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2014 Online Marketing Trends & Tips

2014 SEARCH MARKETING TRENDS & TIPS And expert opinions from across the web brought to you by *arraecreative 46% of shoppers report using their phone to research local products and services. 2014 78% of CMOS think custom content is the future of marketing "We are going to see a huge increase in location- based marketing. With the rapid proliferation of devices, and the explosion of the Internet of Things, people will be carrying, utilizing, and depending on their devices Social marketing budgets will double over the next five years more than ever." - Nancy Bhagat, VP of Marketing Strategy at Intel 63% A 3rd of traffic from Google's organic search results go to the first item listed of mobile phone owners use their phones to access the Internet. 2014: MOBILE MORE THAN EVER 91% "The key disruptive digital trends we've seen, successfully join the forces of mobile and social of American together to reach audiences at the heart of their digital usage. Images & videos have become the go-to viral tactic, and will continue to expand as brands can use visuals to interact with their consumers and the newest group of influencers-visual influencers." adults own a mobile phone. 56% of American adults own a -Suzzane Fanning President at smartphone Amazon, Wikipedia, and Facebook all see about 20% mobile traffic. 77% mobile searches take place at home or Build A Complete & Accurate Listings at work. Presence "It may be surprising BUT A NOTABLE SHARE OF BUSINESS LISTING INFORMATION IS in a c c urate . IN FACT, a ConstantContact survey of more than 350 SMBS earlier this year found that 50% OF SMBS HAVE COME ACROSS INACCURATE LISTINGS FOR THEIR BUSINESSES." - Wesley Young, GET LISTED: 5 TOOLS TO CONSIDER IN 2014 1. directory building service with local SEO in mind 2. Canadian local citation finder 3. sweet/ Montreal-based local marketing solution, for tracking Google local pack rankings 4. Enterprise SEO platform, one of the few that includes geo-specific rankings 5. A geo-marketing service to manage your geo-data and local content Guillaume Bouchard, 4 LOCAL SEARCH MARKETING & SEO MISTAKES "3. Dismiss the Opportunity of People Talking About "1. Ignoring “2. Not Having "4. Not Using the Data an Individual Localized Page for Each Business Location" Aggregators" Content" Your Business'" "While you may be imple- menting a new strategy this year, don't forget the basics. Site submissions to Matt Cutts stated, "If "One mistake local busi- "Most businesses know they need to use rele- vant keywords in their content so their website ranks on the search nesses make is when you want your store pages to be found, it's best to have a unique, easily crawlable url for each store." they treat social media solely as a promotional platform. Remember, it is "social" media for a reason. People are having conversations about your industry and directories, specifically local directories, still mat- engines. Unfortunately, many business owners stop at the types of services or products they offer." ter. In the case of local businesses & the recent algorithmic at Google, one could argue it matters more than ever." - Adam Dorfman, SearchEngine even your business. This is an opportunity to join the conversation and build relationships." - Ryan Park, Arrae Creative - Adam Dorfman, SearchEngine - Ryan Park, Arrge Creative "MAKE THIS THE YEAR Develop A Realistic Forward-Looking Marketing Budget that you corner off a LARGER, flexible m ore BUDGET TO TACKLE NEW MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES TO bette r to today's fast-changing marketplace." a d a pt - Wesley Young, On average how much is your business' monthly marketing budget? (2013) Yodle's First Annual Small Business Sentiment Survey, Aug. 2013 40% 38% 30% 23% 18% 20% 10% 10% 3% $0 $1-249 $250-499 $750-999 $1,000-2,000 $500-749 over $2,00o What NOT to do in 2014! a sarcastic take on what not to do in social media by Jason Surfrapp TWITTER PINTEREST Set up your account to auto direct message every new follower with a link to your e-book. Pre-populate a month's worth of tweets and let them auto-publish regardless of what's going on in the world (Bonus: If you can sched ule tweet something you think is humorous and it happens to go out during a natural disaster, you'll get lots of great attention). On Facebook, you should absolutely make sure NOT to use photos and include the important information and links you want to share in the description. Just go ahead and share your YouTube video, blog post, links to your products directly. What Facebook really loves is having people leave their platform to consume information elsewhere, so they'll make sure this content shows up in all your fan's news feeds. Other Pinterest Ninjas will tell you that you need to focus on quality photography for Pins you're creating. Maybe they'll even tell you to use beautiful typography or illustrations to make your photos stand out. If everyone jumped off a bridge would you? FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TUMBLR in Just ignore Vine completely. Don't you remember Instagram video killed it last year? No one is on it doing anything cool. Linkedin is prime for the picking at the moment. The more people you can get connected to, the better. Overload your connections as much as possible and make sure to ask everyone you don't know that you're newly connected to for recommendations of skills. The key with sites like Tumblr is that you'll just share the same information you'd share on other social media platforms (photos, blog posts, deals, etc) and share it out. VINE SNAPCHAT Recommend as many people for +K's about everything that's not related to them. The more you recommend people, no matter why, the better chance you have of getting recommendations. Answer as many questions as humanly possible. Whether you Immediately download this free app, connect your address book, add all your friends, and start snap- ping! The more photos you can send the better. Use all 10 seconds for every photo. Don't worry if the photos are blurry or of anything good, they're going to disappear anyway! Throw your URL on every photo you take and add hand-scribbled words like "LOL" and "ROFL" to your photos. have a quality answer or not, you just want to get your name out there and seen by lots of people. And don't forget to include your URL to your business with every answer. QUORA Ж KLOUT I would also strongly advise lots of hashtags with every photo. If you can break down the entire description for your photo with just hashtags, that's even better. well in Instagram posts, so make sure to Note: All statements in this section are sarcastic. work really include them. - Jason Sadler, INSTAGRAM AS CONSUMERS Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Optimized increasingly turn to smart phones & tablets to s e arch FOR LOCAL & to shop products & services BUSINESS it's essential that your website is INFORMATION, properly optimized for those experiences. - Wesley Young, designed by: arraecreative for help with your 2014 marketing strategy visit

2014 Online Marketing Trends & Tips

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2014 Marketing Trends & Tips from experts across the web. From social media to search engine marketing, this infographic features a few key things to focus on in 2014: local content, mobile, and more.


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