placing 2-3 downward pointing fingers above your url link in your bio to double your click through rate. Use Seven Hashtags Per Post To Get Optimal Engagement 19 Piqora studied the top 100 brands & found 7 hashtags perform best. Identify the Most Popular Hashtags Within Your Niche 20 # ## ### Look for hashtags that have at least 50,000 posts. Use Captions To Inspire Conversations And Increase Engagement 21 Adding "Double tap if you agree!" to your caption increases total Folow me abc123 for more great likes by 40%. Use An Appealing Profile Picture to Increase 22 Engagement Photos of faces create a perceived emotional attachment and will draw in the most new followers. #travel Monitor Location Tags When You Are At Events To Connect With People 23 #like rovel #sky #follow If you are at big event for your industry, then be sure to include the event tag on all your posts. Create a Bio that Promotes Your Best Lead Magnet to Build Your Email List 24 Instagram allows one linked url under by clicking below the bio, and you want to make it count. Use the Crowdfire App to Follow the Most Engaged Users of Your Competition 25 On average, about 10-20% will follow you back & take a look at your account. Infographic By BRANDONIGAILLE) * Anyone Can Use This Infographic On Their Website As Long As You TIPS FROM THE BLOG MILLIONAIRE Link Back to டி

25 Top Instagram Marketing Tips from the Pros

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These 25 Instagram tips from the pros have helped accounts like Foundr grow their Instagram followers to over 300,000. Anyone can use this infographic as long as they link back to the original post on...


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