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2015 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

2015 SOCIAL MEDIA SHORTCUTS GUIDE Save yourself loads of time every day by speeding up your social network browsing with some lightning fast keyboard shortcuts! We've put together a list of keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Google +. A shortcut is a key combo that links up with a specific command that would otherwise be accessible through a menu via a click of a mouse button. These shortcuts allow you to bypass the need for mouse clicks and movements and get's you to the function you need in the fastest possible way. f g+ t D Home = H. Favourite = This menu = Connect = G Reply = Next tweet = Activity = Previous tweet = G A Retweet = Mentions G DMsg = Search = %3D Load new tweets = Discover = G New Tweet = Close all open tweets = Profiles Page down = SPACE %3D Open tweet dėtails = Favourites = G ENTER Lists = G Messages = G %3D Settings = G %3D Go to user = G f When using Firefox on Windows you will need to click on "Shift" in addition to the shortcuts shown below. New Message = CTRL ALT New Message = ALT Help center = CTRL ALT Help center = ALT Home page = CTRL ALT 1 Home page : ALT 1 %3D Profile page = CTRL ALT Profile page = ALT %3D Friend request = CTRL ALT 3 Friend request = ALT 3 %3D Messages = CTRL ALT 4 Messages = ALT 4 %3D Notification center = Notification center = CTRL ALT ALT Account settings Account settings CTRL ALT ALT %3D Privacy settings : CTRL ALT Privacy settings = ALT Offical Facebook page = Offical Facebook CTRL ALT ALT page = Service agreement = Service agreement = CTRT ALT ALT These shortcuts work on both Macs and Windows browsers Next post in news feed = J Previous post in news feed = K %3D Like / unlike photos (in light box) = %3D Seek to the 10% to 90% of the video. Play / pause SPACE Press 0 to seek to beginning of video. %3D Rewind = 1 3 4 Fast forward = Increase volume = Decrease volume = Seek backwards 10 sec = CTRL + Full screen = Seek forwards 10 sec = CTRL Exit full screen = esc Mute sound = м %3D Next post = Previous post = Like a post = Show posts notes in a pop up = Compose a new post : CTRL Compose a new post = ALT %3D %3D Reblog a post = CTRL R Reblog a post = ALT R %3D Add post to queue = CTRL Add post to queue = ALT Switch from dashboard Switch from dashboard CTRL TAB ALT TAB to blogs = to blogs = %3D Play video = ENTER Play video = ENTER g+ Search = Next post = J Open shortcuts help = Previous post : K %3D Expand/collapse current post = Send feedback = List of pages = Next comment on current post = N (Enter opens selected pages) %3D Previous comment on current post = Page content = %3D Comment on current post = R Load new posts %D INFOGRAPHIC BY How to Build A Money Making Blog In 8 hours ш ш 000

2015 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

shared by rugbynut on Feb 20
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Save yourself loads of time every day by speeding up your social network browsing with some lightning fast keyboard shortcuts! We’ve put together a list of social media keyboard shortcuts for Twi...





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